Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Pillow Yarn Along

Yarn along is something I've come across on Gill's blog and thought it would be good to play along.  
Every Wednesday other bloggers share what knitting or crochet they are working on along with the book they are currently reading, post a link to the blog post and that's it!

So here is my current knitting WIP and my book, (well Kindle read).

On the needles is a pillow, the pattern was one I bought off an Etsy seller, can't remember the name right now, (I will look it up if anyone is interested).
I'm using the same chunky yarn I used for my Skinny cabled scarf, (James C Brett Chunky with Merino), as I still had a few balls left, and it's lovely and soft.
I've got about 4 more pattern sets to go before it's finished.

The Kindle read is one that was mentioned at my reading group's last meeting.
Angela Marsons is a local (to me) author, apparently she lives just off a road where we lived a few years ago, which is a couple of miles or so from where we are now.

She writes crime stories which are set in and around the Blackcountry, which intrigued me.  I have to say that it is rather funny reading about crime scenes when you know the exact location they are describing! 

This particular story centres on a series of murders which are linked to a children's home which closed years before, it's the first in the series of D.I Kim Stone novels so we get to learn her back story along the way too.

The writing is good, better than I expected, although there are the occasional niggles, her over use of the word 'exited' for one.  But the plot is a good one so I can cope with that.

If you follow THIS LINK you will be able to see what others are working on and reading.



Hazel said...

Nice cosy picture. I have just bought a Kindle - bit late in the day I know - but enjoying it. x

Gill - That British Woman said...

a knitted pillow would be a great project to make. Something to think about.

Donna said...

What a cool pillow! I love to read local authors. Ann Hood who wrote The Knitting Circle lives a town over from me and it's kinda neat.

Ali said...

Love the idea of knitting a cushion the yarn you are using looks lovely, cosy and soft. The novel sounds interesting. X

nocton4 said...

Loving the idea of the pillow and the stitch is fab

Barb said...

Your knitting project looks great. That does sound like a good read. I do enjoy a book that takes place in Seattle(near where I live).

Julie said...

Lovely cuddly soft pillow in the making. It must be nearly done now is you are being good and resting lots.... hope you are. xxx

Sally said...

Your pillow is looking great Maggie.

Sarah in Stitches said...

That pillow looks so cozy! The book sounds interesting too. Enjoy! :D