Monday, 16 November 2015

A Couple of Ornament Finishes

Just so that I don't completely loose the will to blog, here are two ornaments that I finished off recently.

The Reindeer one is what Oliver chose himself for his tree, he calls it a stag, he seems to have a thing for stags / reindeer's at the moment, bless him.

they are of course Lizzie Kate

There is lots more going on than I have the energy to talk about at the moment, I just feel out of sorts and don't feel much like doing anything.
Mark is still plugging away at the decorating, onto the hall and stairs now, it's anyone's guess as to whether it will be finished before Christmas, I just don't have the enthusiasm for it though so it's pretty much him doing what he can in between working.

Stevie will be graduating on Wednesday so we are all off to Worcester for the day.
Hopefully that will cheer me up.



Vickie said...

These are both adorable Maggie.
I am hoping you are cheered up soon.

Mylene said...

Both lovely ornaments, Maggie and so perfectly finished.
Hope you fee1 much better soon.

Verbena said...

What pretty miniatures!

Barb said...

Maggie, so sorry to her you are in a sad mood. I think these things just creep up on us at times. Enjoy the graduation. I do think you did a great job finishing the ornaments!

butterfly said...

Lovely ornaments Maggie.
It maybe the dull weather bring in you down .
Happens to us all, tomorrow is a new day, so hope you will feel better.
Enjoy your day at the graduation hugs.

Carolien said...

Lovely ornaments and congratulations for you and Stevie!

Bye, Carolien

Julie said...

Enjoy the graduation.
Super ornaments, beautifully stitched and finished.
{hugs} hope you are soon feeling much brighter, this weather doesn't help and you have other stuff going on that gives the brain cells reason to worry. xxx

Carol said...

Really love both ornament finishes, Maggee! I think this time of year is hard for a lot of us--so much to do, poor weather, etc. Hope your mood lightens soon--remember to take some time for yourself :)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Gorgeous ornament finishes! Really hope you feel better soon. Big hugs!

Penny said...

Your ornament finishes are lovely! Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon ~ take care. :)

Crazee4books said...

Hey Maggie, Hope that the festive season is beginning to inject a bit of cheer into your day. We put our tree and decorations up this past weekend and I've got the tree lit up all the time .... except when we go to bed. It makes me happy seeing it sparkling in the living room. I guess Christmas and all the things we do leading up to that day can overwhelm and diminish our pleasure in the season.

Your Lizzie Kate finishes are so cute. The "stag" is adorable but my favourite is "Jingle Jingle". Hot chocolate and warm socks .... two staples that help me to get through the cold weather. And the colours are my favourites.

Wishing you a spark of happiness and cheer to brighten your day Maggie. Hang in there!