Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Christmas finish and a stitchy start

I don't know what happened to March, I blinked and we are almost at the end, how did that happen.

It's been funny old month, i can't seem to get going with anything, and if i start anything i seem to create more mess than there was before.
We are going for a weekend break to Liverpool on Friday and then on Sunday we are continuing up to Berwick for the rest of the week and as typically happens in the week leading up to a holiday, i decide to add an epic cleaning list to an already filled week.  Why on earth i feel that i must have a deep clean of everything in sight is beyond me, but i do it to myself every time.

I need 3 weeks holiday, one week before, to prepare, one week away and a week to recover and get back to normal, lol.

I am looking forward to a week away though, and Liverpool in particular, i have lots of Beatles related things for us to do there :-)

Not a lot of crafting to show for this month, although I did stitch and finish this little Pineberry Lane Santa.  I've had it in my 'to do' pile for ages and when Christine put it up for the Needlecraft Haven monthly ornament it reminded me.  Although i didn't meet the NH stitching deadline, (i'm not good at stitching to a time limit), i have finished one of my intended charts.

(Apologies for the terrible photos, they were taken on my phone at night too, not a good combination)

I think he is a rather cute Santa.  I noticed that a lot of people chose to leave the year off this one, although i did consider it i stitched it as charted in the end.
The fabric i used had already been tea-dyed at sometime so i didn't bother ageing it anymore. 

Like many of you i probably spend far too much time looking at the work of other people and new things that i would like to do and not enough time getting on with it.  This year i have tried to put that right and have done more stitching in the last few months than i think i did for the whole of last year,
they might only be small finishes but i think I've got my act together enough to be trusted with a larger project now.

I stitched Molly, one of the Carriage House girls years ago, must be 4 at least, (i'm too lazy to look back and see!), but it was a while ago.

Yet more terrible grainy photos...sorry

I always intended to stitch the others but kept putting it off, until now.
This is Elizabeth after 18 days.

I like stitching blocks of colour, (must be the OCD gene in me), so i'm not fed up, although i will be giving her a holiday next week and taking something else away with me.

 I don't know how much i'll be on line next week, i shall probably only have internet access on my phone and will have to catch up on blogs and commenting when i get back.  Wishing you all a 'hoppy' Easter and I will catch up when i get back from my jollys and bore you all with (better) photos of my time away and hopefully some new stitching too :-)



Anonymous said...

Looks like the beautiful Molly will have a friend soon. I love those primitives!

Have a wonderful holiday away!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Your Samta finish is darling and the CHS girls are so fun!
Have a great trip. I'd live to go to Liveepool one day. Take lots of pics. Happy Easter!

butterfly said...

Have A lovely holiday .
I am the same when going away have to come home to a clean house.

Love your Christmas stitching and new start .

Jo said...

I love your Christmas ornament, I'd love to have a go at some of these but I'm rubbish at actual sewing and think I'd make a hash of making it up. You've made a good start on Elizabeth, I bet you'll have her finished in no time. Happy Easter, have a wonderful holiday, I look forward to hearing all about it.

Vickie said...

Molly is wonderful. So is your mantle. Have a fabulous holiday.

Brigitte said...

Great little Christmas finish. And nice start on Elizabeth. I also have two of the girls and both charts were once gifted to me but I haven't started stitching them yet.
Have a great week!

Miriam said...

Very nice Christmas finish! Enjoy your new cross stitch work.
Happy Easter,

Barb said...

Thanks for reminding me I too have a girlie in my ufo box,but do not ask me which one. I think she has a spotted mustard colour dress. I also am reading the Kings curse ,nice finish of Christines choice, I must admit I have not even started this months and reveal on Sunday ,think I will escape March. Have a good holiday .

Maggee said...

Molly looks great and Elizabeth is coming along nicely! Have a great visit, and say goodbye to March! Hugs!

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Congratulations on your finish...that is so cute and so adorable.

I love your new WIP...that is so the colors.

Happy Easter
Happy Stitching
Linda K

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely finishes and Elizabeth is progressing nicely.
Happy Easter and enjoy your break in Liverpool.

Penny said...

What a sweet Santa finish! I love all of the CHS girls - but have never stitched any of them. You've made a nice start on Elizabeth. Hope you enjoy your weekend break. : )

Sarah in Stitches said...

Lovely stitching! And congrats on the Santa finish, he's so cute :D

Julie said...

Lovely new start and great ornament.
Hope you are having a lovely week away and resting lots.

Crazee4books said...

Hello Maggie,

Yes, it's me ... popping in for my seasonal visit. Sigh! I was in the mood for blogging today and once I'd updated my own it was on to reading and commenting on the blogs of others. Though I follow you on Facebook too it's nice to come here and see how the stitching is going.

How was Liverpool? I would love to see all those places associated with the Beatles too! Wow.

Your little Santa there is a jaunty wee fellow! Sweet, quirky design. He looks quite tiny.

I love those Carriage House girls and remember when you stitched Molly way back when.
It'll make a nice pair when Elizabeth is done and they can keep each other company.
Though I must say ... Elizabeth does appear to have a weird hair style, don't you think?

I was admiring all your gifts for Mother's Day in your previous post (and on Facebook)
Lovely plants, flowers, jewellery and hand made gifts plus sweets! Love those Ferrero
Roche chocolates! But we don't have those Drumstick Squashies here I don't think.
The carrot cake looked delicious!! One of my fav's too! Mother's Day is in May here
in Canada and as for Mothering Sunday ... don't think we do that here.

I see poor little Millie had to have some dental work done in Feb. Poor sweetie. Hope
she's all right as rain now and enough time has passed for her to forgive you for your
treachery! Lol! She looked so sweet sleeping in that photo you posted. Vet bills
are horrendous aren't they? We've looked into pet insurance before but there's really
not much difference in paying for that every month or paying for whatever might come
up when it happens. Either way ..... OUCH!!!

Your fire place mantel looks lovely each and every time that you decorate it and I
adore your little bunny with the pretty, dainty lace trimmed sweater. Happy Spring
turned out to be a lovely finish too. Wish it was as sunny, bright, colourful and
flowery outside as well. Oh, and I love your hallway decor and the wallpaper! You've
got a great eye for decorating and for colour Maggie!