Monday, 31 October 2016

The Nimble Thimble meet up, Autumn colours....Is that a Werewolf!

Saturday was our stitching meet-up at the Nimble Thimble.  Twice a year, usually April and October a bunch of us make the trip into the beautiful Welsh countryside to indulge in a day of stitching, eating and stash shopping.

If you have never been to the Nimble Thimble you are missing a treat, apart from in being in the most beautiful setting the shop is chock full of stitching goodies and at this time of year the shop is decked out for Halloween.

There is tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits waiting for us when we arrive and then at lunch time Chris, (the shop owner) puts on a lovely spread for us and in the afternoon there is yet more cake to enjoy!

There were 9 of us this time, and for the first time Michelle, better known as 'Mouse' of the blog Tales of a Stitching Mouse  and her friend Chris came too.  It was lovely to meet both Chris and Mouse and finally put a face to a name :-) and I think all of us were drooling over Chris's Mill Hill finishes, they were all so beautiful!

There are people missing from the photos because every so often they would wonder off to the shop in search of more goodies to add to the 'to buy pile' lol.

I had good intentions of not adding to my ever growing stash but you know how it is, once you start looking there is always something you want!

My goodies

I thought I was done, in fact I was just saying my goodbyes in the shop when Tina asked me if i'd seen this.

Oh my goodness!! how could I resist!
And of course the frame for it had to come home with me too.  I tell you, you should never go anywhere with Tina, she leads you into bad ways, lol.

I think I will have to start a little stash fund tin for next year, there are going to be 3 meet-ups and Tina has already booked one for April 1st :-)

This time of year it really is a pleasure to drive to the meet-up, the Autumn colours can make the scenery stunning, of course it is much better in real life, and I forgot to take my camera so these were taken on my phone, but you get the idea of how lovely the area is.

As you can see it was a misty sort of day, still not too cold though


Ooops, i forgot to show you what i was stitching on at the meet-up!
I decided to start something new, a Christmas ornament.  I had a really good day for stitching and I carried on with it over the rest of the weekend too, hopefully if I can get a few hours in this week I should be able to finish it, so I will save it for the next post, sorry to be a tease, but I haven't taken a photo I can upload.

We have Oliver overnight tonight and as it's Halloween when I got back from work we decorated outside

He has been obsessed with Halloween decorations and costumes for weeks, Stevie has taken him trick or treating, I thought you might like to see what he is dressed as...

Scary or what!!

Until next time


Vickie said...

Oh your scenic photos are wonderful even with just your phone camera Maggie!

Mouse said...

oooo love your scenic photos ...and it was lovely to meet you all too ..and put names to faces at last :) throughly enjoyed the day .. booking the day off before and having a few days there too next time as there is soo much to see down there ... can't wait to see your finish as it is soo pretty :) love mouse xxxxxx

Carol said...

Sounds like a delightful meet-up!! Loved the scenery on your drive, too--such a pretty sky :)

Hope you had a fun Halloween and that Oliver got lots of treats!

Barb said...

What a fun post. I loved the shop, and the misty pictures. What beautiful countryside. But maybe best of all that very scary werewolf!!

butterfly said...

What a lovely time you had at this lovely shop.
Great photos .
Scary werewolf YES.

Julie said...

Oliver does look scarey in his Halloween costume.
Greta pics from the meetup, I recognise a few faces lol.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

The Nimble Thimble is on my 'to visit' list. Maybe someday. You made some great purchases. No wonder you couldn't resist.
Oliver's Halloween costume is great. He certainly looked scary.

Jo said...

Oh my goodness, that outfit is fabulous, I hope Oliver had a great time trick or treating. The meet up sounds like a great day out, I always think it's so lovely to work on a hobby with friends, and the beautiful countryside you drove through to get there is stunning. Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.

Tina said...

Lovely photo's,lovely day,lovely food,lovely stash lol
Scary werewolf,would definitely have given him lots of sweets so he would be my friend.
Looking forward to seeing your ornie made up xx

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

What a fun day that must have been, great! Of course you need some 'adjustments' to your stash ;)
The landscape-pictures are fantastic, thanks for showing us. They would make wonderful quilts ...

xxx Carolien

Lowcarb team member said...

Such a lovely post to look at and read.
Those landscape scenes are so good.

Enjoy November

All the best Jan

Justine said...

Very scary! Your trip to Nimble Thimble looks lovely and you got some great stash. Those Mill Hill kits are very satisfying to stitch.
I found your blog at last!

Mylittlepieceofengland said...

Yikes, that a very scary costume! Nimble Thimble looks and sounds an amazing place, lovely place for a get together xx

Desiree Ehleiter said...

The scenic pictures from your drive to your meet up were beautiful. What fun! So nice when a group of like-minded people can share a love.