Friday, 10 February 2017

Oh Baby

 As well as the fabulous Christmas present the girls bought us collectively, Joanne and Gavin also had another very special present on Christmas Day, just from them.

Here is the obligatory scan photo, but as with most scan photos you can't really make anything out.

Her first scan was today and we are all very excited about his, or her arrival on or around August 27th!

They have been trying since they got married almost 2 years ago so it was a very special announcement and I don't think Joanne could quite believe it until today's scan.  I've been bursting to tell since they announced it on Christmas Day, and now I can, and I have, lol.

Nanny has already started knitting and squirrelling things away, (because that's what we do!), and I just can't resist all the cute baby things when I go shopping :-)

I haven't seen the scan photo in person yet because i've been laid up with flu like symptoms for the past 2 days,  I know it wasn't proper flu of course but it was bad enough to keep me in bed for all of yesterday and most of today, and i'm not one for lying around.  I didn't want Joanne coming up and risk catching what I had so i'll have to wait until i'm feeling better.

Any other news just feels a bit unnecessary after that announcement  doesn't it so i'll just say that at the beginning of the new month I changed my mantle decorations.
.  If you were reading my blog this time last year you will notice that they are exactly the same bits and bobs now as then.

I shall also be looking forward to opening my Valentine exchanges on Tuesday, 
I posted mine out in plenty of time so hopefully they have arrived safe and sound.  My Needlecraft Haven exchange parcel arrived sometime last week and my Send a Little Love exchange arrived this morning. so I will be able to share sent and received next time.

We've started the ball rolling with getting a new kitchen, and this weekend have to go and make final choices for handles and some other bits and pieces, the new window and door are being fitted on Monday.  I'm both looking forward and also dreading it at the same time.  If it was as straight forward as ripping the old out and putting in new I wouldn't be as bothered but there is a doorway to put in, some pipes to move, a water meter in the wrong place which has to be moved and plastering to be done.  I keep telling myself I survived the bathroom make over, I can survive the kitchen make over, lol

Until next time


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

How exciting, Maggie! Congratulations to all of you and special congrats to Joann and Gavin!
Good luck with the final stages of the kitchen.

Jo said...

Awww, what wonderful news. Many congratulations to Joanne and Gavin, they must be over the moon. You must show us all the cute little things you're making for the baby, it's such an exciting time waiting for a new arrival. Hope the kitchen makeover goes well, I hate it when anything's going on with the house, just one room seems to create chaos all over the house, though I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end when you've got your lovely new kitchen. Sending get well wishes your way.

Marlene jones said...

Congratulations our daughter is now a week overdue, enjoy the excitement

Rhona said...

Congratulations! Wonderful news.

Vickie said...

Oh Maggie! I feel your excitement all the way over here! HoOrAy! So happy for you all. What color will your new kitchen be?

Angela said...

Wonderful news! I look forward to seeing all the things you knit for baby :)

Julie said...

Huge congrats to you all on the wonderful news.... how exciting.
Get well soon. x

Barb said...

Congratulations to you and your family. I remember the first scan of my dear grandson. He is now 11 and still a joy to his grandma! Your mantel looks great. Remodeling is such a worthwhile pain!

Lowcarb team member said...

Absolutely lovely news, congratulations to Joanne and Gavin, those first scan images are so amazing aren't they.
Enjoy looking out for baby things ...

Hope the kitchen work goes well.

All the best Jan

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Congratulations on your wonderful, exciting news! From what I've heard about bathroom makeovers, you've got this kitchen thing with ease!

Carol said...

What exciting news!! I'm so happy for all of you :)

Love your mantle with it's pretty Valentine's Day decorations... And best of luck with the kitchen remodel! We've been through a whole-house remodeling--living there the entire time. Not easy, but definitely worth it :)

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Congratulations on your news, Maggie. You've got an wonderful time ahead after August in your new role as Nanny.
I hope you are feeling better.

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

How exciting, our first grand baby is due the beginning of August, I've also been crocheting and knitting, special times! Glad you're feeling better xx

Clare - Aimetu said...

Congratulations on your baby news, how exciting.

I'll add to NH post that your parcel arrived and I know you sent as I know your partner recieved hers :) that makes the exchange complete hurrah !!

Justine said...

Congratulations on your exciting news! Your mantel looks beautiful.

Von said...

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of a new little one to your family!

Miriam said...

Very nice to read this! Congratulazioni!