Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sometimes two colours are enough

I finished another baby blanket for Joanne a couple of weeks ago but only just got round to taking pictures to show you.  I used the same King Cole Comfort that I used for the chevron blanket I did for her a couple of months back, this yarn is just so soft and snuggly, and If you're looking for a reasonably priced yarn then you can't go wrong with this for babies.  I'm very happy with how this one came out, the colours are white and silver, although the silver is showing more blue on the screen, it is more grey/silver in real life, depending on the light.

I also made a start lasts night on a little cardigan, a free pattern on Ravelry that I found earlier in the week.

Knitted top down so no sewing together, i'm loving that :-)

I'm using Katia extra fine merino for this one, and again this is just so soft and lovely to work with.
My colours are not showing up true today, which is a shame because this is a lovely duck egg blue.  Katia don't have names for their colours, just numbers, this one is colour number 67.

Yesterday was Yarn Shop Day and I found out that Christine Perry aka Winwick Mum was going to be at Christine's (City Knits if you are looking online) in Bournville, Birmingham.  The shop is about 25 minutes drive from me so I thought I'd take a trip over as they had Christine's book on sale.

I didn't go until well after lunch time and I'm happy that they still had some books left

And she was signing them :-)

Now I have no excuse, I have everything I need to start my first pair of socks.
Perhaps this will be the week when I take the plunge :-)

I know there are quite a few people who read my blog who knit socks and I wonder if I could ask you a couple of questions?
Do you prefer to knit on DPN's or a small circular? and is there a difference to your knitting with either method?
Tension squares.....did you knit one for your first ever pair of socks, or did you just jump in and start?

I must admit that I have never knit a tension square but I am feeling that I should, I would hate to put in all that work and they not fit.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Until next time



Christina said...

Oh I agree, sometimes less is more. The grey/silver and white go perfectly together. I paint and sell little Mdf letters and the most popular colour, by far, is grey.

Vickie said...

You are right, I thought it was blue and white and I thought you were telling us your guess in sex of the baby!! :D The grey and white is lovely. ♥

Mylittlepieceofengland said...

Grey is one of my favourite colours, it's a beautiful blanket. The little cardigan looks so cute, I really like the idea of knitting one that I won't need to sew together xx

butterfly said...

Beautful blanket , love the colors.
I loved Bournville village , I use to go to college there .

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

The blanket is beautiful (in capitals)! Lovely lovely ...
I do have a grin on my face about the socks: saw a workshop on how to knit socks this morning, here in our town. I want to learn that for ages and it's on Tuesday (a non-working day!). Have to ask my DH if there's nothing else scheduled and when not ... off I go next week :)

Good luck with your pair of socks!!!
xxx Carolien

Jo said...

The blanket's lovely and your crochet is so neat, it does look very soft and snuggly, perfect for baby. I hate seaming so that little cardigan would be perfect for me, if only I had a baby in the family to knit for. Good luck with the sock knitting. I've always used dpns but did give a short circular needle a go not so long back but just didn't get on with it. I'm very impatient so I don't tend to knit tension squares, I just jump right in, I think I've only had one pair of socks which turned out too small, but I suspect it was because they were a patterned pair which can cause the tension to change. We've all got different sized feet in our family so there's always someone they'll fit though. I'm a size 6 shoe and I usually use 60 or 64 stitches on a size 2.5mm needle.

cucki said...

Beautiful blanket the color
Smile and love x

Poppypatchwork said...

Love the blanket, my daughter's using shades of grey for Wills room, I might steal your idea. Can't help with the socks I am wanting to knit my first pair.

suzanne said...

I'm a sock knitter, and I use dpn's. I found trying to use those tiny circle needles caused my hands to cramp. Plus depending on the pattern you use you would have to switch to dpn's for toes etc. I would also do a tension swatch for different brands of yarn. I had to reunite a sock as it was too loose all around. Had I switched I wouldn't have had the redo. Just my thoughts.
Pretty baby blanket!

Sue said...

Hi Maggie
I use circular pins and knit my socks using the magic loop method, I don't swatch but generally do a 64 stitch cast on for a medium size sock. Just a word of warning, they are very addictive!
Love reading your blog
Happy knitting


Desiree Ehleiter said...

Love the baby blanket! My mom used to make baby blankets for my friends, blue and white for a boy, pink and white for a girl, and a soft mint green and white if the sex was unknown. She always said the simpler the prettier it will be.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Gorgeous baby projects! They look super soft and snuggly. Sometimes just one color is enough too :D

Julie said...

Lovely blanket and cute cardi.
No tension square for me, just went for it. Have knitted a couple of pairs of socks on the smaller round needle but I could only do a few rows on the last pair before my hands hurt so back to DPN's for me next time.
Looking forward to seeing your goldfinch first pair lol

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

That's a beautiful baby blanket, Maggie.