Friday, 22 September 2017

A London Weekend, Kensington and Brick Lane

I'm back with a long overdue post of our London weekend, I have no idea where the time went in between then and now, only that I have been busy with one thing and another and the opportunity to blog seemed to keep passing me by.

The weekend was fabulous, we saw and did lots of things that were new to us including a walk through Hyde Park, the Serpentine, a walk through Kensington Park and the Diana Fountain, (not what I expected), but as you will see the weather was beautiful and there were lots of people making the most of the sunshine and children splashing about in the water so it was all good.

Unfortunately the people who organise the walking tours had cancelled the one the girls bought us which was a shame, we were both looking forward to it, the reason they gave was the recent events in London, (the incidents on Westminster bridge and the one outside Parliament).  The tour would have taken in much of this area so for this year at least they made the decision to cancel that particular tour.  Hopefully we will be able to transfer the voucher to another tour at a future date.

As we had now got more time on the Sunday we decided to visit Brick Lane again.  We have already been several times to Brick Lane and absolutely love it.  The atmosphere is fantastic, as is the food :-)  It is also a great place to pick up vintage things, clothes, records and things for the home, which Mark calls tat , but I love :-)  Even if you don't buy anything it's still worth going just for the atmosphere alone.

I'll stop rabbiting on now and leave you with some, (ok, a lot) of photos from our weekend, I hope you enjoy looking :-)

Princess Diana fountain 

The Serpentine, Hyde Park

Street art

See you soon


Mac n' Janet said...

Well the Diana Fountain is a bit of a let down. Everything else looks great. Would love to visit Brick Lane, always enjoy a bit of tat.

Anonymous said...

I think the Diana fountain evokes the feeling of High Grove. It's very pretty.

Her dresses were ALL beautiful, but the one with the Egyptian Key going down the front is amazing.

She certainly had style.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the virtual tour. I'm surprised you were able to take pictures of Diana's
clothing. I went to exhibit here in the States and they didn't allow photos. Such beautiful gowns. And such a beautiful Princess with a heart breaking story. Would love to wander down Brick Lane.

Sandra in Texas

Barb said...

Brick Lane looks like a fun place to visit!! There have been several specials about Diana on our TV. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and her beautiful clothing. Thanks for sharing!

Jo said...

What a shame about the walking tour but it doesn't look as though it spoilt your weekend, you packed plenty in. I've only been to London a handful of times so there's lots of places I'd like to visit should I go again. Brick Lane looks like a vibrant place with plenty going on and the food looks delicious, especially those cakes.

Desiree Ehleiter said...

What wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Must make time and save some money to visit London.

Our photos said...

Beautiful photos!