Wednesday, 22 August 2018

In the making

Everything I'm making at the moment is at the 'almost' finished or 'needs to be fully finished' stage,  then there are the projects that have been started but were abandoned in favour of new starts, (most probably the ones that are almost finished!!).
 I suppose that's the downside of starting too many things.

Arthur's cardigan needs sewing up

Bonnie's cardigan needs the last bit of sleeve knitting

Dolls blanket about half done

Bonnie's Christmas stocking.
I really need to get this done very soon!
There is just the bottom border and her name to add to the top and the charms to add.

Two Christmas ornaments, one for my tree and Arthur's first Christmas ornament.
Stitching is all done on these they just need finishing into ornaments.

Projects put to one side.

A scarf I started early in the year
I still like this and want to finish it, scarves can get a bit boring though can't they?

My cotton summer top.
I still love this too, so do want to finish it.

Then there are the two pairs of socks I started

I really really want to knit socks and eventually these will get finished I suppose, I find them so fiddly though.

Then there is the Crofter blanket I started.
I found this out just a few days ago, I've done about 30 squares, I think the pattern calls for 80 square but I'm just using up the yarn I've got.

And the scrappy blanket
 (Although this one I can be forgiven for because I am using up scraps)

I could probably definitely find a few more cross stitch pieces in the drawer upstairs which I started and put to one side, plus, there are at least two pieces that are more than half way done that i'm almost certain I will never finish and what do I do with with those??

I don't want to carry lots of WIP's into next year, I would like to start the year with a clean slate, (realistically that's not going to happen!) but having lots of things on the go like this does make me feel uncomfortable and a bit overwhelmed.  

It's hard isn't it not to get distracted by new things to make, especially when there are so many lovely projects posted on blogs and Instagram, not to mention those on Podcasts!!

So what do you do?  Do you stay faithful to one project or just have a couple on the go at a time?  Or are you like me get carried away with starting something new?



Terri Patillo said...

Since I've just returned to stitching after 4 years, I am concentrating on finishing one project before I begin another. I've had two finishes in two months and I feel encouraged.

Barb said...

I do love all the projects. I am not a knitter so I really appreciate all the lovely things you are knitting. I am pretty much a one-at-a-time stitcher. Although I have a "whenever I don't know what to stitch now" project that continues between projects. If that makes sense, you are paying attention!!

Anonymous said...

I use podcasts to keep me motivated.

I change projects with each new podcast. That means each one gets 30 minutes to an hour each time I watch.

Jo said...

You've got some lovely things on the go which will be so nice to have once finished so the end goal should keep you motivated. I don't think I really get bored with any of my knitting projects but as you know, I've recently discarded the Joyful World cross stitch and Spice of Life crochet blanket. It seems to be larger projects which I get fed up with. I used to work on just one thing at once but I now have lots of things on the go and I think that keeps me interested. I like having different things to pick up for different situations. Keep at those socks, I know they're fiddly at first but it becomes second nature once you get used to them.

Poppypatchwork said...

You have lovely projects there, most won't take long to finish, have you thought of having one day a week as a finish day, that way you can have new starts. I try and not have too many projects on the go of any one craft. I am knitting socks, crocheting squares and I have one cross stitch almost finished. I have about 8 half done cross stitching projects, some years old, I should go through them and discard some of them. BUT we won't talk about the pile of fabric I have ready for sewing projects.

Sue said...

I wish I could be a one thing at a time person but I've got cross stitch, knitting, dressmaking and quilting on the go not to mention the other crafts I want to try.
You've got some lovely projects on the go, it would be a shame not to finish them now.

Lowcarb team member said...

You've got some great looking projects on the go … hope you manage to get them finished ok.

All the best Jan

butterfly said...

Wow Maggie you have got allot going on here .

But all look so beautiful.

I love the stocking I need to make some for my family .
My Hubbies went back into the draw. Never mind one day !
Have a fun day.

Julie said...

Catching up with you -
What a great holiday you had with Oliver, how he has grown.
Fabulous cake made for Bonnies 1st Birthay, that year flew by didn't it.
Not like you to have so many WIP's on the go.... I remember you saying you were a one at a time girl.... love the patterned socks, they looks fabulous.
Perhaps a finishing off weekend needed?

Sandy said...

WOW, WOW and HOLLY Cow!! I'm impressed you actually have them all. I know I have more than the 3 things currently sitting in the living room. But, stuff tucked away in bags....well, not even on my radar at the moment.

LOVE the variety you have. I'm especially attached to your first sweater, being someone who likes garter stitch. Very cute!

Sandy said...

Me again, out doing my blog walking and waving hello.

Carolien said...

Wow, that is quite an amount of beautiful things you are working on! I wish I could do that, honestly. I guess three is the max for me LOL

Have a good week and happy stitching/knitting :)

kathy b said...

I love your aurthurs cardigan!

Chris said...

Wow Maggie, all your WIPs are lovely.. I am at the stage of my life where I just do 3 one knitting, one xstitch or maybe two or?? and one quilting project except thinking about it I realised I have three quilting projects... whoops!! As long as we're enjoying it what the heck!!

Lee said...

Blimey,I thought I was bad enough lol.All your projects are Beautiful.Can't wait to see them finished !!

Sandy said...

Me again, making my rounds to say hello. Hope you're doing ok.

Sandy said...

Out blog walking again today, but from my travel blog. Thought I'd pop in to wave hello and thought you might enjoy a different blog visit.

Sandy said...

Me again, making my rounds. Hope you're doing ok? Been too long.