Sunday, 20 January 2019

All the UFO's, well stitching ones anyway

There have been a lot of posts on Instagram this last week about tidying up your crafty space.  I don't have a craft room as such but I have been able to re-claim our smallest bedroom for storing all things crafty since Oliver is not sleeping over now that Jenny isn't working late's.  
It was slowly turning into a dumping ground though, as rooms that are not occupied have a habit of becoming, so this week I've made myself go in there for at least half an hour each day to sort out drawers and boxes. 
I found out all my cross stitch projects, UFO's and finishes not "fully finished" and also two projects that I really don't think I want to finish the stitching on.

So here we go....

The stitching is all finished on this one but it was too large for an ornament and I didn't know what else to do with it. (any suggestions would be welcome).

This is a Lizzie Kate stocking and I didn't know how to go about finishing it!
 (you can see how old this one is!!)

Pear Tree is a very old finish, older than the one above but I remember that I cut the fabric too close to the stitching and I was so annoyed with myself that I just shoved it in the cupboard.  Every now and then I get It out and still don't know what to do with it.

This Carriage House Samplings piece has been in the cupboard for a couple of years too, I just need to take it to be framed!  
I remember I was putting off taking it at the time of finishing the stitching because I knew it was going to cost probably £50 plus to get it framed.  
It's more than likely going to cost me more than £50 now, but I really should take it in.  
I have two more of these 'Girls' to stitch and I know they are not everyone's cup of tea, but I do love their quirkiness.

Prairie Schooler Santa's waiting for minimal stitching to get them done.
All the backing card and fabric is all cut out ready to finish these.

 I started the one below in 2017, LHN 'Snow White' I just lost motivation with this one, but I do still like it so it will get done sometime.

Remember this one?
I have no idea why this one didn't get finished for Christmas, it was so close.  I even had the frame all ready for it too.  Perhaps I can get this one done in February.

These next two are really old, old projects, so old I can't remember what this one is called, lol. I forgot to look when I pulled it out yesterday, I do know that it's supposed to be a pillow and it's still on the scroll frame.
I still quite like it so perhaps someday I will finish it 

This one was started as a SAL with a fellow blogger, Judy, who lives in Canada.  Judy no longer blogs but we do speak on Instagram, I'll have to ask her if she ever finished hers.

Sampler Game board by The Drawn Thread

 I do want to finish this but I'm not keen on the fabric, it's very 'floppy'
This is how it would look once finished

The next two projects are the ones that I no longer want to carry on with.
 The first one is Elizabeth Jackson by Samplers Revisited

I like it but I haven't got the wall space and the colours really don't go in my house anymore

Homespum Elegance Summer Patches
This is stitched on the called for cushion, not much stitching left to do, but again, won't really go in my house now.

I am looking to sell the last two partly stitched pieces because it really would be a shame to leave them stored in bags.  I have listed them on ebay and on a FB group, but If you know anyone that would be interested in buying either of them then do let me know, my email is in the sidebar.

So that's my Stitching UFO parade It's not as many as I thought and certainly no where near as many as some people have on the go but I would still like it to be less.  
I'm going to try harder this year to keep more focused, and now that I've sorted these out you never know I might decide to work on the ones I want to keep and fully finish the ones that are stitched. 

Have a great week
see you soon


Jo said...

Such beautiful stitching, you must finish them off, it's a shame for them not to be on display. I think my favourite is the Christmas one with little houses.

Jane said...

Such a lot to finish! Hmmm, ideas? The pear tree- perhaps you could neaten and fray the edge then stitch it to a slightly larger piece and frame it. Some of the smaller pieces you could use to put on the front of homemade Christmas cards. £50 for a frame? Could you buy a large picture frame or do they have to be specially made? Such a lot of work has gone into them its a shame they're stuck in a drawer. Best, Jane x

MartinaM said...

So many beautiful works, you must necessarily finish. Maybe you can also pass on a part, sell it or give it away as a giveaway.
Greetings Martina

Kay said...

For your pear tree I would cut the edges completely straight, put it onto a larger piece of fabric, and then resew the boarder line to hold it on, once in place then fray the edges to meet the boarder. You will have to be careful but it should work. You could even do a narrower boarder give your self more room. Actually if you missed the stitched boarder completely you would probably have enough fabric to fix it to a piece of backing board and the just tape the edges at the back. Hope this helps. x

butterfly said...

Well you must finish all these lovely designs what lovely work you have found.

We are all the same , I see something new then drop what I am doing and it goes into the forgotten box waiting to be found again .

Have fun with finishing your work , and a lovely new week.

Poppypatchwork said...

Your stitching where you cut the fabric too close to the stitching, sew it on top of your ornament fabric, with a small close stitch, once secure, fray the fabric outside of your stitching, and make a feature of your error.
The 1st stitching, where it is too big for an ornament, make a small cushion with it in the middle, I have loads of small cushions, which I use each Christmas. Love your work.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

You have some lovely little projects there. It is difficult deciding what to do with them, but fellow bloggers always come up with some great ideas.

Sandy said...

All so nice. Why not make little pillows or do a grouping of small frames to add to your Christmas decorations with those items too big for ornaments? Or perhaps door hangers?

Barb said...

You have lots of lovely stitched things almost finished. Like you, I have a few that I think will always be in my cupboard. I just don't like them well enough to finish or frame.

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Wow...what beautiful pieces that you have stitched....they are so beautiful...I love them.

If that was me....I would get the ones finished that is not quite finish and get them framed or made into a Pillow or something. These are way too pretty not to get them completely finished.

Happy Stitching
Linda K, Buttercup

Miriam said...

Lovely cross stitch , continue working on them ,

P.S.: hopefully I have written well, as I said before I am Italian

Carol said...

You are so close to a finish on so many of these, Maggie! Really love the Sampler Game Board piece, but I'm afraid the floppy linen would drive me crazy, too :)

Perhaps you could make a project bag using that first finish?

Have a great week ♥

Julie said...

That's not too many Maggie, you'll have a couple of them all finished off in no time at all.
The Christmas houses one is sweet.

Lowcarb team member said...

You've done some beautiful work here.
I love the Christmas one with little houses...

All the best Jan

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Any suggestions I would have made for finishes have all been made. They are lovely and it would be a shame to put them back in a drawer.