Sunday, 24 February 2019

Yarn Mail

It's only in the last 18 months or so really that I've become aware and interested in hand dyed yarn, I tend to have knit a lot of baby things, as you might well have noticed, lol, and to me you need to be able to machine wash baby blankets and cardigans, who wants the added chore of hand washing a pile of cardigans when they have a baby, I know I didn't!  So for all the blankets and cardigans I knit for our little people I used a good quality acrylic yarn, something easy to care for. 

But, I do love all the lovely hand dyed yarns and so just before Christmas I treated myself to one of Ellie's yarns, (Craft House Magic).  I absolutely LOVE this colour way and I get it out of the cabinet and admire it most weeks :-) 

Over The Rainbow by Craft House Magic

Then towards the end of December Lay Family Yarns announced a mini club, you would receive three mini skien yarns dyed by Lay Family Yarns and three by a guest dyer 

This was January's parcel. The guest dyer was Fine Fish Yarns

And this was February's parcel with guest dyer Betsy Makes

Unfortunately I missed the sign up for the one for March+ but I've made a note in my diary so I don't miss out on the next one.

I have seen so many people making mitered square blankets and they look so pretty I thought I would like to have a go too, so that's what these mini's will be for, obviously I have a lot more to collect yet though.

Also so from Lay Family Yarns,  I signed up for one of their Valentine kits, this one is  Long Lost Love Letters

And my final spurge in December was to sign up to the  Literary & Hand Dyed Yarn Society from Dandelion & Dogwood.  
The idea behind this is that Ami and Jen choose a favourite book they have read and use that for the inspiration to dye the yarn.  
This idea really appealed to me and so I signed up for the three months subscription, there will be an option to sign up for more after that which I'm hoping to do

This was what I received in January, don't you think they did an excellent job with matching the yarn?

I hadn't read this book, but I have watched the film and really enjoyed it.

February's box arrived last week and the book that inspired the yarn was Eleanor Oliphant.
I read this last year and really enjoyed it.  

 There is a Ravelry group to accompany the yarn society where you can discuss the book and share what project you are knitting with your yarn,  but I must confess that I haven't joined the group, but I am enjoying receiving the yarn :-)

I'm in no rush to knit anything with these lovely yarns at the moment, I'm happy just to have them in my stash and admire them for the time being.

Have a great week


Jane said...

I love these yarns! Like you I would just admire them and hold them oooh heaven! :)

Julie said...

Sometimes looking at yarn is even better than knitting with it! Just to know its there and you can use it if you want to ... or not lol

Barb said...

Such beautiful yarn colors!! My book group did read that book and we all enjoyed it very much!! I liked the movie too!

MartinaM said...

So far I have not knitted with hand-dyed yarn, you've chosen beautiful yarns that really make you want to get started.
Oh so many beautiful yarns, I can not wait to see first pictures of your work.

butterfly said...

What beautiful yarns all so pretty ,can't wait to see what you make with them.

Enjoy your new week.

Poppypatchwork said...

I have serious yarn envy, they are beautiful.

Jo said...

I can see you've got the bug! These hand dyed yarns are so addictive, aren't they? I've got yarn from all these dyers except Dandelion & Dogwood and Betsy Makes, but I have got one of Sam's project bags. I love the colours in that first Dandelion & Dogwood yarn, so pretty. I know what you mean about not wanting to rush to knit anything with it, I think the pleasure of hand dyed yarn is having it in your stash for a while so that it can be enjoyed in the skein before being knit up into something beautiful.

Miriam said...

Well done, you are very good with knitting. I have red “The Potato pie...” either in English or in Italian. I like too much that book and I wanted to Ben sure to have understood everything:-)))

Sandy said...

YUMMY yarn for sure. Totally agree with nice quality acrylic for laundry purposes for all things baby related. I think I read the book (can't quite remember) or maybe I saw the film too for the first one. Awesome match.

Carol said...

Oh, so pretty! I'm sure you'll be knitting up some beauties very soon, Maggie :)

Katrina said...

Such pretty yarns Maggie, you'll have lots of fun with these!

Lowcarb team member said...

Such beautiful colours in this yarn.

All the best Jan