Sunday, 17 February 2019

February's ornament

My February ornament is all stitched, as with my January one I will make it up at a later date.

(Please excuse the dreadful photos!!)

Crowning the Tree by Blackbird Designs
Started February 3rd
Finished February 17th
Stitched with the called for threads on a piece of mystery fabric from my stash.

I came across this chart all kitted up with the threads when I was having a sort out in my little crafty space at the beginning of the year, I think this year is going to be the year that you see lots of things that I had previously forgotten about, lol.

The weather has been brilliant this past week, still cold, but the days have been mostly bright and sunny, it really feels like Spring is just around the corner with lots of promise of colour to come in the garden and my pots too.

On Thursday I spent an hour raking some more leaves up (they are never ending in our garden because of the oak tree) and I decided to open up my little blue house and give it a sweep and clean ready for warmer days.  I don't think I ever posted any photos of my little house after it was all painted last year.  It's stretching the imagination a bit to call it a Summer House, It's really just a space to sit when the weather is nice, it sits half way up the garden between the two lawns.

The chairs are what the previous owner left in the conservatory, Mark wanted to throw them out when we moved in but I stood my ground, for the last four years they were stored first in our garage, and then after Mark converted half the garage they were stored in my daughter's garage.  
Every so often he would say they should to go to the tip!

When I finally got my little house towards the end of last summer I bought some new cushions off ebay and now I'm so glad I stood my ground, lol.  One day I would like to paint them white, but for now I'm happy with them as they are.

I bought these postcards last year when I went to Llandudno and put them in a frame I bought from The Range, they look right at home in my little blue house.

And  I crocheted a large mandala rug for the floor and chalk painted an old table.
The cushions I think I showed last year.

I have wanted a little space like this in the garden for such a long time and now I have one :-) and I can't wait to spend time sitting in here this summer.

I wish you all a wonderful week

See you soon


Jo said...

Lovely photos of your spring bulbs, it's been such a gorgeous week and more to come if the forecast is to be believed. I do love your little garden house, I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of it when the warmer weather arrives, and I agree, the chairs are perfect.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

the chairs are perfect and I would not paint them white the brown chairs give contrast to the white walls. They make everything else stand out. I love all your blubs too. hugs

Julie said...

Sweet ornament stitch.
Your little blue house is lovely, the perfect place for a read or crafting afternoon when the winds a bit too blowy.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching Maggie , Your plants are also growing and lovely flowers .

I think Spring is trying to come in .

Love your little blue house I love my one and we use it all summer , we have not opened ours up yet Maybe at Easter . We stack all the garden furniture in there at winter time.
Thank you for all your comments on my blog , it won't let me email you back .
Have a great week .

Jane said...

Your summerhouse is beautiful! It's much bigger than ours. I mentioned ours briefly in a post last year. It's very small and can only fit 2 old deckchairs and a small table. I aired it on Friday, but it needs a good clean before we can use it again. Your bulbs and flowers are looking so colourful; nothing here yet. Best, Jane x

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lucky you to have an outside space like this for yourself. I'm envious. It's lovely to see the bulbs coming through. It makes you feel that spring is on its way. Your February ornament is pretty.

Vickie said...

What a sweet little blue house! I love what you did with it! I like the chairs the way they are now Maggie.

Barb said...

Your little house is delightful!! I love seeing the Spring bulbs. We had them coming up too until a horrid week of snow. Now they are all buried!

Carol said...

Your sweet blue house looks like the perfect place to stitch, read, or simply watch the world go by! How nice that spring is coming to your part of the world, Maggie--we got 5 inches of snow today :(

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely photographs and I think your little garden house looks great :)

All the best Jan

Miriam said...

I love your little house too and your beautiful garden that announces Spring,