Tuesday, 25 June 2019

It's not like we needed any more pillows!

I said yesterday how watching podcasts had got me wanting to start knitting my own mitred square blanket, well I've recently been watching  a new-to-me podcast, sewrayme.  
Rachael lives in Scotland and makes project bags and sells other knitting related things in her shop and has been doing June vlogs, just little snippets of her day and her garden and some cooking.
  The videos are not very long but are usually quite interesting.  

On one video she showed how to quilt as you go, a method by where you sew the fabric straight on to the wadding, she made up a log cabin effect with little scraps of fabric and when the piece was large enough she made it into a project bag.

I've spoken before about the love/hate relationship I have with my sewing machine, but I would like to get better, so yesterday I collected all my things together and set about making two cushion covers for some cheep pillows I'd bought from Ikea.

This is the first one I made using the quilt as you go method

 And the second one where I sewed the pieces together first then put it on the wadding.

I used an old Ikea sofa cover for the backing of both and did an envelope style opening.

I think my favourite is the first one, the one with the vertical strips of fabric and I did prefer doing the quilt as you go method.  Neither is perfect but I did enjoy making them, and you know what?  me and my machine got on fine, there were no arguments or tantrums during the making :-)

The new cushions will be living in the small bedroom, cheering up the single bed.

- X -


Barb said...

I think your pillows are absolutely delightful!!

Gabi said...

All the pillows look very beautiful.

MartinaM said...

Very nice your new pillow - and you know what? It does not always have to be perfect, it has to be fun and pleasing, that's what I find most important. And every time you go to your sewing machine, it gets better every time - you'll see.
Keep on having fun.

butterfly said...

I also love them , well done they look fab.

Jane said...

I love those pillow cases, although we're not fans of cushions. We don't have any on our sofas/chairs or bed. I have the one hand made quilt I made many years ago. Best, Jane x

Poppypatchwork said...

To really love your sewing machine, you have to make things you love and can use, both cushions fall into that box. They are beautiful and look good. I can not imagine a home without a sewing machine, I am planning to use mine today, I'm home alone.

Jo said...

Ha ha, I've mentioned Rachael's podcast in my post today too, it's great how many people she's inspiring with her June vlogs. I saw her showing that quilt as you go method, it looks a better way of doing things than having to quilt a large item afterwards, though I wouldn't know really as I'm not a sewer. I think you've done a great job, I like them both but if I had to choose, I'd say the first one is my favourite too.

Manuela said...

Two wonderful cushions.

Vickie said...

I think they are both lovely looking Maggie!

Lowcarb team member said...

I think your pillows are absolutely wonderful.

All the best Jan