Saturday, 21 September 2019

Celebrate the seasons

I like all the seasons for different reasons but Autumn is my favourite.  I love when you can feel that change in the air, when it starts to get a little cooler, when the nights start to draw in and it gets dark earlier and you can pull down the blinds and get cosy.  I like that things start to slow down and I feel like I have more time to do the things I want to do, when the nights are lighter I keep finding jobs to do, which means less time relaxing, so I welcome Autumn. 

As much as I love planting things for Summer in the garden I don't mind pulling them up and putting in things for Autumn and Winter either, when it comes to this time of year i'm ready for a change.  
Each season has something good about it and time flys by fast enough without us wishing it to be Spring or Summer again, they will come round soon enough.

The last two weekends the weather has been really more summer-like though,
 and I enlisted Marks help in the garden, we added some top soil to the border by the path that we never got round to doing last year and we also planted tulip bulbs, lots of tulip bulbs.  If they all come good both sides of the path should look very colourful come the Spring.

He also got my seasonal box down from the loft, I couldn't wait to get pumpkins out  🎃.
Not scary ones though, just the pretty ones :-)

This was a new purchase this year from Home Sense, it has lights inside, although I keep forgetting to put them on!

I haven't done as well as I'd planned this year with making seasonal ornaments, but you might remember that I stitched this one back in February.

by Hands on Design

I got round to making it into a little pillow last week and  I LOVE how it turned out!

I used the recommended orange chenille for the edging and the backing is some brown wool fabric I bought at one of the stitching shows we went to earlier in the year

 I do struggle when it comes to making up stitched ornaments, it' s like when you have spent all those hours knitting something and then you are faced with sewing it together, it can be very daunting. 
I'm not very adventurous with the finishing but I am getting better at putting them together, the key is to take my time I think, I tend to want to rush and see it all finished but I now know that, for me, it's better if I do one stage at a time so that I don't loose focus and start rushing and I'm more than happy with how this one came out :-)

A week from today we we be in Skipton for Yarndale, we didn't think we would be able to get accommodation this year, but we eventually found an apartment just outside Skipton.  We are driving up on the Friday and coming back the following Monday and have tickets for visiting both days.

The exhibitor list looks impressive this year and I'm looking forward to squishing lots of yarn, although I'm going with a list this time to try and avoid impulse buys.  I'll let you know how that works out, lol

See you soon


Vickie said...

What a sweet finish! It is done perfectly!

Barb said...

Pumpkin Spice Farm is so cute. You did a super job with the finish. I do agree with you, I do better when I take my time with that part. It is definitely not my favorite part of stitching.

Barb said...

Forgot to say how much I love the three pumpkins. That must look so good with lights inside.

wisps of words said...

Changing Seasons! My tomorrow blog post, is along the same lines! The Autumnal Solstice is very close at hand. I speak of how we might celebrate it. :-)

Same here, I want to find Joy, in whatever Season I am in. Without longing for another time of year. We have to live through those we don't care for as much. Might as well find something to like, about each. :-)

I have always liked the cozy feeling of earlier twilight, although I know, not all do. My husband doesn't. -sigh- So happy I do.

Also "me too", no scary decorations here! There are plenty of not scary ones! I need to get mine down. The new pumpkin ceramic one you got, is delightful. Oh do put the inside lights on!!! :-))))

You do beautiful stitching! I don't, but my daughter does cross stitch, and knitting, and even spins yarn. :-) She did not get this gene, from me!


Jackie said...

The finish on your cross stitch is gorgeous. Great job.

God bless.

MartinaM said...

Oh yes you are right, autumn is a great season. I love him when the leaves are coloring and everything gets a nice golden glow through the sun. Even the darker in the past has its charm, you light more candles and makes yourself comfortable.
Very nice your decoration, especially the small pillow I like very well.
Have fun in Skipton, nice sunday, Martina

Poppypatchwork said...

I love your stitching, it does look good made up. I love the darker, cosy nights which gives you time inside, but I'm a summer girl, not to lazy about, but to be in the garden, playing with grdandchildren, balls are allowed in my garden! I can spend all afternoon outside in the sun doing nothing, taking my time and loving every moment.

Jo said...

I love your little tray of seasonal ornaments and your new pumpkin ornament is lovely, I'm sure it gives off a wonderful glow when it's all lit up. I really like your stitched ornaments, you finish them off beautifully, much better than I could manage. I really should stitch some up myself, there's some pretty designs. Have a wonderful time at Yarndale, I'm still hoping that I can make it but no definite plans yet.

Jane said...

Autumn has always been my favourite season too. I love the pumpkin light and your lovely little pillow. Best, Jane x

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

The freshness of autumn is lovely. I sleep so much better then! ;)
Your pumpkins collection is beautiful, great finish.

Enjoy the season & love Carolien

Anonymous said...

All nice pumpkins: cross stitch, fabric, ceramic...all :-))

Beca said...

I love your finished pillow. The stitching is beautiful!
xx Beca

Lowcarb team member said...

A lovely post Maggie and like you I do like the Autumn season.
Pumpkin Spice Farm looks great and I like your seasonal ornaments.

Enjoy Yarndale.

All the best Jan

Dee said...

Your pillow is GORGEOUS. I love the fuzzy little edging. It's just perfect.

Have a great time at Yarndale. Can't wait to see what comes home with you.

Carol said...

I enjoy autumn, too, Maggie--just not what comes after. I truly do love living in a climate where there are four seasons, though.

I so love your finish and it's funny as I was just thinking of that one today and wondering why I haven't stitched it as I have the chart. I've never used chenille on the sides, but this is just a perfect color match! Well done (and I think your finishes--large and small ALWAYS look perfectly wonderful!).

Sandy said...

Squishing yarn, what's not to love about that. Glad you got some help in the garden, I'm finding I keep over doing with the yard work. Must remember I'm not as young as I was before. I'm one that does indeed start thinking of Spring as soon as fall hits. I dislike all the things you like. I dislike it getting dark earlier (makes the day too short), I dislike the cold...mostly what I dislike is knowing that after fall comes Winter and I truly dread it. Arthritis doesn't bother me nearly as much in warmer months. Winter makes me want to move, but hubby hasn't retired, I count down til Spring and Summer.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I love your pumpkin cushion and all the other Autumn bits and bobs

wisps of words said...

Back again.... To ask you to please read my latest post...

Please and thank you...

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