Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Yarndale escapades of two numptys

It was our second year visiting Yanrdale and again we made a long weekend of it. 
In normal conditions it would take around 3 hours to drive to Skipton but the weather on Friday was just horrendous, the traffic on the motorway was not heavy but because of the torrential rain it was just crawling along.

Joanne was driving, I took these photos while we were on the motorway, around lunchtime, so you can see just how bad the weather was!

When we set off Joanne asked me for the postcode because she didn't have the paperwork for where we were staying at hand, I googled it and because I didn't have my glasses on showed her my phone, she put in the postcode and off we went.

About an hour into the journey Joanne questioned our arrival time and the postcode, it was then realization dawned, we had been travelling for an hour in the WRONG direction!!

You just couldn't make this up could you, lol  Luckily when we discovered our stupid mistake we were able to get off the motorway we were on and right onto a motorway that was heading in the right direction.  
It still didn't alter the fact that we had added unnecessary time to our journey, which, (taking into account food and toilet breaks) took us around 7 hours!!

What a pair of numptys 

The stupidity didn't end there though,  yours truly did not pack a towel, deodorant or face wash!
Luckily Joanne had packed two towels and the other things I could buy.  
Thankfully the rest of the weekend went without a hitch :-)

I think it must have rained all Friday night and Saturday morning the rain was horizontal, honestly, I've never seen so much rain!, It looked like getting wet!  
I said to Joanne, "oh look Noah is coming across the field to collect us"

It seems that one of us had still got our numpty head on, because she came to the window and looked🤣🤣

So dramas aside we had a good weekend, the weather could have been better, although the biblical rain on Saturday morning had passed by the time we got there and the day ended up sunny and bright.  The rain did return on Sunday however and it more or less rained all day, I think it put some people off  visiting as the Sunday was really quiet, nice to walk round and look though.  I did feel sorry for some of the stall holders though as some of the overnight rain had seeped in, one stall in particular had very soggy samples. 

Last year I got a bit carried away with buying things, this year I went with purpose and thought about what I was buying, I don't want to end up with lots of pretty yarn sitting there not being used, I haven't got the space for it, and to be honest It overwhelms me when there is lots of 'stuff'.  
So, I bought just three skeins of yarn this year :-)

One from West Green Loft Yarns and two skeins of  un-dyed yarn, unfortunately I've misplaced the card with the name of which stall I got the two un-dyed skeins from at the moment.

I keep being drawn to un-dyed yarn at the moment, this one will be hats for Bonnie and Arthur and at £5 a skein it was a bargain buy.  It's a Falkland yarn with merino so it's beautifully soft.

I did buy some other things of course, a couple of  Christmas presents for Joanne, and Joanne might have bought me a couple of Christmas presents on behalf of Stevie and Jenny too :-) .  I bought some needles in sizes I hadn't got but the other things that came home with me were in kit form, so I will share what those are as I get round to making them.

I'll leave you will a couple of photos from the day, although I didn't take many because I kept forgetting!

The obligatory Yarndale bunting photo :-)

Teddies knitted for the Mercy Ships, this years charity

Bonnie lost in amongst the teddies, doing a really dodgy smile, lol

See you soon



Dee said...

Loved seeing all those teddies and the bunting is BEAUTIFUL.

You chose a gorgeous yarn color. Wow! Do you know what it will be when it "grows up"?

Jackie said...

Wow the bunting is lovely and all those teddies!!

God bless.

Jo said...

I didn't realise you had Bonnie with you too, I bet she wanted to take one of those teddies home with her. Oh, this did make me laugh, no, you couldn't make it up, haha. It's a good job that the weekend was worth that long drive to get there. I love the West Green Loft Yarn that you bought, such a pretty colour. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it, though if you're anything like me, you'll want to just look at it for a while first.

Barb said...

Bonnie is so cute with all those cute teddies. Actually it sounds like a fun trip except for the horrid rain. That makes driving difficult! Glad you all made it home safely with some very pretty yarn.!

Carol said...

It sounds like the three of you had a wonderful time in spite of the extra long trip in the rain :) Love the bunting and the pile of teddies--I'm sure you'll laugh about this trip for a long time, Maggie!

Lowcarb team member said...

That really is a lot of teddies :)
Great pictures.

All the best Jan

الرحمه للتنظيف said...
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Tammy said...

Oh my goodness, the rain! I had a holiday like that in Lancaster PA some years ago. sounds like you had fun, regardless! I love the bunting photos and I love the autumn-y shade of yarn you purchased. I too, have way too much yarn, so I know the feeling of going somewhere with a purpose from now on!

Judyk2310 said...

My friend and I traveled to Yarndale 3 years ago and had a great time. It's a long trip from the USA but well worth all the fun we had. Beautiful country!!!