Wednesday, 18 December 2019

18th Day of Advent - Last stitching for 2019

I finished stitching my January Calendar Girl on Sunday.  It took me three Sunday afternoons of stitching, I'm happy with that, it means that I know It will be possible for me to get one a month done without putting too much pressure on myself.

I really enjoyed the stitching of this one, hopefully I can find some time before Christmas to make it up ready to put out in January

I went a walk around the park again this afternoon and took my bag of bread for the pond life.
I think the seagulls were even more greedy today, I thought this one was coming for me, lol

I'm really quite happy to have been able to get such a good photo with just my phone! 
Luckily he didn't come any closer, aren't they cheeky!!

Speaking of cheeky, I had a new Advent in the basket afternoon

This basket is where I've been keeping my Advents from Jo, and because there is a space now, Molly thinks she can fit her fluffyness in there🐱🐱

My lovely minis from today along with a bath bubble form Jo.

Sorry the light was not good for photos this afternoon.  The two yarns that look grey actually have some green in them too but its just not showing up, and the one from Jo is not as orange as it's showing here.   

I opened a Strawberry glossing conditioner today from my Body Shop calendar.  

I had already opened the matching glossing shampoo a few days ago so i'm glad I got the matching conditioner too because i'm really impressed with the shampoo :-)

So that's another day closer, It's whizzing by now isn't it? 

Are you all organized, or will you have last minute present buying to do?



Jackie said...

Lovely stitching.... Great little gifts from your Advent Calendars.

God bless.

Barb said...

Miss January is so pretty! The cat she is holding makes it such a fun stitch.

Kate said...

Such a cute photo of your kitty. I like your Calendar Girl and am keen to see how you 'finish' it.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching , Your lady looks wonderful.
Molly looks so cute you just have to smile.
More lovely goodies .
Have fun.

Poppypatchwork said...

My cats love a box or basket, regardless of size and if they can fit in. We are ready, just the fresh veg and dairy to get on Monday, we will shop local, so hopefully it will be stress free.

Jane said...

Such lovely stitch. I too am looking forward to seeing her finished. Naughty Molly! She's such a cutie. Ranger also likes to try a fit into the most unlikely places; I'm sure he thinks he's a cat! Lovely Advent gifts. What will tomorrow bring? Best, Jane x

Jo said...

That photo of Molly would make a fantastic Christmas card next year, and what a great photo of the seagull. Your stitching is beautiful, always so neat. I had to laugh to myself when I knew you'd got a Body Shop advent calendar as I knew this bath bubble was coming up in the one I sent. No. I'm not organised. I've bought all the presents I'm going to buy now but nothing's been wrapped yet and I've still got bits and bobs to do.

Carol said...

Your little finish is darling, Maggie! And I love the photo of your kitty in the basket--she is so fluffy and innocent looking :) Glad you are enjoying your advent surprises!

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely sweet photograph of Molly, and fantastic one of the gull too :)

All the best Jan

Shelly said...

Molly is so cute! I have last minute shopping to do. I hope to get it all done tomorrow. Great photo of the seagull!