Friday, 20 December 2019

19th & 20th Days of Advent - Best laid plans

My daughter, Joanne, called me last night saying her waters had broke! so it was panic stations for a while.  You might remember that when she went into labour with Bonnie we were in London, and although we were only a few hours away by the time we got back Bonnie had arrived!

Well this little chappy is not being so cooperative for his Momma.   We were at the hospital until 3 am, and then Joanne and Gavin went back about an hour later and I went to stop at their house with my youngest daughter who was looking after Bonnie.  I Got into bed a 4 am and was up again at six because I had to go to work.

Joanne is still no further along, she is having pains but not very strong or regular ones, they have kept her in and are going to put her on a drip if nothing is happening by 10 pm tonight.

Until last week the baby was lying transverse, he is now in the right position but still giving problems as he is lying a bit awkwardly. 

Looks like I might be up all night again tonight but I will be glad when Joanne has had this baby, she has not had a good time these last few weeks.

Here are the goodies I opened yesterday, along with an extra treat from Jo.

And from today, all beautiful coordinating minis :-)

Body Shop gifts were, a white musk body lotion for yesterday

And a bath bomb for today

I've finished work today, I was only in for a couple of hours this morning as the office shut at  lunch time for the Christmas Party,  I came home and went straight to bed, lol.

I hope your Friday went well

See you tomorrow


Poppypatchwork said...

I hope you get to meet your grandchild soon and he arrives smoothly, exciting times.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I hope the baby comes soon with no problems and mom and baby are okay. love your gifts. big hugs for all of you. Lynda Ruth

Jane said...

Oh poor Joanne! I hope all goes well and the little one makes an appearance very soon. Your Advent goodies are so gorgeous! Best, Jane x

Lowcarb team member said...

Thinking of you all, and hoping all goes well.
I'm sure the baby will arrive very, very soon.

My good wishes.

All the best Jan

butterfly said...

I am sure baby will be here soon .
We had a new GGS in October so I know the feelings your going in through .
Big Hugs and Kisses to all.

Jo said...

It sounds like there's going to be a Christmas baby in your family, how exciting. I hope everything goes well.

Jackie said...

I hope baby arrives very soon.

God bless.

Barb said...

Hope the little one has been born by now and all is well! It is Saturday about 5pm in Seattle, WA.

Shelly said...

Sure hope the birth goes well and that he's made his appearance by now. How exciting. White musk body lotion sounds so good.