Sunday, 22 December 2019

21st & 22nd Day of Advent - Two Birthdays

Playing catch- up with the advents again today, I do have a good excuse though.

Please welcome the new addition to our family, grandchild number four ❤❤
(Taken about a hour after he was born)

 (And this evening.  He has already scratched his nose!)

Momma did not have a good time of it.  As you know her waters broke on Thursday and she had been in hospital since the early hours of Friday morning but was not having contractions.
She was eventually induced on Saturday and all was going really well, the midwife thought she was quite near to giving birth after around 3 hours but when she examined her she had only dilated to 2 cm in all that time, her contractions were strong and close together so she should have been nearing the end.  
At this point Joanne started saying she really didn't feel very well and that she thought something was the matter, a doctor was called in and he asked Joanne what was the matter. she repeated what she had told the midwife, to his credit he only asked her once and said if she thought something was the matter then he would do an emergency section.

I was scared, so Joanne must have been terrified, she really did look so pale.
Thankfully baby was delivered not long after and both were fine.   
Up until I was told they were both ok  I had held it together but the relief of being told everything had gone ok was too much and I just broke down.

They will both be in hospital for quite a few days as they are being treated for infection and are on antibiotics.  So I think Joanne's instincts were right, and thank goodness the midwife and doctors listened to her.

Look at Bonnie's face! bless her, she has been looking forward so much to this baby brother

The other birthday was Jenny's, my eldest daughter, she is 37 today.  It seems only yesterday that I was the one in hospital having just had my first child.  
How time does fly.

Only two more Advents to open, I will miss having these little treats to open every day, but will look forward to putting all the gorgeous minis into my blanket and having little bath-time treats for months to come :-)

Yarn Advents for 21st

And a mini had cream from my Body Shop calendar

Advent yarn for 22nd with a lovely tea from Jo.  
I love this cherry bakewell tea and I can't get it in the shops around here so I shall enjoy this tonight as my bedtime cuppa, thanks Jo :-)

I opened some face cream from my Body Shop calendar, I've never tried this so will look forward to seeing what it's like.

I've got some food shopping to do in the morning, i'm hoping that the supermarket won't be too busy, i'm not doing a 'big' shop, I haven't done that for years but with what's been happening here these last few days I haven't done any food shopping at all since last Wednesday.

Mark Is currently sneezing his head off in the other room so I'm keeping well out of his way until he is over the worst!  He has more drugs and potions than a chemist lined up in the kitchen.  I can't take any cold remedies, I swear by ginger and lemon tea and extra doses of vitamin C if I feel a cold coming on, works every time for me, but Mark puts his faith in over the counter cold cures. Men!

Hope your weekend has been good, see you tomorrow


Poppypatchwork said...

Congratulations to your new grandson, I hope they are both home soon. Hope your shopping goes well, I have a couple of free days, which is good, we are both fighting the start of bugs, hoping we can cure before they take hold.

Lowcarb team member said...

Many congratulations on the arrival of your new Grandson, the photographs you've shared are lovely :)
My good wishes to you all.

All the best Jan

Carol said...

Oh, I'm so very happy that all turned out well, Maggie--I can only imagine how scared you were for your daughter. Little Bonnie looks so proud to be a big sister and I imagine she will be another little mother to him.

Funny, but my husband just flew home from Florida today with a cold, too. Ugh--right before Christmas! I may sleep in the guest room tonight--I can't afford to get ill at Christmas time.

Enjoy your precious new grandbaby--I'm so excited for all of you :)

Kate said...

Congratulations on that beautiful grandson - quite the Christmas gift. So pleased that your daughter is ok. Merry Christmas!

Jackie said...

Congratulations on the birth of your newest grandchild. I am glad things worked out.

God bless.

Barb said...

I am glad to hear your new grandson and his mommy are doing just fine. We went through a similar experience with our grandson and he too, had to be delivered by a c- section. So happy they listened to your daughter. What a cute photo of Bonnie and her new brother.

Jo said...

Many congratulation, such a beautiful little boy, and Bonnie's smile says it all. What a scary time for you all though, I'm glad that Joanne was listened to as I don't think anyone knows your body better than you do yourself. December is turning out to be an expensive month for your family with extra birthdays being added. I've got my food shopping to do today, I've done some but I need all the fresh stuff yet. I hope Mark feels better soon, Daniel and Jasmine arrived home feeling under the weather, Daniel isn't too bad but Jasmine's not very well at all.

Jane said...

Congratulations to you and your family for your new baby. Joanne and baby will be well looked after and soon be home. Your Advents are gorgeous! My poor hubby is suffering too. He's coughing a lot, but won't go to the Dr. I'm keeping him in hot drinks, soup and Lemsip. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Best, Jane x

Lazy Days & Sundays said...

Congratulations what a gorgeous baby. Your poor daughter I do hope for a speedy recovery for her.

I too am a lemon & ginger fan and always have a box in the cupboard to ward off any ills.

Have a lovely Christmas.


Vickie said...

Thank God it all ended well! Bonnie is just precious. Congratulations to you all! Merry Christmas!!!!

Katrina said...

Lots of congratulations wishes on the arrival of your new grandson and I'm so pleased to all is well xx

Merry Christmas Maggie and all the best for the New Year x Ps. I have so enjoyed watching your advent openings, especially the Body Shop one! MY DD and I have already decided we are going to have a Body shop advent next year :).

butterfly said...

Congrats Maggie ,
What a time you have had but all ended well, you have a beautiful GB .
Good to hear mother and baby are ok .
Blessing to all and a Merry Christmas .

Shelly said...

Oh my, how scary but so glad everything has turned out good. Congrats on your 4th grandchild! Looks like he'll have red hair too. Hope your husband starts feeling better and you avoid it!

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