Monday, 2 December 2019

2nd Day of Advent, the ornaments🎄🎄

We actually put our tree up yesterday, I know it's early for some and we haven't always put ours up at the beginning of December, it was always around the middle of the month but then when I started stitching ornaments and I'd put all that work into stitching and making them up I wanted them to be on show for longer.  So it's been the first day of December for around ten years or so.

Some of my favourite previously finished ornaments

The Blackbird stocking I stitched earlier in the year and made up just last week, not perfect, I found it very fiddly to do.

Bonnie liked the Frosty Forest one I stitched earlier in the year and it's now hanging on her tree.

Our tree is a mixture of stitched pieces and various ornaments I've bought from places we've visited, there is no colour theme on this tree, it's just an eclectic mix of what I like and memories, just how I like it.

This years additions
A little jointed teddy I bought from the gift fair a few weeks ago

A little ceramic robin bought at Yarndale in September

Our tree has seen better days really and I think when it comes down this time it will be retired.   It has done the job for a good ten years and looks ok when it's filled with my stitching and decorations, but I really would like a taller one with a fuller figure, lol

Advent Goodies
I opened some more lovely advents today, (please forgive the shadows, the light was not good this afternoon)

On the left, Craft House Magic
Middle, Lay Family Yarn
On the right from Jo. :-)

I love them all :-)

And a bath bomb from my Body Shop Calendar :-)🛀🏿

Normal service resumed for me this morning after being off work with a bad back last week. 
My back is still sore and I don't bend very well, (that could be my back or my age, lol), but it is much better than it was.
It was a cold and frosty start today but I'm not someone who is bothered by cold frosty mornings, I really quite like them, I find the fresh air wakes me* up :-)

It's also the first of our family December birthdays, Joanne turned 32 today. 
I usually make a cake for the girls birthday but I think we are still all a bit caked out from last weekends afternoon tea

I hope your second day of December went well, do you have your tree up yet?



Poppypatchwork said...

My tree went up today, I won't lie, it was a struggle, normly I love dressing the tree, but things are a bit of an effort this year, our tree is full of history. I'm loving the yarns in my advent calendar.

Barb said...

Not yet. Here in the US we just finished Thanksgiving. I am a bit old fashioned and I like to keep Fall up and truly celebrate Thanksgiving with all the decorations, etc. That has put Christmas decorating late this year. I am busy getting the house first then the tree. I loved seeing all your lovely stitched ornaments!

Cathy said...

I order my tree from a local high school's baseball team (a fundraiser for them) and it won't arrive until Friday/Saturday. But we'll probably decorate it on Sunday.

BTW, you have some wonderful ornaments on your tree. Mine will have quite a few handmade ones too.

MartinaM said...

So many beautiful ornaments, I am very excited.
Next year I also want to work Frosty Forrest, just a nice pattern.
All the best for your back. Martina

Jo said...

We don't put our tree and decorations up until around the middle of the month, and our tree is also being retired this year. We also want a taller one with a fuller figure but we're going to have a look in the sales in January and see if we can get one then ready for next year. Have you seen the price of them, they're so expensive so if we can get one a bit cheaper that'll be good. I love all your little stitched ornaments, hard to choose a favourite, they're all so lovely. I'm glad your back is a bit better but try to rest as much as you can, you don't want to be out of action over Christmas, Belated birthday wishes for Joanne.

Jane said...

Your stitched ornaments are gorgeous! Best, Jane x

Vickie said...

What gorgeous stitched ornaments Maggie! We will put the tree up this weekend.

Jackie said...

Tree up and decorated. Love your stitched ornaments.

God bless.

wisps of words said...

Thank you for making a comment in my blog!!!

I think we each decorate, when the urge hits. -smile- Or when it is best, for each. Your time makes sense, because of all the beautiful decorations you make!!!!

Here, we are having a 'deep cleaning' done, today, so the tree and etc., will not go up, till at least tomorrow.

Due to our age, we moved our bedroom down stairs 6 months ago, and added a shower, to our tiny downstairs bathroom. Upstairs is no longer used. But it makes the perfect place to keep decorations, as I always did.

Our grandson, who lives next door, will bring them down for us. So this is lovely. We are so lucky to live next door to one of our sons and his family. That is why we are still in this 2 story family house. When we would have downsized, to only the rooms, we now need. Happily, our downstairs, has the 5 rooms we need!!!

Greetings from Snow Country! -smile-

butterfly said...

Everyone here is putting their tree up .
The way the time goes so fast I can't blame them .
Your tree looks lovely and lovely stitched ornaments .
Happy Birthday to your daughter.
Love seeing whats in your advents , enjoy.

Shelly said...

I am about to put up some small trees that get filled with my stitched ornaments. Love all your ornaments you showed, many I recognize from favorite designers. I'm going back to read the 1st day. Have a nice week at work!