Sunday, 1 December 2019

Happy 1st Day of Advent

Happy 1st of December๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

1st day of advent, can you believe how quickly this has come around?  One minute is seems ages away and the next, here we are, on a count down to Christmas!

 I've never bothered buying an advent calendar for myself before, it seemed more for the kids than the adults.  But look around now and you can get almost anything in the form of an advent calendar from tea, wine and beer to beauty products and even stationery, and why should kids have all the fun, lol.

I saw this one in a local shop when I went for a walk after work one afternoon and thought it was just lovely and just had to bring it home with me:-)

I knew fairly early on in the year that I wanted an yarn advent calendar from Kelly of LayFamily Yarn and was so pleased when I managed to get one when she put them up for sale. 
It arrived sometime ago and I've had it hidden away so as not to peep!

I'm a regular viewer of  Ellie's podcast, Crafthouse Magic and when she put up her yarn advent up for sale I just had to get one of those too, she dyes the most beautiful yarn.  (if you haven't checked out Ellie's podcast you should, she has such a lovely bubbly personality)

I wouldn't have gone out looking to buy a beauty calendar buy my youngest daughter started selling Body Shop products and to get her first sales up I said I'd buy one from her.  This is the medium one and it's quite big, I love the design.

I received a really special package in the post last week which was a complete surprise.

Jo, who blogs at Throughthekeyhole had made me up an advent calendar!
Not only that, but she also included something for me to open on Christmas day and something for my birthday too!
I feel really spoilt, you really do meet the loveliest  people through blogging, so thank you again for your kindness and for thinking of me Jo!

I've got my packages sitting under the tree and I'm going to enjoy opening them each day through advent.

Lay Family Yarn on the left, Jo's in the middle and Craft House Magic on the right

And here are my lovely yarns.
Craft house Magic on the left, Lay Family Yarn in the middle and from Jo on the right. Jo also popped in a Twinings tea which I shall enjoy later :-)

My body shop calendar contained a face mist

I love how these are in little individual boxes, I'm being very careful when I'm opening them because I have plans to re-use it next year :-)

What about you?  Did you treat yourself to an advent calendar this year?

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Purple Pixie Dust said...

Been too sick to go out but yours and your gifts are lovely. hugs

Poppypatchwork said...

Mine is hand dyed yarn, and not to leave hubby out, I made him one with lovely treats in.

Carol said...

I've never had an advent calendar either, Maggie, but will enjoy watching to see what treats come from yours!

Barb said...

I actually do use an Advent Calendar. Just lots of fun. My DH and I do one online!

MartinaM said...

Oh what great advent calendar. Yes, I also have a very personal one, which I exchanged with my friend Manuela. Immediately afterwards I am allowed to open the second packet and I am curious as a child, what will be in there.
Have fun with your calendars

Jo said...

You're right, December has come around so quickly, I'm not ready for it yet. Being poorly in November has set me back somewhat. I've got a Hedgerow Yarns advent calendar and I've also taken part in the Lay Family Yarn swap so Debbie from Down Sheepy Lane and I have swapped advent parcels. It's so fun opening them, but also fun to see what other people are opening too. I love Body Shop products, that advent calendar looks lovely and you'll be able to pamper yourself the whole way through December.

Sue in Suffolk said...

How brilliant to have so many advent things to open. I love that there are more to choose from other than chocolate. The first is such a beaustiful picture, does it say who the artist is?

Vickie said...

Oh how fun! I have never had such an Advent Calendar! I only had the chocolate ones as a child. :)

Eloise said...

Yes, I did treat myself .....for the first time in my entire adult life. I bought the M&S beauty advent calendar and I'm loving it!

butterfly said...

I am missing out here ! I never thought about myself , what fun .
I will tell hubby next year I need one ha.
Enjoy and show us them all what a treat.

Lowcarb team member said...

I do have an advent calendar … but not with sweets, gifts etc.
I just open a window every day to see a small picture behind it.
I'm enjoying it so far …

All the best Jan