Saturday, 7 December 2019

7th Day of Advent - Book Art

I didn't get to do any ornament finishing today, we decided to take a ride to Worcester and have a look around the shops, there were a couple of things I wanted to get that I didn't want to buy on line, but I couldn't find any I liked so came home empty handed.  Mark did benefit from the trip though and came back with two jumpers and a shirt.

To say that there are only two Saturdays(!!) left before Christmas the town was not heaving with people, as you would expect, so it was nice to walk round.  It does mean that I am now playing catch up with ornaments tomorrow though.

Gaynor, (Tales of Cuckoo Land) showed some book art on one of her vlogs recently which I thought looked brilliant, (I think it was on her 2nd December vlog),  I just had to have a go!

It was so easy but looks really effective and it's something a bit different.


I have a bit of an obsession with Christmas mugs and always look in charity shops to see if I can pick any up, when I went out with Stevie last weekend we were lucky and found three  😃 
Tonight Joanne came round with this one for me, isn't he lovely!  

She got him for the princely sum of 50p   😃

Some more gorgeous Advent minis today

From the top

Lay Family Yarn
Craft House Magic
 from Jo, with a lovely calming tea :-)

My Body Shop gift today was body butter


Barb said...

That tree is so pretty. I will have to check it out! What a cute mug!

Jo said...

Ha ha, I have to laugh as I've just wrote a post about Christmas mugs. Yours is very festive, the big man himself. Love your book art, I saw Gayna's version and her explaining how to do it. Very effective.

Kate said...

Your book tree sent me to the link and the bookshelf. ^^ It's such a clever idea and looks rather posh - I'm pleased to say that I now have one but can't figure out where to display it. I'm enjoying your advent goodies and loving the yarn colours.

butterfly said...

Love your decorated book, I have seen some lovely ones in the shows I go to .
Nice advent goodies .
Love the mug too.

wisps of words said...

I don't know how people do so much crafting, at this busy time of year. -smile-

Shelly said...

Oh that book tree is so pretty. I just read your other Advent posts, how fun! Arthur's stocking is just beautiful and that cake, yummy. I don't make cakes but I do bake Mexican Wedding cookies. They go by Russian Tea cakes, and other names. Just rolled dough, popped into oven and then rolled with plenty of powdered sugar. I have an order for 2 dozen by Christmas Eve. Have a super day!

Jackie said...

The craft show I went to a few weeks ago had one person selling book art. It was amazing!!!!

Love that book art tree. Very effective.

God bless.

Jane said...

I had a look at the vlog and I'm going to do a tree book. Your Santa mug is great. Your advent yarns are gorgeous! Best, Jane x

Carol said...

What a cool piece of book art, Maggie! I am going to show my middle son's girlfriend this--it is right up her alley :) Love that Santa mug you got, too--what a great deal!

Rhona said...

Love the mug! Going to check out Gaynor's vlog as the book art is amazing!