Sunday, 8 December 2019

8th Day of Advent - Cards

Well that first week of the month went quickly didn't it?

Do you still send Christmas cards?  I do love to receive a card but I don't think it's a thing that a lot of people seem to do anymore.  This morning I made a start on writing mine,  I usually buy at least one pack of cards in the sales after Christmas along with wrapping paper,  I'd asked Mark to get up the loft a couple of weeks ago to look to see if there were any there. 

He said no, couldn't see any cards, lots of rolls of wrapping paper but no cards.

So when he got all the decorations down last week, what did he find?  Yep a bag with cards!
So now I've got enough Christmas cards to last at least the next two years because in the meantime I'd gone out and bought some, I should have know better than to ask a man to look shouldn't I, lol.

I've had a lovely quiet Sunday afternoon stitching on my January Calendar Girl,  which I will post an update on tomorrow.  I don't get much time to stitch in the week anymore but Sunday is my day off and I consider it 'my' time to do more of what I enjoy. 

I had planned this year to have a quieter, calmer December so that I have time to enjoy things rather than rushing around shops, my gifts are all bought, wrapped and sitting in their sacks ready for the main event. I have done some of the extra food shopping by buying little extras in with my normal weekly shop, I don't do a big food shop at Christmas anymore, any fresh food I will buy closer to the time.  My planning has paid off and freed up my time, now I am enjoying the lead up to Christmas and really enjoying opening my Advents each day.

From the top -

Lay Family Yarn
Craft House Magic, a little lavender filled pouch was included today too
from Jo, who included a chocolate too, which I ate before I took the photo :-)

I found a trifle bowl out to store my growing collection of Advent minis in. 
They make quite an attractive decoration of their own don't they😃

My Body Shop gift was a Rose body wash.
Now I need to find something to keep all my little products in too.

I hope you all had a lovely restful Sunday too



Barb said...

You sound well prepared for the day! I only send cards to friends that live far away. I have only received one so far this year.

Jackie said...

I managed to get my cards out, but that is as far as I have gotten. Tomorrow I need to start working on them in earnest. You are very well prepared.

God bless.

butterfly said...

Well done Maggie , I have done the same this year and can now sit back.
My card list is very big , I used three boxes on hubbies list and two boxes at my club ,family and friends must be about four boxes .
It took me three weeks on and off in November to write them .
I buy my cards in the sales in January . The post office shares go up , when I start posting , but I do try and give out allot of them.
Have a good week and I am enjoying your Advent goodies

Poppypatchwork said...

I also love cards, but we don't get so many any more, I make mine, and this year I only made 40. It's a good feeling to have most of the stuff done this early in December. I don't miss the last minute panic.

Jo said...

I was hoping that I'd be well prepared this year too but being poorly in November set me back, I've still got so much to do. I haven't written my cards yet but I don't send many, mainly to family who I don't see very often. Your display of minis looks lovely.

Jane said...

I buy gifts through the year so I don't have to Christmas shop. I put cards with the presents as we don't have anyone to post cards to. Our Christmas dinner is like Sunday dinner but with turkey and the extras, like a starter, wine and of course the pudding. There's only 3 of us, so nothing big to do. Your advent mini skeins look scrumptious in the trifle bowl and all your little luxury Bodyshop minis will be a real treat to use. Best, Jane x

Carol said...

I do still send cards, but so many folks are cutting that out. I love receiving them and have bought five packs, but still haven't sent out a single one :) Will get them out after I return from visiting my mom next week--I hope! Looking forward to seeing your little January girl, Maggie!

wisps of words said...

Wonderful being so prepared! Our family gift giving, is just to the "grands," so it is pretty simple, as they have mostly grown older. So I no longer have that task, hanging over my head. -smile-

December should be a quiet and lovely time. You are wise, to make it so.

Oh and I never liked doing Christmas Cards. So some years ago, I stopped. Relief!!!!! I know, some _love_ doing it. So this is just me.

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..."
♬ 🎶 ♫

Lowcarb team member said...

I do still send cards and I always think it's nice to receive them too.
I try to put a note in with friends, and family we don't see regularly … it gives them a snippet of news which I hope they enjoy reading :)

All the best Jan