Sunday, 22 March 2020

In Threes again

I took a few minutes this afternoon to sew the buttons on another In Threes cardigan I made for Bonnie some weeks ago.   It's a little too big for her at the moment, I knew it would be, but Joanne can put it away for her to wear later in the year.  

I used some drops yarn I had in my stash, so no money spent again :-)

I used three buttons I bought from Wool@13 last year

I finished stitching my April Calendar Girl on Thursday,  I sorted through my fabric bits for the backing, I don't have many blues, which would have been better, but I think this polka dot one will be ok, what do you think?

I'll set aside some time in the week to put it all together, I have to get some threads to make the cording anyway.

The weather was lovely yesterday so we had a few hours tidying up the garden, the grass is still really wet and because we have mostly clay soil, the borders are still sodden.  Mark managed to get another layer of leaves up but there are still many that are too wet to suck up.  I did manage to get all my Dahlia's planted up in pots, I bought nine tubers this year, I don't know if I'm going to put them in the ground or in pots yet, the slugs had a feast on them last year and they didn't thrive very well.

It's lovely to see a bit more colour outside after all the dull weather we've had, although the Tulips I planted and looked forward to seeing are not doing very well this time, a combination of pesky squirrels and wet weather I think.  There are some along the edge of the path that might come good, we will have to wait and see.

Thank you to those who commented on my last post, it seems this panic buying is not limited to the UK alone.  
The announcement on Thursday to close all pub's restaurants, cafes and so on from Friday seems to have lead people to panic buy wine and beer now, there was no wine in Aldi on Thursday and the beer isle was almost empty in Tesco too.  I really do find it hard to believe some people.

Today I've seen posts on FB showing the crowds of people waiting outside Tesco and Asda, more akin to football crowds, it's crazy.  The closure of places of public gatherings was to protect people and to try and slow the spread, so why do people think that this sort of crowd does not fall into that description?  

I'm trying not to dwell on the news so much because I'm thinking about it too much afterwards, Friday I felt particularly down about the whole thing, not helped by the fact that someone has left a very nasty anonymous comment.  I guess they are not brave enough to leave a name, I do wonder at the mentality of those that feel the need to do something like this.  It did bother me for a little while in as much as I couldn't understand why someone would be like that, and then it annoyed me that I couldn't answer back and call them out for what they are 😠

If anyone knows how to block anonymous comments please let me know.  For now I've left the comment there, you can read it if you go back to my last posts comments.   If they come back I hope they're shamed, (but I don't expect they will be).

Stay safe and take care all


Julie said...

Aprils a sweet calendar girl.
Love the cardigan, cute buttons!
I've seen that comment on a couple of blogs, spammers I think.
Take care Maggie x

Shelly said...

I agree with Julie on that nasty comment. Boomers is a well used word used here in the U.S. by the younger crowd. Sorry you had to get a comment like that. You would have to go into the Blogger page and manually click where it says that only other Google/blogger account holders can comment and anonymous comments won't come through. That's what I have on my blog. You are so talented! That cardigan is just gorgeous. Your family is so lucky to have your creations! Take care!

Jackie said...

I have been getting that nasty poster as well. I have comments on moderation now and delete him or her whenever it comes up. Sorry to see it is happening on other blogs as well.

What a cute sweater and the April calendar girl is beautiful.

God bless.

Sparkly Rock Girl said...

Re the comment on your last post Maggie - don’t give it another thought. That exact wording is being published in comments on a huge number of blogs and articles, as you can see if you search for it as a phrase. So it’s a troll/bot thing. Just ignore.

Best wishes

Clare-Aimetu said...

Maggie I think it's a spam comment. I have my moderation turned on so I get everyone's comments by email. I can then either publish or delete, and reply in person to each, although your email always bounces back (I did try to say before, not sure if you did see it)

Keep posting, stay positive, it's a long road so we'll be using our blogs more and more x

butterfly said...

Lovely post Maggie love the baby jacket.
Such cute buttons .
Lovely garden photos .
I am sorry about that comment , can't understand why someone can write this .
They must be sick .
We have a whole bunch of youngsters now driving down to the beaches and the moor's in their 100's all together ! can you believe this .
I think they are all mad .

Jo said...

Such a lovely cardigan and those cute buttons really finish it off, I bet Bonnie will love it. I think the polka dot fabric will work very well with your April finish. There were a lot of people out working on their gardens around here yesterday, one thing's for sure, everyone being at home will result in some beautiful gardens this year.

Poppypatchwork said...

Sadly I had the same comment, some people are stuck in their own views. We too are having a great time in the garden with the sunny weather. Bonnie will love here cardigans, the buttons are very pretty.

Kate said...

I love the sweater and all the flower photos.
The Millenials are referring to this virus as the "Boomer Remover" ... makes me wonder how/why they are filled with so much hate for us.
Keep well and carry on. ^^

Carol said...

Oh, those little buttons are just the sweetest, Maggie! Your new cardigan for Bonnie is just the sweetest--and much better to have it too large! Miss April is very cute, too. And how lovely to see those bright, cheery flowers with all that's going on. We are a ways off from anything blooming still.

I just don't understand the folks that are not taking this seriously. I guess they think they're immune or something and don't care about the rest of the word--such selfish and immature behavior. We all need to be in this together!

Take care now ♥

Cathy said...

The cardigan is lovely and the polka dot fabric is perfect for the April Calendar Girl!

Barb said...

The sweater is adorable, makes me wish I could knit! Also love seeing the pretty flowers. In my humble opinion this is not a time for being ugly! Shame on that person!

Anonymous said...

I too have to sign in as Anonymous, but I am NOT that other arsehole. We here in the states are going through what you all are suffering...maybe we are a week ahead of you in panic buying. Rest assured your shops will restock as ours have. Perhaps that AH was listening to our AH of a "chief of State".

Our government is setting up an economic relief package that will really benefit him and his noxious family of Hotel/Restaurant owners. There will be something for the rest of us but what tRump is getting is absolutely disgusting!

OK, enough ranting. Thanks for your Blog....Edy Fenster, IN, USA

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

The buttons on tje cardigan are cute. It's lovely to see so much colour in your garden.

Tammy said...

Yep, panic buying and hoarding here in the U.S. as well. Very sad. Your baby sweater is absolutely gorgeous! Stay well, and ignore the trolls!

Sandy said...

The sweater is adorable, the buttons really finish it. So envious of your beautiful flowers. Just starting to see some color here, a few of my Daffodils are blooming...yippee. And it was actually warm enough to work outside for a short while today. That felt good. Sorry someone left a nasty message. Not sure what prompts people to do that. The only I know to eliminate anonymous comments is to change your settings, but sadly when you do that, you lose name and url. You could perhaps leave as is, but add a note to your comment section that says all anonymous comments will be deleted.

Lowcarb team member said...

Just love the cardigan, and those buttons :)

All the best Jan

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