Sunday, 15 March 2020

There's a long way to go yet

This week I thought it was about time I started adding squares to my mitred square blanket.

I made a very small start on this before Christmas but I now have all those gorgeous minis from my Advent calendars to start adding.

It's got a lot of growing to do, If I can I'm going to try and fit in one square a day until the end of the month, although, once you get going it's very hard to stop at one square, I love dipping into my baskets and choosing the next colour. 

Like the rest of the world I've bee following the news on this coronavirus, It's very frightening how quickly and how far it has spread in such a short time. 
I think we must all do our bit to ensure we are keeping ourselves and our family as safe as we possible can and to try and minimise the spread.   
We have decided that unless it's absolutely necessary we won't be visiting my mum, if we are out shopping and work we can't be sure who we have been in contact with and would hate to think we have inadvertently taken something into her house.  We will drop shopping to her and leave it in the porch from now on.  Better safe than sorry!

I am not one of those people who has gone out and done enough shopping to fill a small bunker, I am just doing (or trying to do ) my normal shopping.  I have always shopped for cleaning supplies once a month, I know how much stuff we get though in a month and it gets replaced every four weeks, luckily had just done that at the end of last month, so we are ok for those things for a while yet, I will not be going out to buy more before I would normally shop again  Personally I think it's appalling how people have been selfishly loading their trolleys with all this stuff, I dislike unfairness.
My daughter could not get any baby formula last week and had to ring round every supermarket until she eventually found some, and they had only got four tins!.   This week there are no nappies or wipes to be had, (yes she knows there are alternatives for these things), but If people are going to clear the shelves then It's only right that supermarkets limit the amount you can buy.  

At the moment we are still going into work, although we have all been given the means to work from home if, or when the time comes.  Most of the the lads in the office are up and down the country to different sites and meetings etc throughout the week, it's really only a matter of time until someone has it.  I've decided that from tomorrow I'm not signing for any deliveries, I will ask the driver to sign my name for me, you don't know who's hands have touched that machine and I will be asking visitors to use the antibacterial gel as they enter and leave, just sensible precautions.

I hope that wherever you are you are keeping yourself and your family as safe as you can.

Take care



Ann at Beadlework. said...

I don't often comment on blogs these days but I so agree with what you are saying today. I work for the NHS in a community health setting and the delivery drivers are no longer asking us to sign for things, they are doing it for us. The same happened at our pharmacy, they are signing the scripts instead of multiple people using the same pen.
Don't get me started on panic buyers - they are so selfish and make me so mad. I'm like you and do my usual shopping and now can't get my regular supplies - even the simple things are gone.
I think that supermarkets aren't doing enough to help either - limiting people to five of an item is ludicrous - it should be two at the most of the things that they seem to be going crazy over. My colleague's husband went round every local supermarket last weekend and this weekend just constantly buying - WHY??
Stay safe.

Julie said...

A lovely blanket in the making Maggie.
I agree with you (and Ann in her comment), there really is no need to go mad with supplies like some people are. Think of others as well as yourself. Like you we buy cleaning things monthly and I had made sure our pantry and the freezer had supplies before DH had his heart op March 6th just in case I was hospital visiting and didn't want to have to think of shopping. Both of us here are 'at risk' so staying put inside to be safe.
Take care Maggie, I hope your daughter was able to find things she needed. Good old cotton wool and water like we used to use on our babies eh!!

Poppypatchwork said...

My daughter had terrible trouble finding formula for baby George, she was very worried at one point as she only had a small amount left. From tomorrow hubby and I are not planning to go out unless it's for food, life is scary.

Lowcarb team member said...

Love the colours in your blanket …
I do wish people wouldn't panic buy, if everyone was sensible then shelves wouldn't be empty.
Eddie and I went shopping a few days ago and managed to get everything we wanted, the only additional things in my trolley were a couple of packs of frozen vegetables.

Stay well.

All the best Jan

Clare-Aimetu said...

Nice to see your blanket growing. I don't see the sense in some people but I do think the media should take more responsibility in reporting, they cause some of the worry. We have not stock bought but DH has done a large shop instead of little shops more often, this is to reduce his exposure as just now I'm on the concern list. Stay safe everyone x x

Jo said...

Your blanket is beautiful, I love the muted tones you're using, it's going to look so pretty. I haven't worked on mine for a while but I'm itching to get some of the minis from my advent calendars added to it. It's business as usual here as far as the Coronavirus is concerned, I'm doing my usual shop and if people would do the same instead of panic buying there'd be plenty for everyone. Even if you get the Coronavirus, you only have to self-isolate for a fortnight, how many toilet rolls are you going to get through in that time? Honestly, the world has gone mad. They're even being sold on Ebay at ridiculous prices and people are buying them. It never crossed my mind about baby supplies. The only thing I'm really worried about at the moment is my dad and how he'll cope if we have to self-isolate and can't do his shopping and other bits and bobs we do for him, I suppose we'll just have to muddle through somehow.

butterfly said...

Your blanket is looking lovely .
My hubby shopped yesterday for our weekly shop and told me there were only 3 bottles of milk in there and no toilet rolls !
Some people don't seem to care but the shops should say no , only allow one of each .
We brought some coffee mate instead of another milk .
Take care and keep safe.

Carol said...

Oh, I love those soft colors in your blanket, Maggie! I can see why it would be hard to stop after making one block each day :)

Scary times, indeed. I am trying doing the grocery shopping online and then just drive up and they load them in your car for you. Sure hope it works out okay. Being 65 puts me in a somewhat worrisome position although I have no underlying conditions. I am just glad I am retired and can stay home with my stitching. Take care now ♥

Vickie said...

We are just starting to see the shortages here in Wisconsin. People are hoarding the TP. They are now limiting the amount you can buy, thank goodness!
I love the colors in your blanket Maggie.

Barb said...

A very wise post. I sure wish your mom well. I live near Seattle. Schools are out for 6 weeks and all bars and restaurants in the state of Washington are closed except for take out. That includes the famous Starbucks!

Jackie said...

Very pretty blanket. I love the colours.

God bless.

Dee said...

It has been pretty much the same here too. But, our stores haven't started limiting people on their purchases so the shelves remain mostly empty.

On to happier things ... you blanket is so pretty with all those pastel colors.

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