Sunday, 8 March 2020

This weekend

 I'm a grass widow this weekend, Mark had to work so I was left to my own devices :-)

I was in the mood for a bit of Spring cleaning, I've washed all the cushion covers and throws, cleaned windows, sorted all the kitchen cupboards and drawers and sorted anther bag for the charity shop, amazing what you can get done when there are no interruptions (ha ha)

It's not very often I get to spend time in the house on my own now, I must say, I've enjoyed the quiet time.  I've not picked up any stitching during the week so yesterday I sat and put quite a lot of stitches into Autumn Dream.

There is more stitching in this piece than you imagine when first looking at it, it's not going to be finished anytime soon.

I took down my February decorations and put out some Spring ones
Do you like my little bunny vase?  He has a yellow pompom tail too :-) cute!!
The candle you can see behind the little pillow is a Hot Cross Bun one, it smells gorgeous!

 The stitched pillow is a Little House Needleworks, the cottage of the month series, although March is the only one of this series that I stitched.

There are signs of Spring in the garden at last, we have had more than our fair share of rain and wind over the last couple of months but today although it was windy the sun has been shinning beautifully.

  I really should have been out there enjoying the good weather and catching up on clearing some of the debris of sticks and twigs left in the garden but I haven't, I've been sitting with my feet up stitching on my new April Calendar Girl and binge watching Tourchwood for a second time.

I hope you have had a great weekend too and enjoyed whatever you got up too.

See you soon



Poppypatchwork said...

We had family for weekend, grandsons everywhere and very loud, but loads of fun. Now it's peaceful, I need to do housework but that's for tomorrow, love your stitching.

An Arizona Stitcher I said...

How nice that you had a break in the weather. Autumn Dream is coming along nicely!

Barb said...

It is wonderful to see the Spring things blooming. Sounds like you a good and productive time!

butterfly said...

Beautiful stitching Maggie .
Your garden flowers are looking wonderful .
It's nice sometimes to have a few hours on our own.
Enjoy your.

Jo said...

It's nice to have some quiet time alone every once in a while. Autumn Dream is progressing well and the March Cottage of the Month is lovely, Little House Needleworks have some lovely designs. We had some nice days last week but it's back to rain here today.

Vickie said...

Good for you getting so much accomplished! Your garden looks great!

Carolien said...

Hello Maggie,

I do recognize the big progress you can have when you're alone for awhile. Yes, nice for awhile but not too long ... LOL
Your stitches are so nice: the autumn stitches and the March pillow, so sweet ...

Have a nice Springtime!
xxx Carolien

Julie said...

Autumn Dream is looking lovely.
I do like the border edge on the LHN, very effective the green is.
Sweet vase, he's cute!

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great March pillow, good progress on Autumn. It's so nice to see the flowers blooming

Sandy said...

Glad you got so much done, and I LOVE your bunny vase, that really is cute. I too switched out my table decorations for spring looking placemats....but our spring looks farther away than yours. No flowers here yet anywhere. But, I do see about 4 inches of green leaves popping maybe not too much longer before we'll have some buds.

Carol said...

Love seeing the signs of spring both inside your house and out, Maggie. That bunny vase is just darling and the spring daffodils will cheer any room. I was just visiting my mom and bought her a bunch at the grocery store and she was so happy :)

Those Songbird Series charts are VERY deceiving--they do take much longer to stitch than you would think. I so love your Autumn Dream piece! Can't wait til you get to the tiny pumpkin cottage--that is just the cutest.

Enjoy your week, Maggie! ♥

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely to see your garden flowers, they look so colourful.

All the best Jan

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