Sunday, 17 May 2020

Miss May

First of all, thank you for your condolence messages.  Father in-laws funeral has now been arranged and as per the distancing rules only ten people are permitted to attend, which is a shame but that is the policy.  Mother in-law is coping well, considering, Mark is very quiet.  He is a typical man and doesn't talk much, he will find his own way of dealing with it.

I finished May's calendar girl super quick at the beginning of the month because of being at home and then my Kreinik Corder broker and she had to sit there without her trim for a while I waited for a new one to come in the post.

I haven't been out many times for a walk this week but was up nice and early this morning and once my jobs were done I decided to go out before I made any more excuses.

Just a few yards away from the steps I talked about in this post is a gate which leads on to the adjacent field

I walked all around the edge up to the top

Over one more field and there was the view of the Rapeseed field again.  
There was a beautiful wild flower meadow behind me and a man with his camera and tripod taking photos so I didn't like to stop and try to take pictures with my phone

I did come across a huge patch of buttercups though

And someone had attached a knitted rainbow to the gate, that made me smile :-)

Until next time - Keep safe and well



Katrina said...

Hi Maggie, lovely stitching and pics from your walk, the little rainbow is very cute. I'm so sorry to read about your FIL passing away, many sympathies to your family.

Cathy said...

Your May Calendar Girl is very pretty! Enjoy your walks!

Barb said...

I missed the post about your FIL. You and your family have my sympathy. It is a hard time when things can't go on as they usually do. After all, memorials are really for the family. May calendar girl is so cute. Your walks are so pretty and peaceful!

butterfly said...

Lovely May girl so pretty.
Looks like you enjoy your walks , it's so good for you .
Have a good week.

Jo said...

I'm glad things are getting sorted out for the funeral, we're living through such strange times so situations which are difficult at the best of times are a real struggle. Your May's Calendar Girl is pretty, they're such lovely little designs to display each month. Glad you enjoyed your walk, it looks like you have some lovely places to take a stroll on your doorstep.

Julie said...

Miss May looks superb.
Strangest of times at the moment for everyone isn't it.

Lowcarb team member said...

I think your May's Calendar Girl is pretty.
You've shared some fabulous photographs from your walk, I did enjoy seeing them.

Pleased you have been able to arrange FIL funeral, although of course in these times of Covid 19 attendance numbers are being restricted.

You are in my thoughts.

All the best Jan

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

It's sad that in these times, with all the restrictions that you can't give your FIL the funeral you would ideally like him to have had.

Your May stitch is a lovely finish. How many threads did you use for your cord? Great photos from your walk.

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