Thursday, 8 October 2020

All the pretty things

It's been a few weeks hasn't it.  I just haven't been in the right frame of mind for blogging, it's been a struggle to get through the day most days to be honest.  I go through the motions of doing what needs doings but finding little joy in my day.  It's not the time of year, it's not even this new 'normal' that we are all having to get used to, it's just a dark cloud hanging over me, i'm grumpy, irritable and generally not very good company.  
BUT, today I woke at the crack of dawn and despite the grey, rainy weather felt, if not full of the joys of Spring, much better than I have done in quite a while.  I've got all my jobs done, baked some millies cookies, (recipe in the pages at the top of my blog, they are delicious!), gone for a walk and finished listening to my latest audio book, (The End of The Affair by Graham Green).  This version was narrated by Colin Firth who did an outstanding job.

So, with time to spare before I go and pick Oliver up from school I thought I would come and say hello and show you some of my latest purchases.

I haven't bought yarn in quite a while, in fact, I think these may be the only ones I've purchased this year.  When I saw these posted on IG I couldn't resist though and decided to treat myself.

I'm in love with all of them and I have the idea that I want to try again to knit socks.

I haven't been very successful with socks in the past but as the Strictly sock-a-long will be starting very soon I thought I would have another go.  However, I don't watch Strictly and have no desire to, so how am I going to cheat?   

For those who have no idea what I'm waffling on about, Ali, from the  Little Drops of Wonderful podcast host's this KAL every year, the idea is you knit on your socks whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing, those that don't watch, or cannot watch on the night it's broadcast come up with a cheat they can relate somehow back to Strictly thereby allowing them to knit on their strictly socks.  

I haven't been able to come up with a cheat yet, if you have any ideas please let me know, If I can't think of a cheat I might keep them for Friday night knitting, but first I've got to decide which of those pretty yarns to use. 

The pattern I'm going to be using is a vanilla cuff down pattern by Jooles, Sew Sweet Violet.  I just love how neat her socks look.

So watch this space! I could be a sock knitter before the end of the year, lol

Right, I'm off to have a cuppa in my new cup and maybe one or two of those cookies :-)

See you soon


Jo said...

I think we all have those times when we just can't find the joy in anything, and sometimes it's for no particular reason, it's just a case of waiting for it to pass. In the meantime, you've been choosing some beautiful treats, I love every one of those yarns, and your new cup too. Have a go at Winwick Mum's sock tutorial, she explains every stage of sock knitting really clearly, and as for cheats, I think anything goes with this knitalong. How about finding a playlist of songs which have been used on Strictly to listen to while you're knitting, or watch a programme with actors or presenters in who have been on Strictly. If all else fails, do what many others do and buy a glitterball progress keeper to hang on your socks as you're knitting them.

linda said...

I know what you mean some days you just can't be bothered and wonder what the heck is it all about. I have also discovered if you're not in the mood for blogging then don't even try because the words just don't flow. I love those yarns they are so yummy I wouldn't know which one to choose they are all gorgeous. It's ages since I knit any socks and if I wasn't so busy with my Queen blanket would join in with this too, although I don't watch strictly either Jo's cheat idea's sound good.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

I've had a few grumpy days recently, fed up with covid really, I suppose. I'm trying to keep busy and I am getting things done, but just no joy. No choice for us all but to press on and hope things start to improve soon. Sending a virtual hug to you. Love the yarn, you'll have some fab socks when you've finished.

Poppypatchwork said...

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better, sometimes you need to give in to the feelings. Love your yarns, I'm not a pink person so it nice to see your combinations.

Jackie said...

I am glad you are feeling a bit better, we all go through those periods.

Love the colours of the yarn. Have fun knitting socks.

As far as a cheat goes is one of the judges or one of the dancers in a series....or movie?

God bless.

Debi said...

I'm sorry you had a dark cloud hanging over you but am glad that it is gone (or going) now. I've knitted a few pairs of socks and I have to admit that while they are wearable and my husband loves them, they are not pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing yours as your yarns are so pretty.

Winwick Mum said...

Oh you'll be doing a happy dance in your new socks so that's definitely a link to Strictly! 🤣 I love the photo of your cheeky puss in the Christmas tree ... reminds me of a much-loved Slinky Malinki book! xx

Miriam said...

I am happy to read that you are a little better now. I have had a “down “ moment too in this last period, I understood that the strength to exceed is inside me... I am trying.
I like your new cup, but I am real in love teapots :-)
Nice wool , have a nice work with them.
Enjoy the w.- e.,

Sandy said...

We all have those times. I glad you had the start of a better day. Oh to be a knitter. It is one thing I have never been really good at. I admire it much and look forward to seeing your socks. The yarn is very pretty and a good choice.

butterfly said...

Yes we all have those days .
Now I am getting older I try and make the most of every day and every moment .
I tell my self off if I get down , it works ha.
Your wool looks so beautiful, your posts are always so wonderful.
Hope you are feeling much more happy now and enjoying your knitting.
Have a great weekend .

Lowcarb team member said...

I'm pleased that you are feeling a bit better ...
I do like your yarns, I love anything pink!
I also love your new cup, the cookies look good too!

My good wishes.

All the best Jan

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Those doldrums moments always seem worse if you can't put your finger on what is actually causing them. At least you sound more cheerful in your blog post. I love all of your wool choices.