Monday, 12 October 2020

All the Autumn things

Hello!, thank you for all the suggestions on how I could cheat in the Strictly Sock-along.  I've decided that I'm definitely joining in and I will be using some of those great suggestions left in the comments :-)

Today is another wet one.  I had the foresight to tidy the garden yesterday when the weather was lovely.  This time of year we have to keep on top of collecting all the leaves and acorns so any dry day we have we have to take advantage of, although, as I'm sitting here now looking out on the garden the top lawn is already covered with leaves again! 

I did get my October Calendar Girl stitched and finished, only just though, this one caused me problems, I don't know why but I just kept miscounting.  But she's all done now and she's one of my favourites :-)

The Autumn leaves are a gift from Bonnie 🍂🍁

I've been a little obsessed with making crochet pumpkins, I made these three last week.
The little stick stalks are another gift from Bonnie, when she walks here she likes to pick things up on the way, a pretty leaf, a nice stick, as children do :-)  
But actually the stick proved perfect to make the stalks and she was really happy that she had bought something useful

Todays gift was that lovely golden leaf in the middle.
Yes I do keep what the children bring me.  Oliver once had a small collection of sticks and pebbles in a corner of our garden, he would pick things when we were out for a walk and say, this is a nice stick / pebble Nanny and home it would come, lol

More pumpkins, these are paper mache ones from Hobby Craft, which I painted

I bought a pumpkin crochet kit from The Cotton Pod at Yarndale two years ago and it kicked my obsession off with them this year.  There was enough yarn in the kit to make two pumpkins this size (they are just a bit bigger than the palm of my hand).  I made a stalk for the other one, (not photographed) but didn't bother with the leaf and tendril thingy as I found them fiddly.

I'm going to make the most of a rainy afternoon now by starting to wind my yarn advent exchanges. 
I'm doing two swaps this year and can't wait to put all the lovely things together.

See you soon


Vickie said...

I am stitching October Curls right now. ;)
I absolutely love your crochet pumpkins!!

linda said...

I haven't made any pumpkins yet yours are lovely as is your cross-stitch, I have just been doing some this afternoon and kept getting the count wrong it's so frustrating when that happens. It won't be long before my garden will be covered with leaves too, the colours are lovely but they do make a mess.

Jo said...

Such lovely autumnal decorations, your cross stitches really add to the season and I love this month's calendar girl. I must admit that I never really bother decorating the house for different seasons, except Christmas, but seeing how lovely yours looks makes me want to.

Jackie said...

The crochet pumpkins are just lovely. The gift from your Granddaughter sets them off perfectly.

Love the colours in your October girl stitchery.

God bless.

butterfly said...

Lovely post Maggie , beautiful Autumn look .
Love the stitching and pumpkins ,
And how sweet the little gifts from GC .
You are so blessed .

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You have lovely autumnal finishes. I love the colours in your October girl and the crochet pumpkins really work.

Miriam said...

I haven’t decorated my home for autumn, I feel a little down since a few months... I like “October Curls” and your crocheted pumpkin. I am not able to make a crochet pumpkin, just simple granny square.

Lowcarb team member said...

I do like your Autumn decorations. I keep saying I will get ours out, we only have a few ... but I still haven't done it. Perhaps this weekend!!!

Have a good weekend and enjoy Strictly.

All the best Jan

Teri Lyn said...

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Carol said...

I love that little Bonnie is contributing things to your finish and your photos, Maggie. The crocheted pumpkins are wonderful! Makes me want to learn to crochet. And your October girl is so perfectly finished. I really must stitch that Pumpkin Spice Farm piece one of these days--not sure why I keep passing it by. Take care now and I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend ♥

An Arizona Stitcher I said...

Love all your pumpkins! October girl looks wonderful.

Tammy said...

That pumpkin is to die for! Just lovely! And I have to get some of those apple beads....they are perfect!

Linda P said...

Love all your makes. It inspires me to go back to doing some crocheting. My granny squares are the only makes I can do at the moment because my eyes are still blurry despite new glasses and basic crocheting doesn't need so much concentration as other close work. Take care Maggie.