Thursday, 29 October 2020

Some knitting and a trip out!

I finished another In Threes cardigan for Bonnie this week.  These are great cardigans for layering and for that bit of extra warmth now it's turned cooler.
This one is knitted in Stylecraft aran yarn, it's really nice and soft and knit up lovely.

I knitted another Spindrift shawl by Helen Stewart back in September but forgot about it until I was rooting about in the wardrobe the other day.

I've no idea what yarn I used except that it was probably one of the first hand dyed yarns I ever bought, so it's a couple of years old at least.

Mark has been at home for just over a week until another job starts.  All this shutting places because of Covid has affected his work.  They mainly do new and re-furbs on Hollywood bowls but because of the pandemic all the work that was planned has now been put on hold indefinitely.  Bowling ally's were some of the last entertainment places to open back up so they have made little to no money this year.

Anyway, while hubby has been off he has been busy fixing up the conservatory, (I'll tell you more another time), so on Tuesday I got out of his way and took myself off to Worcester for the afternoon.  Stevie went to Worcester Uni and we used to go there quite a lot when she was living there, but not so much recently.
It's a really nice city with some lovely old buildings and because I rarely go anywhere now my afternoon outing really lifted my spirits.

The Eagle Vault pub dates back to around 1740 and is a Grade II listed building, love the tiles.

The Guildhall is another lovely old building, built in 1723 it is a Grade I listed building, being right in the middle of town you can't miss it

The Tudor House Museum dates back to the 16th century, this and the Eagle Vaults pub are on the same historic street, Friar Street

Another interesting thing about Worcester, Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and brother to Henry VIII is buried in Worcester Cathedral.  I have only been inside the Cathedral once (When Stevie graduated) and always forget to go an have a proper look round, perhaps next time I'll remember.

I actually went to Worcester not for the history but for some fabric for finishes.  There were at least three good quilt shops in the town at one time, alas I think Covid has put paid to that because they are no longer there :-(
So no finishing fabric but these are some of my spoils from the day.

Three Christmas bags and one stocking for Jacob, Bonnie Oliver and Arty have stockings that belonged to the girls when they were little which Santa now fills and leaves at Nanny and Grandads house ;-)

I usually buy the children a Christmas ornament from one of the various Christmas markets we go to, sadly there will be none of that this year.   Oliver and Arty chose one each a couple of weeks ago so I got one for Jacob and Bonnie this time.  

The little reindeer is from Tiger, and is for me :-)

I also got a couple more presents for the little ones and a present for my sister's birthday in November, so a good day In all.

In other goings on, I was finally able to have the steroid injection in my knee yesterday, that should give me a good five to six months of pain relief and i'll be able to walk and get up from sitting without ceasing up :-)  

My elbow has been much better this last week, I resorted to taking Ibuprofen again as the week before it was quite painful.  Obviously I can't take these long term so fingers crossed with the exercises it will start to get better.  I have another hospital appointment next week for a scan on my wrist.  I have a small lump there which the doctor thinks is a ganglion.  Honestly, I feel like i'm falling apart since I've not been working, lol.

I hope you are all staying safe and well with all the new restrictions and tiers coming into place.  Our borough was in tier 1 but according to the news tonight we will be moving into tier 2 by the end of the week.  Looks like we will be distancing, mask wearing and sanitizing for a long time to come.

Take care, see you soon



Jackie said...

You have been busy with your knitting. I do so love the little cardigan. Just so cute.

God bless.

Jo said...

That's such a lovely cardigan pattern, pretty but useful for layering too. You'll be glad of your shawl now the colder weather's here, I've finally succumbed to wearing my hand knit socks, I try to last as long as I can without them as I hate letting go of summer but it's just too cold now. Worcester looks like a lovely city with a lot of history. Such a shame that the quilt shops have now closed down, it seems to be a common story these days sadly. Good news that you've finally had the steroid injection, fingers crossed that you now get some relief, and that your elbow is soon on the mend too. We're going into Tier 3 restrictions from Monday, I don't know why there's all this messing around, we should take Wales' lead and go into lockdown for two or three weeks, it would break the chain of transmission. The problem is that whatever restrictions are brought in, people are just not following them.

Poppypatchwork said...

I've never been to Worchester but it's now on my list of places to visit, if ever we get past this virus and we can start are short breaks again. We have not been anywhere other than our village and local small town.
Love your knitting, both are very pretty, I have just started planning jackets for Will and George. I was the same when I stopped working, suddenly every pain I had came back, I think when we are working we just get on with things, now we have time to get everything sorted.

Lynda said...

Thanks for the Worcester photos as I haven’t been over since February to visit my so, dil and grandkids. Is the Cotton Reel no longer open? So sad...
We have the same idiots as the other countries...happily mingling and infecting those around them, but we are “ lead” by the idiot in the White House who is every bit as bad..or worse...

Carol said...

I so love those little cardigans you knit for Bonnie, Maggie! And your new shawl is lovely as well. I'm assuming knitting goes much faster than stitching as you are so productive!

Such lovely architecture in Worcester! I'm sorry the fabric shops were no longer there. So much has changed with Covid and the "big box" stores (as we call them here) are simply taking over--Target, Walmart, and Amazon putting all the smaller shops out of business. That is one reason I like to purchase things from Etsy to give smaller businesses some money.

I do love that little reindeer--such a sweet face :)

Hope November is relaxing--take extra good care!

Lowcarb team member said...

Love the cardigan ...

Your photographs from Worcester were lovely to see.

Happy November Wishes.

All the best Jan

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

That's a lovely cardigan for Bonnie and I like your shawl.
It's a good job you got to Worcester when you did given that everything is now back in lockdown.
I really like Worcester as well as it's nice and compact for wandering around. It's about 5-6 years since I was there but I'm surprised that the quilt shops have gone, especially as one of them was a sewing machine agent(don't remember the brand), held classes and everything like that.

Lynda said...

I was in Worcester last February and that shop was gone then...but the Cotton Reel was a nice’s hours were sometimes a bit odd,but had tons of fabric, supplies and classes...sad that’s gone, too....

Tammy said...

Your knitting is absolutely stunning! I want to learn to knit better. Your street/building photos are great too. We are probably the worst in the world with covid in the US, and I don't know if we can pull out of it. It's like people just do not care. :(