Monday, 14 December 2020

14th December - A busy Monday

 It was an early start this morning, I was up and dressed by 7am, I like to get a few jobs done before Joanne drops Bonnie off at 7.45.   The weather forecast had said that It was going to be a decent day, for once they got it right.  We went to Brinton's Park today, about 15 minutes drive away, just on the edge of Kidderminster.  This is somewhere else that I haven't visited in a while.  It was a lovely place for a walk, nice big open spaces and wide pathways and the children's play area was well maintained too

Bonnie enjoyed a good half hour playing on the park, she's not a boisterous child and is quite cautious about some of the equipment but once I'd helped her to climb up slope to the slide a few times she was ok.

They don't have a pond at this park and as we had bought our bag of bread we had to stop at the park closer to home on the way back to feed the ducks.

As Bonnie was throwing the bread the ducks and geese of course came swimming over to us, a little boy about the same age as Bonnie came running over shouting that she had stolen his geese, it did make me laugh.

This is the park I would come to after work some day's, there are plenty of ducks and geese to go round :-)

After lunch we baked some shortbread biscuits.

So yes, it's been a busy, but lovely day.

Here are my minis from today's advents, we did have a tealight too but lit that this afternoon

I hope you have had a lovely day too

See you tomorrow


Debi said...

You have the nicest places to walk and wander. I miss having a little one to take to the park with me. Bonnie is quite a cutie pie!

Poppypatchwork said...

Any day with grandchildren is a perfect day, we have George later.

Jo said...

What a lovely park. It sounds like your days are busy when you're looking after your grandchildren, I bet you slept well last night, haha.

Miriam said...

Too much beautiful the English villages. I dream looking at your pictures. And how sweet that little girl:-))

linda said...

Bonnie is so cute I love her hat, what a lovely place to take her it makes it all the more special when you have a little one in tow.

Clare-Aimetu said...

A lovely place for a walk, we don't have anywhere here really, I'm trying to think of somewhere for over Christmas. Your baking looks fun, makes me feel hungry.

butterfly said...

So enjoying your advents again this year .
looks like a nice day out. Love your GD hat , did you make it looks so cute .

Carol said...

What a delightful day with your sweet Bonnie, Maggie! I can't wait 'til my grandson is old enough to bake cookies with me :)

Barb said...

What a great day, a lovely park and a sweet grand daughter to enjoy it with!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I felt quite envious when I read of your day with Bonnie as it's been so long since I had one like it with family. It's great to have a little helper when you are baking.

Linda P said...

It looks as if you had a good day with your granddaughter. I remember those days in the past so well and always enjoyed the company of little ones. The parks are great places for youngsters to run around.