Tuesday, 15 December 2020

15th December - Making a start

I finished the present buying a good few weeks ago but have been putting off the wrapping.
I don't much care for wrestling with paper and sellotape, (does anyone?) but, it has to be done.

I'm on my own when it comes to present buying and wrapping unfortunately, I have a husband who thinks Father Christmas is real because presents magically appear wrapped and in sacks on December 25th  🤶  I honestly think if we didn't mention Christmas and decorate, the season would totally pass him by, lol .  In his defence, he will get stuck in with prepping veg and cooking the dinner on the day :-)

To make present wrapping more manageable I've split them all into piles for each person and will do one pile per day, two if I feel the urge.

How about you?  Have you made a start on wrapping? or are you all done?

Here are today's lovely advents :-)
Sorry, a bit blown out again because I forget to take photos in the daylight!

Short and sweet today, I've leave you with a photo of my Christmas cactus.  I bought this last year so this is the first time I've had flowers, they have been beautiful.

Take care, see you tomorrow


Clare-Aimetu said...

It's wrapping day here tomorrow because the forecast is rain. I wrap, Hubby is my sellotape man and this year he'll be writing the labels too as my writing is not great since I broke my arm. I love seeing them all under the tree.

Barb said...

I love the color of your Christmas cactus! My DH must be a clone of yours!!! Unfortunately with everyone so separate this year, it has become the Christmas of checks. I will say I have no very young children to buy for. This will be the first year we sent our sweet grand daughter money , not a gift. That is exactly what she wanted.

Jackie said...

I made fabric bags a few years ago, so gift wrapping is a breeze. I do have to find a few more tags though. My day for gift bagging will be Friday.

God bless.

butterfly said...

Most of mine was done last month , so I was in front this year .
Love your advent again and your beautiful plant .
Enjoy your day .

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

I’ve done the wrapping Maggy and Morgana the kitten has done the shredding and unwrapping. Presents now covered with a blanket at the moment. We decided against our usual big real Christmas tree this year because of kittie. Not fair to put temptation her way then tell her off for attacking it. Your Christmas plant is gorgeous.

Poppypatchwork said...

We transfered money to our grandsons parents bank account, which they have added to cards we sent, sadly we are not seeing 6 of them this December. So therefore I have very little to wrap, we decided only 1 gift to each other this year, makes it easier as we have not been shopping and its never the same to shop online. So my wrapping is all done.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Wrapping all done here - very easy this year as the children and their other halves are all getting money in an envelope. So just the 4 grandchildren- very quick!
My late husband was the same about Christmas - it was left to me to sort out but I didn't really mind because his one attempt at buying me a gift was a bun-tin!

Jo said...

I've started on the wrapping but it's not finished yet. Mick always helps, in fact, some years he's done it all himself, he enjoys wrapping. Your Christmas cactus is lovely.

linda said...

I don't have much wrapping to do now because I only buy each family a bottle of something and maybe a box of biscuits and not gifts for each person, so it's easier to put them into a gift bag, I wrap the bottle in pretty christmas tissue before placing it in the bag. For friends they go into a gift bag too. The only thing I have to wrap is a little gift for my grandson.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

We don't have much present wrapping to do. I'm not the world's best at it but it is a task I enjoy.

Debi said...

My wrapping is almost done. I have to wrap hubby's gifts and two that arrived in the mail yesterday and then I will be done... I think! I also put gifts in piles by the person they go to. It does make it easier. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful, I've never seen on that color.