Thursday, 17 December 2020

17th December - Christmas chocolates

Buying a tin of chocolates is a must at Christmas, I don't know if this is a tradition particular to the British or not, perhaps someone will tell us in the comments?  But, If you live in the UK you will see tins of chocolates appearing in the supermarkets from August.  

I bought a tin of Quality Street and a tin of Roses quite a few weeks ago now, I bought the Emma Bridgwater limited edition tin of Roses because I liked the tin, no idea what I will use it for later, but I liked it, it's more like they used to be when I was growing up, before they started putting them in plastic tubs,

Something else we only do at Christmas time is buy a TV guide.  
I don't watch TV, I watch only what I want to watch on catch-up, we have Netflix if we want to watch a film or a series but it's nice to see what's on over the holiday.  I'll be having a browse through this at the weekend to see if there is anything I fancy.

Here are today's lovely minis, not many days left now.

Take care, see you tomorrow


Jackie said...

What a lovely tin. The roses are quite beautiful.

God bless.

Clare-Aimetu said...

I'm a bit of a tin addict, the Roses one is lovely. It's ages since we bought a Christmas TV guide, we usually get one with one of the newspapers.

Poppypatchwork said...

I think the Quality street and other tins is a UK thing, I love your retro Roses tin, my mum always kept the tins for storage and we always had them around the house when I was a child, we had buttons in a couple of tines. I gave up purchasing the Radio Times a few years ago, went I found I was throwing it away and it had been hardly read.

Jo said...

I was going to buy a Radio Times this year, just for nostalgia really, but didn't bother when I saw the price. I didn't see those tins, my Christmas chocolates have been bought in the plastic tubs but I do like having a nice tin to use afterwards.

linda said...

I didn't see those tins it's very pretty, I find they come in very handy for all sorts especially home baking. I haven't bought any chocolate at all this year we used to get so much gifted to us when I was working I ate far too much. I'm one of those people who will eat one after another until I feel sick! I think the only reason we buy chocolate like this at Christmas is because the supermarkets push it in our faces from the end of Summer. I have my TV guide and intend having a look through it this weekend.

Kathy said...

We usually start to see boxes of Whitman chocolates rather than tins. Tins are for biscuits (cookies, to us); usually shortbread or Danish butter cookies. Last year I scored two Delft Pottery themed tins of stroopwaffelen. I've been trying to cut back on things to collect, but that Roses tin is quite lovely. I don't think I could have resisted it.

Barb said...

What I have noticed here in Washington state is more candy. Not necessarily in the tins but in bags more like the Halloween treats! So far I have resisted but a good friend brought me some wonderful home made fudge today!!

butterfly said...

Oh I always have a big supply of chocs over Christmas yummy .
Nice advent again .

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Your tins of chocolates bought back memories, Maggie. My mother has always used one to keep her sewing bits and pieces in. At one of my previous employers, each member of staff always received a large tin of Cadbury's Roses.