Friday, 18 December 2020

18th December - 2021 stitching plans

 I will be carrying a couple of stitching projects over to the new year, It would have been nice to enter 2021 without any stitching WIP's, but that was never going to be a reality.  That won't stop me planning what I would like to stitch in the coming year though.

I sorted through my charts and came up with some that I would love to get done in the next twelve months.  

My fingers are itching to get started on Happy Christmas by Prairie Schooler.  I saw this finished on Misty Pursel's floss tube channel a while ago and had to pause the video to go and buy it I loved it so much.  I have the fabric and floss to get started.

Some Bunny Loves You by Cottage Garden Samplings is a chart I've had for a while and it would be nice to get it stitched ready to display in February, not sure if that is doable, we'll see, I have fabric and floss at the ready. 

 I first saw Teresa Kogut's Curious Bunny made up into a pillow on someone's blog, (sorry, can't remember who's), and loved it.  I loved it even more when I found out that you could purchase the chart as a pdf :-)

Stevie bought me this PS chart last year and I kitted it up right away but never got round to stitching any of the Santa's.  I really would like all of these hanging on my tree by next Christmas

And last but not least, a Waxing Moon chart that I've had for so long I can't remember when I got it.  I also have the Autumn and Summer charts in this series, I wonder if I could manage to stitch all three next year 🤔  I have the fabric and the threads all ready for this one.

So those are my stitching plans for next year, of course any plans are subject to change should something else take my fancy ;-)

Have you started to make any crafting plans for the new year?
Here are the lovely advents from today :-)

Take care, see you tomorrow


Barb said...

I have that first PS that you showed. I would love to stitch that one too, but probably not on black. I need to look for a dark gray that my old eyes will do better with. You have some great choices for next year!

Clare-Aimetu said...

Those are lovely designs, your 2021 stitching is going to be lovely

butterfly said...

Great charts for the Near year , I am in the mood to stitch a large project again
With a few smalls
Have fun with your great advents.

linda said...

I love them all! I bet you're so excited to get started. The only stitching project I have on the go is the twelve days of christmas sampler I'm doing with Jo but I would love to start something else too, I would like to do a monthly or a four seasons project but have yet to decide if it's going to be embroidery or cross stitch and what exactly, loads of idea's floating in my head but I'm still not sure where they will lead. Have a lovely Saturday.

Carolien said...

Great new projects for 2021! Happy stitching!!!

Poppypatchwork said...

I have a few things I want to bring back out and do, not only cross stitch, so 2021 for me is going to be 'get it finished' year. Oh well that's the plan!

Jo said...

They're all lovely. I've got so many things on the go at the moment that I haven't though about starting anything else, it's a case of getting some things finished first.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Gosh I love them all.

Carol said...

Beautiful charts, each and every one! I can't tell you how many of those PS Santas I've stitched and given away--they are quite addicting and stitch up quickly. Enjoy!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You have a great selection of projects lined up for next year. I love the Prairie Schooler Santas too but I have so many charts that I can't justify buying them. Thank goodness I have their freebies and magazine charts to resort to :)