Sunday, 20 December 2020

20th December - The stocking is done!

 It's a late one posting tonight.  I've just sat down for a cuppa and some well deserved pudding after having a soak in the bath.  

 I was determined that today I would make up Jacob's Christmas stocking, and I did!  It took quite a while and a lot of swear words, but it's done, finally.  It's not perfect but it will pass as long as you don't inspect it too closely.

Ta dah

The back is just plain red upholstery fabric that I also used for Oliver's seven years ago, and I still have loads of it left.

Now all four of my grandchildren have their own Christmas stocking made by me :-)  That'll be a talking point in Christmases to come when they are all grown up.  I do like the thought that they will all have something made by my hand to remember me by.

I will have a little moan though.  These charts and their charms are not cheap and when it comes to making them up Shepherd's Bush does not provide a pattern, I think there are very brief instructions on their website but they are virtually no help.  The first two I made I went to a local sewing shop and the very nice owner talked me through making it up, this one and the one I made for Arty last year I went solo with the help of watching Vonna's tutorial a few times.

If you haven't seen the other stockings and would like to you will find them HERE. (scroll down a bit) HERE and HERE

This morning I come downstairs and there was a card in the kitchen, I thought someone had put a Christmas card through the door but when I opened it....

Oops!  I forgot, again. 😳  
34 Years today.  What year do you get your long service medal 😃

Not many more lovely advents left to open now, here are today's

Take care, see you tomorrow


Barb said...

The stocking is lovely! Nobody looks at the small things( I tell myself that!) How sweet of your DH.

Jo said...

The stocking's beautiful. How lovely that all your grandchildren have something made my you which I'm sure they'll keep their whole lives. Happy Anniversary, we never make much of our anniversary, there's been too many of them, haha.

Poppypatchwork said...

You have made another perfect stocking, and it will bring joy for years to come, I made both daughters a stocking, which they still have, and for our grandsons. We still use ours as well, they do last for years, but sadly the stocking for my brother is unused this year, I have decided to pick up a few things and fill it for next year on his 1st visit.

linda said...

Oh wow that stocking is amazing there's so much detail well done! Your grandchildren will treasure them. Happy Anniversary!

Carol said...

I can't imagine making one of those stockings, let alone four, Maggie! And they all turned out so great! Happy 34th anniversary--it's really hard to keep count after so many years, isn't it?! Our 44th anniversary is next year--boy, does that make me feel old :)

Clare-Aimetu said...

Well done on finishing the stocking, it's super. Happy Anniversary to you both

http://thankfullga447 said...

Your stitching is so beautiful and love the pattern. Happy 34th, I will celebrate 50th in 2020. Be healthy and Happy Christmas, stitch as much as possible; it will make you feel better.

Vickie said...

Good for you Maggie! The stocking is wonderful! And Happy Anniversary! Ha! I have not forgotten one yet. ;)