Saturday, 19 December 2020

19th December - Well that's Christmas Day cancelled then

 So Boris has cancelled Christmas this year.  Before his announcement our Christmas day had already been cancelled.  My youngest daughter, Stevie, and her fiance, Darren had invited us to have Christmas dinner with them this year as it was their first Christmas in their new home.  But, Stevie called last night to tell us that Darren had tested positive for Covid.

He isn't too bad with it, thank goodness and Stevie is not showing any symptoms, although she has been for a test today, I doubt the results will be back for a couple of days though, fingers crossed she will be able to avoid getting it too.

So Christmas day will be a little different.  Stevie had already ordered the food and was due to pick it up on Tuesday evening.  We will now pick that order up and cook Christmas dinner and then do a doorstep meal delivery to them.

I daresay the new rules have scuppered a lot of plans for people, there really does seem no end to it, at this rate there will be no jobs, shops or business left, It's all very worrying.  

To think that in the Springtime we all thought this would be over by Christmas! (yeah, they though that about WWII)

I'll be consoling myself with stitching and knitting seeing as we can't meet up, how about you?

Speaking of knitting.  I am still working away on my (not so strictly) socks.  I'm on the foot part on both of them so the end is in sight!

I've decided these will be for Mark as they look a bit manly and I want a pretty pair :-)
He has tried them and they do fit.

So, here are today's beautiful minis, love them all

Tomorrow I plan on making up Jacobs stocking, so, if you hear cussing it will be me 😬

Take care, see you tomorrow



Carolien said...

I'm so sorry Covid entered your life and Christmas like this.
Your socks look great.
Mmmmm, stange Christmas but: Merry Christmas, one way or another!

Hugs Carolien

Kathy said...

I would wear the heck out of those socks, as they're in one of my fave color combinations.
I'm sorry to hear your Darren has tested positive. Good wishes that his symptoms remain slight and he gets over it well.
I'm really looking forward to the end of the Covid restrictions, as I'm sure we all are. In the meantime, best wishes to you and yours.

butterfly said...

Nice socks and another lovely Advent .
Christmas is just a day maybe we can have a better Easter.
Things will get better next year.
Take care and stay safe .

Clare-Aimetu said...

I hope Darren is ok - it seems to be spreading much quicker. I have no idea what our Christmas will be but it is looking like being the same as every day has been this year - staying home, no visitors, keeping safe ... oh well

Jo said...

Yay! You managed that pesky heel! The socks look fab, and lucky Mark getting to have them. I'm sorry to hear about Darren, I hope the symptoms aren't too bad and that he gets over it quickly. So many people's Christmas plans have been scuppered this year for one reason or another.

linda said...

Fabulous socks and nearly there! I love the colours. I had a feeling that rules for Christmas would be changed, mixing with 3 households under the circumstances never sounded like a good idea.

Debi said...

So sorry that Darren tested positive and that your Christmas plans have been botched. I hope he recovers quickly. It's hard to believe that we've been dealing with this for almost a year. I hope that the vaccine sends COVID packing for good.

Carol said...

I'm sorry to read that your daughter's fiance has tested positive, Maggie. I do hope it stays mild and that your daughter remains healthy. Very nice socks--amazing how quickly you can knit up a pair :) Take good care now ♥

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

How disappointing, Maggie. I hope that your daughter's test was negative and that Darren doesn't have it too bad.