Wednesday, 9 December 2020

9th December - A lazy one

 I feel as things have been full on lately, December is like that isn't it.  I have been trying over the last few weeks to have a good sort out.  I find as I get older I just don't want all the 'stuff', you know, those things you keep just in case and then find and think, why did I keep that?

I've sorted and reduced the amount of Christmas decorations, some things I didn't want I've sold on Facebook and a large bag of things including some household items have gone to the charity shop.  I have another bag full in the garage to take when i'm going past again.  Mark will be happy that there is less to store :-)

I've listed another four things on fb this morning and sold three of them right away so I'm happy that they are going to be used instead of hidden in a box anything that doesn't sell by Christmas week I'll take to the charity shop.

I get overwhelmed when there is too much around, can't be helped this time of year though, our small bedroom looks like Santa's grotto with all the children's presents and I haven't bought as much this year! At least I know these will all be gone in another couple of weeks :-)

I've only dressed the mantles in each room so far, we have no Christmas tree to put up at the moment, yes, I got rid of that too, I'm being ruthless, lol.

We bought the two lanterns above for by the fireplace a few weeks ago, I've got lights and Santa in the larger one and I found out one of those battery candles for the smaller one.  I was confused last weekend, when I went to bed on Saturday I said to Mark don't forget to turn off the candle and lights before you come up.  On Sunday morning when I opened the blinds the candle was off, when I went in the room again on Sunday evening the candle was on.  I asked |Mark if he had put it on, he said, no, and it wasn't on for me to switch off when I came to bed last night either.  Strange.  

The same thing happened on Monday.  I mentioned to Joanne that we had a magic candle and it was a mystery, she said no mum, they turn themselves off, they are on a timer, whatever time you first put them on that's the time they will come on each day and they only stop on for a certain time!!! doh.  Neither me nor Mark had even thought of this, lol, we MUST be getting old😂😂

Here are today's lovely advent goodies

See you tomorrow



Lowcarb team member said...

You've done well with your sorting out ...
Your mantles look nice ...

All the best Jan

Barb said...

The decorating that you are doing is very pretty. My problem is that as soon as I get rid of something then that is exactly what I need. However, we cleaned very well last Spring and did get rid of a lot of stuff. There were 45 minute waits at our thrift store so I guess many people did the same thing.

Jo said...

It does feel good when you have a sort out and get rid of a load of things. We've been doing the same here, it's an ongoing thing with the amount of 'stuff' we've kept over the years. Your mantles look lovely.

butterfly said...

I need to be firm and get rid of things to.
I am getting better at it , I good idea that I now have is when I buy something something has to go . works a bit ha,
Your fire places look great .
Loving the advent .
Enjoy your day.

Poppypatchwork said...

I love the automatic candles, we have a few battery light set which do the same, our Christmas tree lights are on a timer, so most afternoons between 4pm and 5pm our home and garden lights itself up.
Your mantles look beautiful, I love the simplicity of them.
I have been passing on stuff for years, since we downsized, living with less is so much better.

linda said...

It's great you managed to have a sort out it's amazing how much we seem to accumulate, you mantle looks lovely, I had a laugh about the candle I wouldn't have know either and would be convinced it was a ghost doing it or something.

Carol said...

Sorting out always brings such a sense of satisfaction. I'm like you, Maggie--too much "stuff" everywhere makes me very uneasy. I like a nice tidy space. Your mantles look lovely--and both have such pretty winter decor that you can leave them up through January! Very nice :)