Thursday, 10 December 2020

10th December - I have a tree

 I have a tree 🎄

I've wanted a new Christmas tree for a couple of years.  We drove round all the places we could think of a few weeks ago looking and the only one I liked was in Homebase. They had reduced the price of all the trees but the one I liked was still £126.  I ummed and ahhed but we came away with nothing.

To be honest, If our week away hadn't been cancelled I don't think I would have bothered with a tree this year, but as we are going to be here I wanted to put one up.

I was browsing online yesterday and saw that they had reduced the trees in Homebase again, the one I liked was now £95.  I ordered it on click and collect and when I got there it was the last one and I got another 10% off  :-)  Sometimes It pays to wait.

So here it is.  I faffed about with it last night and decorated it this morning.  I suspect that when Mark comes home on Friday he will think it's too big, but I did tell him I wanted a big one and this is about as big as we can get away with, lol.

I haven't stitched myself any ornaments this year so I'll have to make 2021 the year of the stitched ornament so I can fill it next year :-)

I know I share these every year but I'll share a few of my favourites over my next few blog posts

These are a few years old now but If anyone would like to know the designers let me know in the comments and I'll look back and find out for you.

Here are the lovely advent's I opened this morning.  I will have to remember to take photos in the daylight as you just can't see the beautiful colours in the artificial light.

Thanks to everyone who is popping by and taking the time to leave a comment, I do love reading them each morning, it's like opening another lovely advent :-)

See you tomorrow


Terri said...

Your tree looks beautiful!

crafty cat corner said...

Wow, £95 for a Christmas tree is a lot. But saying that you needed a big one to show your needlework off properly, it looks amazing.

Barb said...

Your tree is beautiful! Well worth the wait! Glad you got the last one!

butterfly said...

Beautiful tree the big ones do look lovely .
I have three big trees in my loft .
Can't get to them anymore and lots more decorations .
We must get a loft ladder fitted soon .
Love your decorations and the advent .
Have a good day.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Your tree is lovely. Every year we say we need a new one as ours has a few bits held together but we haven't seen any we like better. Once up everyone thinks ours is a real tree. Your ornaments are lovely, it's nice getting them out each year to enjoy. I'm sorry your holiday plans were cancelled, enjoy the festive season at home.

Jo said...

What a beautiful tree, and I agree, big trees certainly are lovely if you've got the space for one. I think you got a bargain in the end.

Linda P said...

The tree is beautiful and I love how you've decorated it. Your stitched ornaments must have taken hours to do so they're real treasures to be enjoyed each Christmas. They're all lovely, but my favourite that you've shared here is the one one with the reindeer. I hope you have the opportunity to do more stitched ornaments in 2021.

linda said...

That's a lovely tree and it just fits perfectly in that corner, the ornaments are beautiful.

Miriam said...

Very nice! I have never had a big tree because I have just a big corner where to put it. Instead you have a nice place and the lights can be seen outside in the night. Your ornaments are all beautiful, my favourite is that with Father Christmas.
Have a nice afternoon,

Carol said...

I love your new big tree, Maggie--it looks lovely in that location, too. Not too big at all. And how nice that you got such a good deal on it... Ornament stitching is so addictive and you'll have that tree filled up in no time :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Your tree looks great ...

All the best Jan