Sunday, 24 January 2021

First post of 2021

 Hello, I'm still around, just gave myself a little break after blogging my way through December.

I hope you are all ok and if you are in the UK managing to keep sane through lockdown #3.  Not that we could venture very far even if we were allowed to at the moment as we are having some lovely seasonal weather just now.  We awoke to snow on Saturday morning, not too much but enough to make it difficult to get out of the estate, especially as it had frozen, once onto the main roads it wasn't too bad though as they had been gritted.  More snow arrived over night so the first thing I did this morning was to put on my wellies and go out to feed the birds.

I was rewarded by lots of visitors, I don't think we have ever had so many on the feeders at once.  I stood at the window for about a hour watching them come and go, it was lovely.  I managed to get a few photos but they are so quick

It was a nice way to waste an hour and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.  Simple things eh?

My first knitted finish for this year is this little cowl I made for Bonnie.  I didn't follow a pattern but chose a nice stitch from a pattern library and went from there.  

I'm still stitching away on my January sampler.  Not much more to go now, obviously it will be too late to display for this January and in any case there is nowhere open to look for frames.

I'm joining in Carol's ornament SAL (#12in21ornamentstitchalong) on Instagram.  This is the perfect opportunity for me to stitch these PS Santas.  My daughter, Stevie bought me this booklet a couple of years ago and it has been kitted up for a while.  They are quite small so perfectly doable each month.

This is how far I'm along with my first one

I'm stitching them on 32 count Zweigart Murano.  32 count's not my favourite to work on. I find have to take more time to make my stitches neat, but I'm happy with how they look so far.  I won't be fully finishing them until they are all stitched as I want to do them the same.

I haven't made any resolutions for the year except not to start too many things, I would like to finish what I start in a reasonable time and I would like to go into next year with nothing carried over, if I can.  I have three cross stitch WIP's, (not including the ones shown here today), one of them is about seven years old, and I would like to get those finished this year.  I also have the Dandelion cardigan that I started back in the summer, (this one could be finished quite quickly if I put my mind to it) and a pair of socks that are about half done.  I think that's enough to keep me going for a while :-)

As well as not blogging I've not been visiting, reading or commenting on many blogs either this month.  Hopefully I will put that to rights this week.

I hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy the snow, if you have any.  Don't wish the Season's away, time goes by too quickly as it is and Spring will come soon enough :-)

Take care


Purple Pixie Dust said...

Hello, I love all your birds, so pretty. Like your stitching too. lots of Kris Kringles to do. stay safe and warm. big hugs

Katrina said...

What lovely photos of the snow Maggie, and here we are in New Zealand, the complete opposite with a heat wave on its way later this week :)
Such a pretty little cowl for your grand daughter and the Santas will be a fun project to work on this year. Take care and have a good week xx

Debi said...

Glad to see you back! I love watching the birds too... it is a great way to pass the time. Love the colors in the cowl you made, so delicate. You have some great goals for the year. Hope you have a good week.

Clare-Aimetu said...

We had snow too, it does make everything look pretty. The birds need food when everywhere is icy, I love seeing them. Bonnie's cowl looks cosy and your stitching is always so neat.

Jo said...

Spring can't come quick enough for me, I just hate the cold weather, though your photos of the snow are beautiful. You got some great photos of the birds, we have quite a selection which visit our garden and I could spend hours watching them, it's like a soap opera out there with them all squabbling amongst each other. I always enjoy seeing the things you're working on, Bonnie will be nice and warm in her cowl, and your stitching, as always, is so neat. I have quite a few projects on the go but I seem to have lost my crafting mojo just lately, they'll get done eventually.

linda said...

Your garden looks so pretty with its covering of snow. Watching birds in the garden is one of my most favourite things to do but I don't seem to get that many and the feeders stay full for a long time. I love all your projects, the January sampler is lovely and the cowl is so pretty. I would enjoy sewing those little Santa's too.

Tammy said...

You're right about not wishing the time away. I tend to do that if I don't watch myself. Your January sampler is so so beautiful! The colors are so soothing! I love Prairie Schooler. The bird pics are great. I do miss my birds since we've moved!

Jackie said...

What lovely Santa cross stitch patterns. They are going to make beautiful ornaments.

God bless.

Barb said...

Well if you are cooped up anyway you might as well enjoy that snow. Your pictures were beautiful! I stitched all the PS nutcrackers and had them finished the same. This last Christmas I was very glad I had done that!

Lowcarb team member said...

It's such fun to take time to watch the birds isn't it.
Lovely photographs you've shared here.

Enjoy these last January days, the month seems to have whizzed by :)

All the best Jan

butterfly said...

What pretty snow pictures and beautiful bird photos .
We are not getting so many birds this year.
Love your January stitch .
Have fun with your Santa's
Happy New Year. Where did this month go.?

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Gosh, you had plenty of snow. Those Prairie Schooler Santas are lovely designs. It sounds as if you have plenty to keep you busy in the short term.

Carol said...

What beautiful snowy photos, Maggie! I so love watching the birds and just received another bird feeder in the shape of a gazebo for my birthday which I'm enjoying.

You're almost done with the January piece. I'm so ashamed that I've not framed my ten-year old finish of this one! I need to get out to the thrift shops after my second vaccine in February and find a frame that will work :)

So glad you are participating in the SAL--I do love that chart as it has my favorite PS Santas. Love the two blue ones and two green ones especially.

Enjoy your weekend. We are to get some snow tonight--hope it's as pretty as yours ♥

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