Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Another week, much the same as the last but with cake

I finished and framed Curious Bunny by Teresa Kogut at the weekend.

I used another frame bought from The Range, they only sell standard sizes and I would have gone for a slightly smaller one given the choice but, I'm happy with how it came out.

I used the glass in this one as I might keep it out all the time, I did place some spaces so that the glass isn't touching the stitching.

(There is shadow on the bunny, the thread colour is all the same)

Sunday just past was Mother's Day here in the UK.  My girls treated me to all my favourite hair products from The Body Shop as well as flowers and some delicious things to eat.  Jenny made me an afternoon tea box and Stevie gave me a very artistic lemon cake, the boys also gave me several bags of my favourite Drumsitck Squashies sweets, yum!   I will have to use all my will power to not eat them all at once, lol.
Bonnie made me this wonderful art work. 

Stevie's artfully decorated cake

Lovely afternoon tea in a box

How lovely and spoiled was I?!!

Yesterday was a Bonnie day, the rain kept off so we met Jenny and Arty at the park

It's really hard to get photos of Arty, he won't look at the camera

The recent heavy rain has left some rather big puddles which they both enjoyed.

We were laughing because Arty is a good 8 months younger than Bonnie but he is so much bigger than her 😄

Bonnie wearing the hat I knitted the other week

Like I said, Arty won't smile for the camera so I had to be crafty to get his photos.

He is such a typical boy, into everything and not frightened to explore, just a perfect lovable little monkey, you certainly need your wit's about you when you take him out though!

Awww he looks so much like Jenny did at this age, except Jenny had curly hair.   Oliver is the spitting image of his dad but Arty is just like Jenny.

See you soon.



crafty cat corner said...

I dare not buy drumstick squashies, they are so good that I could eat the whole packet in one go. lol

Poppypatchwork said...

Mine is lemon sherbet sweets, I allow a pack once a month, they never last long.

Carol said...

Your bunny looks so cute all finished and framed, Maggie! He has such a sweet little face and I love the flower colors.

Lovely day you had on Sunday with so many treats. The cake and box of tea goodies look so tasty! And I can tell by Arty's and Bonnie's smiles that they had a wonderful outing with you :) Enjoy your day ♥

Debi said...

Lovely photos of a lovely day!

Jo said...

Your bunny is lovely and looks perfect in its frame. You were very spoilt for Mother's Day, wow, what a fabulous cake, and a yummy afternoon tea too. Arty's got his proper little boy looks now rather than his baby looks, they grow up far too quickly, don't they.

Dee said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Isn't it amazing how much joy the little ones get from a simple puddle and some wellies?

Barb said...

The pictures of the children are so cute. I especially like the ones where they were playing in the mud! That bunny looks super in the frame. I would keep it out all the time!

MartinaM said...

Oh I love this motif, with the little rabbit looking at the flowers, and the frame fits perfectly.
All love retrospectively for Mother's Day, with us in Germany it won't be until May.
Two cute children, I really love how much fun they have in the rain puddles.
Have a good week, Martina

butterfly said...

Love you new stitch.
What a lovely family post , looks like you had fun with lots of goodies

Manuela said...

A lovely little bunny.

Tammy said...

Awesome bunny finish! I think the frame is really nice! And what nice and thoughtful gifts. Those children are just precious!

Lowcarb team member said...

I did enjoy seeing the pictures of Bonnie and Arty. What a lovely time was had. I have so many great memories of time spent with the grandchildren and I am so looking forward to making more memories once we are allowed to visit.

You were spoilt with your Mothers Day gifts ... and why not :)

Enjoy the rest of this week and have a lovely weekend.

All the best Jan

Jackie said...

What lovely treats.

Your visit with the grandchildren looks like a lot of fun. Nothing beats splashing in rain puddles.

God bless.

Robin said...

The bunny is cute but the grans are adorable. Looks like a great time with the ... and all children seem to be drawn like magnets to puddles.