Tuesday, 22 June 2021

My favourite waste of time

One of the things I like best about our house is the kitchen window.  I can see all of our back garden from this window, it was one of the things I loved when we came to view the house and I still love to pull up the blind each morning to look out there.

We have both enjoyed watching our many feathered friends visit this year, perhaps they always visited but I was at work and didn't get to enjoy them, but since I've been at home, watching the birds come to the garden each day has become one of my favourite things to do.  I could spend hours just watching the comings and goings 

We have all the various tits visit the feeder, but the blue tits have been the more regular this Spring and Summer, mum and dad bought their babies to feed, that was so lovely to watch.

We have two robins that come at the moment, this is the skinny one, very cheeky, he is the one that comes down close when we are cutting the grass or weeding, I always say hello to him, I bet the neighbours think i'm mad!

And one a bit plumper, he's a bit more shy.

We also have some of the bigger birds visit.  Mr Magpie loves it when I put cheese on the feeder and will keep coming back until it's all gone!

The crows love the mealworms, but are also partial to cheese too.

We also have a Jackdaw that comes who is also fond of mealworms, it doesn't take long for the bigger birds to clear the table, basically they keep coming back until it's all gone, lol

My blackbird is usually the first one to visit, if he come down and there is no food for him he stands and looks towards the kitchen window as if to say, come on it's feeding time, so funny

I wasn't sure what this one was so asked on fb and was told it was a Dunnock, we have probably had these before but I've mistaken it for a sparrow, which I've noticed we don't have very many of.

The woodpecker comes a couple of times a week, once he's fed he sits up in the tree for a while

I've been trying to encourage the Goldfinches for ages, but although I hear them only one year have we been lucky enough for them to come to the feeders.  I put all the right sort of food out but they don't seem to want to come.  This is the closest we had this year. (Can you spot him in the middle?).  They came on and off all that day, so there must have been something they liked there.

But the ones we were excited to see this year, (they have never visited before) were the Nuthatches.

For a few day's I kept seeing a different bird but it was so quick I couldn't get a picture, then one Sunday we noticed half a dozen or so of them in our oak tree, mainly on the trunk of the tree but they would fly back and forth to the feeder.  I finally managed to get a photo and we used good old google to find out what it was.
They came for a good three or four weeks, although I think they have now moved on. 

Although I used to feed the birds when I worked I never got to enjoy them really, so there are some advantages to being at home :-)



Sue in Suffolk said...

I have Nut-hatch envy! - never seen one

crafty cat corner said...

Fabulous post, I love all of the birds but with 5 cats they steer clear of our little garden. I have tried feeders several times but they are aware that the furries are there. Next door has feeders and no cats and she gets loads of sparrows.
We do get Magpies and Crows and of course the seagulls.

Jo said...

I'm like you, I could sit and watch the birds all day, especially when there's such a variety. It can be like a soap opera at times with all the squabbles and the coming and goings. We get quite a variety too, I think goldfinches are our most regular, but we've never had a woodpecker or a nuthatch. We see nuthatches at Lotherton and have heard a woodpecker there too but never seen him. My parents used to get them in their garden though. You've taken some great photos, I just don't have the patience, I'd never make a wildlife photographer!

Debi said...

You have such a nice variety of birds visiting you. We love watching our feathered friends too. They keep us well entertained!

Barb said...

You have some different birds than we have here in WA state. I was so impressed with the blue tit, what a beautiful little bird!!

Jackie said...

What lovely visitors you have. So many different birds.

God bless.

Poppypatchwork said...

There are loads of crows here as well, we normally don't see them in and around our garden. We do have loads of finches, they are beautiful.

butterfly said...

How exciting you have some beautiful birds coming into the garden .
Enjoy watching them, I love to sit watching the birds each day.
Nature is so wonderful.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Thank you for all the wonderful pictures of your visiting creatures, lovely to see them all.

Lowcarb team member said...

I too like watching the comings and goings in the garden ...
You've got a wonderful variety of birds that visit you, and I did enjoy your photographs.

All the best Jan

Carol said...

Oh, I love watching our birds from my kitchen window, too, Maggie. You have so many wonderful feathered friends visiting--I really enjoy seeing the different types as compared to those we have here. Your photos are wonderful--as always :)