Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Only mad dogs and English men

We've been spoilt with all the sunshine these last few weeks and, it was certainly welcome after all the rain and cold of the previous couple of months.  But, because we are in the UK we have to make the most of it because as we know, it can drastically change overnight.  
According to Alexa tonight we have a flood warning, I suppose there is a storm coming our way pretty soon so it will be all change.

Monday's outing was to Baggeridge Country Park.  For some reason I have never been here before, don't know why because it is only a 20minute drive away.  We spent almost all day there, the weather was perfect, not too hot for walking and not too sunny for Bonnie, (because she is just a hot sweaty mess in the heat and being a red head cannot be out in the sun without being plastered from head to toe in factor 50)

We had a great time and plan on going back again over the summer.

We walked right to the top to see the amazing view and this little bean didn't complain once, it was quite a hike too.

There is a great children's playground there too with a sand pit, Bonnie would have been quite happy sitting in that sand all day.

To make the most of the weather when I collected Oliver from school today we went a ride down to Bewdley and had an ice cream, a nice river walk and a fish and chip tea sitting by the river.

I hope you have been making the most of the weather too.



Dee said...

We have been making the most of the pretty days too. A post will be up on my blog sometime this week.

The only thing cuter than the views . . . Little Miss Bonnie and Oliver. I know you love having outings with them!!!!

Jackie said...

What a wonderful day you had with Bonnie and Oliver. I am glad you are having some beautiful days.

God Bless.

Barb said...

What a wonderful time with your grand children and the park is beautiful!!

Poppypatchwork said...

Bonnie is so cute, her photos are beautiful. I took Will to our local park, very close to the house, he got really hot but enjoyed being out for a short while.

Jo said...

Baggeridge Country Park looks like a lovely day out, it's great when you find somewhere close to home where you can visit often. Everywhere looks so lush at the moment with all the rain we had before the sunshine came, and the wildflowers seem to be everywhere this year, they must have enjoyed the rain followed by sunshine too. Bonnie is growing up, she looks quite the little miss now, and Oliver too. You have my mouth watering for those fish and chips, haha.

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely photographs you've shared.
I do like Bonnie's hat, it suits her.

We've had some very welcome rain this evening ...

All the best Jan

Robin said...

Looks like a lovely day. I love the one with Bonnie just happy as can be in the sand.

Tammy said...

Beautiful photos! And the children are just precious!

An Arizona Stitcher I said...

Your granddaughter is most definitely a redhead! She looks like she's having the best time in the sand! My weather is hot, hot, and hot. No bueno. Love your pictures of the English countryside. England is on my bucket list.

butterfly said...

What a lovely day out with your GC . you find some lovely places to go .
Have a happy Sunday .

Carol said...

Oh, isn't your little Bonnie the sweetest thing in her little hat perched on her pretty red hair! So glad you get to spend these precious growing up years with her and Oliver nearby, Maggie. And you always have so many lovely places to visit in your area--I sure hope to visit England one of these years and spend a few weeks just traveling around :)