Wednesday, 6 October 2021

It's never too early to start

 Christmas goodies have been arriving in the shops for a good few weeks now but this past week I have seen a lot more added.

I think it's a British thing, but we do like our tubs of chocolates come Christmas.  I've bought three, Celebrations, Roses and Quality Street, I do put them out for anyone who comes to help themselves so like to have a good supply.  I buy Oliver and Arty a tub of Haribo to share as they prefer sweets over chocolate.

When the girls were small they used to open the 'Christmas biscuits' on Christmas morning to have while they were opening their presents, I still buy a box of biscuits out of tradition more than anything else really.

The box of Lindor and  Dairy Milk will be to put with two of my Son-in-Law's presents, I have to get one more of something similar for Darren but needed to check with Stevie first to make sure what he liked.

I popped into Home Bargains and treated myself to a wax melt advent calendar, I do love all the Christmas smells and will enjoy opening this each day leading up to Christmas.

As far as presents go, I give Jenny and Joanne money to get the children's main presents, they know more what they are into than me and it ensures that they all have the same amount, they will then give me what they have bought to wrap up,  I do make up a small sack for all the children as well with little extras, which I have been buying and stashing away for a while. 
I don't buy for extended family and me and Mark don't usually buy for each other, so that only leaves the girls and their other halves to sort out.

I've no idea what's happening about Christmas day yet, except that Jenny, James and the boys want to have dinner in their own home, I don't think Stevie and Darren will want to eat alone and I know Joanne would prefer everyone to be together, neither me or Mark are fussed either way, as long as we can see the children open their presents on the day I'm happy for them to do what they want to do.

I hate a last minute rush for things so like to get things when I see them, how about you, have you started buying?  or is it too early?



Poppypatchwork said...

I've made a start, but not with edible things, I'm terrible for eating them and replacing, so best for my waste line not to get them. But liads of family discussion on the big day and who is where.

Jo said...

I've started buying some little gifts for people but nothing big as yet and no edible gifts yet either. I'm hoping that everything's okay this year and that we can all celebrate together. Daniel and Jasmine are talking about coming for three weeks over Christmas as they'll be flat hunting, they're hoping to move back to Leeds in the new year, and Eleanor and Jacob only live in the next street so they'll be celebrating Christmas with us too. It's not that far off really when you think about it, we're in to October now and I want to be done early this year if Daniel and Jasmine are arriving earlier than normal.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I wouldn't dare have Lindt in the house too soon - they'd be gone weeks before Christmas!

Jackie said...

I have not started yet, but will after this weekend. It is our Thanksgiving here in Canada. Right now our stores are filled with Halloween stuff, but Christmas will be out right quickly.

I guess I have started one Christmas gift. I have all the fabric cut and ready to be sewn for our elder son's quilt. That will be worked on next week.

God bless.

Heritage Hall said...

Maggie, your sweater is so lovely and its color promises to go with everything. Shades of our time
in the New Forest when neighbors clued me into the traditions and treats of was a special round loaf of delicious bread topped by a candle and
centered on the table...and O the sweets... I have
never spent a Christmas in the States since without
recollecting the warmth and joy of Christmas in Great Britain. Hoping you complete all your projects and
plans as you hope.

Clare-Aimetu said...

It's a bit early for me, I have been thinking about what to buy for who but we have family birthdays before then including Hubby's big one!

butterfly said...

Good idea to get things in early ,
We will be doing the same soon .
I also give money to the family so they can buy what they need ,
I hated it when my family first wanted their own Christmas in their own homes .
But now I am happy I don't need all the work we use to have them all over and I would fall into bed about 12.00 .
Now its just me and hubby and my daughter.
Enjoy your day.

linda said...

I have bought a couple of little things, I love the sound of the advent calendar I will have to search them out. x

Lowcarb team member said...

I've not bought anything yet!
Perhaps I will make a start mid October ... we shall see!

All the best Jan