Friday, 11 December 2020

11th December - More stitched ornaments

 We got a new radiator fitted today, yes, that's just about how interesting today has been.

Our radiators are the old panel ones and not very efficient.  We are getting them changed a few at a time, they don't come cheep though! I love our wooden floors but it does mean that the rooms are not as warm as they would be with carpet, the front sitting room is the cooler of the two rooms in Winter so we have had that one done first and it does feel better in there tonight, although, it's not as cold today as it has been so we will know better when the temperature drops again.

I thought I'd share some more of my ornaments today.

The first two are the ones I bought from my trips to Yarndale in 2018 and 2019.  We were planning to go again this year but of course everything was cancelled

The next seven stitched ornaments are by Little House Needleworks and I stitched them all in 2010.
I can hardly believe Its ten years since I made these

The following two are also from Little House Needleworks and I stitched these in 2011

The next three are freebies I found online, can't remember when I stitched them but they would probably have been 2012 or 2013

This little strawberry I got in an exchange on Needlecraft Haven, I believe it was from Christine

And last but by no means least is this cute snowman that the lovely June stitched.   I think won this as a give away on her blog but I can't remember when, It's been a good few years ago, do you remember when It was June?  I remember that year you stitched lots of ornaments and very generously had give away's on your blog

This morning I remembered to take a photo of my advents in the daylight.  Jo included my favourite tea along with the mini today, I haven't tried this make, I do love my Earl Grey :-)
The Mr & Mrs Rabbit Yarns had two packages today, In the second one was a skein of thread and what I assume to be sweets but there is nothing to say what they are.  I might get Mark to try them to see ;-)

See you tomorrow


Poppypatchwork said...

Your ornaments are beautiful, I love to bring out loved ones each year. We have wooden floors in a cool room and changed our radiators, which helped. Last year we got triple glazing which has made a real difference.

Jackie said...

I just love your stitched ornaments.

God bless.

Barb said...

What a great collection of stitched ornaments!

butterfly said...

Lovely ornaments and Advent I like the pretty wool on the material .
And love the sweet house decor you brought .
Enjoy the weekend .

Clare-Aimetu said...

House jobs happen all year round, unfortunately, we've just had our conservatory blinds refitted.

Your ornaments are lovely, I've stitched quite a few of them too.

linda said...

Those ornaments are so pretty, I never thought to make cross stitch ornaments for the tree before and now you have me thinking. I have leaks in two of my radiators just drips now and then the plumber has fitted new parts but they still have the odd drip very frustrating as I have to put something underneath to catch the drips just in case.

Jo said...

Your stitched ornaments are lovely, it's like bringing out old friends when it comes to decorating the tree each year. Seeing your snowman one has reminded me that I still haven't finished mine off, the stitching is finished but I'm procrastinating about making it up.

Miriam said...

All beautiful ornaments and also the one with the little house that you bought.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Maggie, I've just caught up on all your blogmas posts to date. They've been a fun read. I love the reindeer ornament you stitched. Like you I had planned to get a new Christmas tree this year but with Covid restrictions it hasn't happened.

Lowcarb team member said...

I think your ornaments look wonderful.

All the best Jan