Monday 31 January 2011

A Quick Update

Before i head off to bed for an early night i wanted to share a quick update with you.
This is where i left Molly last week, more or less finished off the tree.

See that little blank space bottom right?  I had to un pick that bit as i stitched it in the wrong colour!
I had to have a rest from all that brown stitching so i picked up BP and stitched, errrr, more brown, lol
I finished off the motif on the left, completed the large one on the right and the small one above that.  I'm going to finish off the one i started next the the bird before putting it away for a few days.
I need some colour in my stitching life with all this brown so there may be a new start to share next time ;-)

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post.  Changing the background for your own image was not that hard, although i had to re-size the photo.  For those who asked to know how, go into Design Template then Background and there is a little box called Background image, select the the drop down arrow next to that box and it will give you an option to Upload your own image (or there are loads of different backgrounds on there to choose from instead)  It does suggest the size to make your photo so that it will fit.

I mentioned last time that i was going to start a 365 photo blog.  I made my first post tonight, i hope you will pop over and take a look and maybe a comment to start me off?

Until next time x

Saturday 15 January 2011

Playing Around

I've been in a bit of a slump this week, missed stitching at least three nights, just can't seem to get going. 

So last night i was sitting here browsing all your lovely blogs and beautiful stitching and i thought I'd have a play around with my blog. 
I've changed the layout a little and best of all discovered that you can upload you own image as a blogger background! How cool is that?   I suspect this is not news to the more techie (is that the correct spelling!) minded, but to me it was a revelation and I'm so impressed with myself that i managed to do it, lol. 

So how does it look, my new LHN background?  I know, i know it's a bit 'red' and a bit 'Christmassy looking'  but we are still in winter, and that is my favourite LHN ornament finish :-) 

Talking of photos, have you seen some of the new photo a day blogs out there?  What a great idea, and yes i am thinking of making another blog, I'll let you know when it's up and i hope you will come visit me there too :-)  If you have started a photo a day blog please let me know where you are so i can come visit you :-)

While my stitching has been a non starter this week i have been reading.  I finished Wideacre last night, I've updated my 2011 reading page (at the top of my blog) with my take on the book (I've never written a review before and felt a bit silly doing so), but i thought it would help me remember the book and help to exercise my aging brain!  I kept it short and to the point till i get the hang of it.

I have made a little progress on Molly, very, very little, still working on the tree so i won't bother showing you more brown/green stitching this time.  Off now to try and make more headway on said tree.

Until next time x

Friday 7 January 2011

It's Official

December 2010 was the coldest in the UK..... EVER, well in the last one hundred years anyway. And just to prove that it's still not over we woke to snow again this morning. Within half an hour everything was covered in the white stuff. As it was such a nasty morning i dropped Stevie off at College before work, the round trip would usually take about 20 minutes, this morning it took me an hour, the traffic was backed up all the way, I'm not a patient driver so was pretty miffed when i got into work (half an hour late!!). By mid morning the snow had turned to rain and things were back to normal on the roads. Good job too as Joanne has her second driving test tomorrow afternoon, could you please keep your fingers crossed for her? She has her little KA all ready, plus it's costing a fortune for all these lessons and tests!!
I made a start on Molly on 1st January

Quite a lot of brown going on at the moment, but i love the way it's looking so far. Most of this was done whilst watching repeats of Downton Abbey. Did anyone else watch it? What a great series, I'm having Downton withdrawal, and we have to wait until the Autumn for the next one to air! The house that was used in the series is Highclere Castle, it looks wonderful, you know me and historic houses, i can already feel a little trip coming on in the summer, lol


I had to order some more threads for Molly from So and Sew this week and this chart found it's way into my basket.

I just love it! but whats not to love? it has a house and an alphabet, two of my most favourite things : -)

Talking of Sew and So, have you visited their site lately? If not take a look, it's been revamped and browsing is much easier, now you can set up a password and save your details, review orders, create a wish list and, i noticed they have gift certificates too. I wish i had ordered them over Christmas now though, i could have avoided the VAT increase that happened on 4th Jan, missed out on saving myself some pennies there.

Thank you for your visits and your lovely comments and encouragement, I'm glad there are such lovely people out there:-)

Edited to say that Joanne just got back and she PASSED her driving test!!

Until next time...x