Monday 29 October 2018

A new stitching start at the meet up

We had a great time at the Nimble Thimble meet up on Saturday, it was nice to catch up with everyone and I managed a fair bit of stitching .too.

I stitched Oliver and Bonnie a birth sampler for their first Christmas and Arthur will be getting the same too.  I'm a bit late starting this one but I know that it's a straight forward one to stitch so I'm confident It will be all stitched and framed well before Christmas.

I put the first stitches in on the Friday night sitting while sitting in my little hotel room.

I'm really happy with my progress, I haven't really had a lot of stitching time recently so it was nice to get stuck into a project without and interruptions.

As I mentioned last time, I stayed at Ye Olde Boot in Whittington, which is just a few miles outside Oswestry town.  Friday was a horrible wet miserable day but I did stop off in Oswestry and have a wonder round  and the rain kept off until I got back to the car, which was good.

While I was there I picked up a few things to decorate for Christmas which I will show you once they come out again when I decorate.  I also bought  quite a few charts from Chris at the Nimble Thimble, again, I will show you another time as I haven't had time today to sort them out and take photos.

I have finished a few of the twelve (!!!) things I had on the go, I showed you two on the last post so this is the third of those.

When we went to Yarndale in September I also made Bonnie this little poncho.  This wasn't a WIP counted in those twelve, this is a bonus finish, lol

My aim is to start 2019 with fewer things stuck in bags so I will have to try and keep focused now.
I do have another couple finished up and I will sneak those into future posts.

For now I'll finish with a few photos of Whittington Castle which sits on the opposite side of the road to the hotel where I stayed at the weekend.  On Saturday morning it was only 3deg but the sun was lovely, a perfect Winter morning :-)

That white building you see is where I was staying

See you soon

Friday 26 October 2018

A couple of finishes

I feel like I'm constantly playing catch-up lately, there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that I need to do let alone the things I want to do, but this weekend I'm going to the Nimble Thimble meet up with some lovely stitching peeps and I'm going to relax and stitch, talk and eat and not think about what needs doing at home or in the garden.

I'm stopping at  Ye Olde Boot Inn at Oswestry for two nights so I will have plenty of time to relax and stitch, or just put my feet up and read.  I do love to get away by myself, I think I could quite happily go on holiday on my own, lol

Anyway, I thought I would show you my October finish before it's time to pack it away.

October Curls Bent Creek

This one I found, half done, when I was having a clear out after my In the making confessions post a couple of months ago, (see told you there were more tucked away, lol)

And here is the mantle all done up for October with a few Halloween touches

Arthur's cardigan was finished

I have to say that this cardigan did not fit him for long, he is much bigger than I imagine when I'm knitting, lol

I also had a couple of nights knitting dishcloths

I must say that I used to wonder what the big deal was with knitted dish cloths, but now I'm a convert.

Right, I'm all packed up and ready to go now, just going to have some breakfast before setting off to save me stopping on the way, there is a market in Oswestry today and I want to be there before lunch time to have a good look around :-)

See you soon

Thursday 18 October 2018

It's been all about the cake this week

I haven't really had the time or the inclination to write a post for the last month.  
I do want to keep this blog of mine going, if only for a record of what i'm up to as it's nice to look back on, so here i am again with a catch up of this past week.

Yesterday was Oliver sixth birthday and as he is into Halloween I made him a spider cake with Halloween sweets inside.

It wasn't perfect, I just winged it with the decorations after looking at some pictures on Google, but Oliver was well impressed,  but then, six year olds don't tend to look too closely for imperfections and mistakes do they?

We also had our Macmillan Coffee Morning at work on Monday, so my Sunday was spent mostly in the kitchen.

There was only myself and two other ladies who volunteered to make anything, it's surprising how some people suddenly become good at avoidance tactics when they think they might be asked to contribute something Isn't it?

I made the cupcakes, carrot cake and pastries, another made a Victoria sponge and the third made some bacon pastries, which went down really well, as you might expect.

We are still selling the coffee pods for the fancy coffee machine we have in the kitchen, and the game card is still running until Friday to guess the length of the veggie roll, I'm hoping to catch people to collect their change when they order their Friday breakfast sandwiches, again, getting people to make a small donation, even when it's for such a good cause is harder work than you think, but I'll be rattling the collection box at them anyway and counting our total on Friday lunchtime.

See you soon with another catch-up post :-)

Take care