Friday 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome in 2011, we will take the decorations down on Sunday, they will have been up since 1st December. In years past i have been one of the last to put my Christmas tree up and the first to take it down, the years must have mellowed me, i have enjoyed my decorations and appreciated the time I've spent at home this holiday. I have a friend who itches to go out at any opportunity and just hates to hang around her house, not so me, i love pottering around home, and I'm comfortable with my own company, i suppose it wouldn't do for us all to be the same.
So by tomorrow i hope these have all been eaten so as not to tempt me

Because it's back to sensible eating for me, although i have tried to moderate myself i will still need to do a few hours step up's on the Wii to compensate for my indulgence ;)
I've enjoyed seeing everyone's round up of the years stitching, there are some lovely slide shows out there of the most beautiful finishes, you are all such a talented bunch! I had 15 finishes this year a couple were carried over (the larger ones), if you scroll back to the top of my blog there is a slide show at the top right so i won't put up another one. I really enjoyed the LHN ornament SAL this past year, and it gave me the chance to have a go at finishing, I'm still not perfect but at least now i have some idea and not so afraid of having a go :-)

For 2011 i have a few charts i would like to stitch like these...

And these
But that could be subject to change if something else takes my fancy, lol. I've also got a stack of 'freebies' that i want to stitch too.

One i do want to finish is Beatrix Potter

This is the first time I've shown BP, when i started it i was reluctant to share it because i wasn't sure i would carry on with it, being such a big project i thought i might loose interest, anyway i picked it up again this week and I've decided that it's a keeper, so watch this space!


As i don't make resolutions the only other thing apart from stitching goals is to carry on with my reading. I fell behind in my list keeping last year but i read 25 books, not bad going for me :-) I've had quite a few books for Christmas so I've got plenty to keep me going for now.


We are having a quiet New Years Eve. We will be going for a curry early this evening then coming home to see the New Year in. I hope you all have fun however you are celebrating :)

Thank you for your visits in 2010, they have been very much appreciated :-)


Friday 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Before i get caught up in Christmas activities i thought I'd stop by and wish you all a very Merry Christmas, i want to thank you all for your visits to my blog over the last 12 months, i know that i have enjoyed visiting you all and seeing your wonderful stitching, finishing and getting getting to know you. I have a few things to share, namely the last of my LHN ornaments, i have really enjoyed these, i can't believe it's been 12 months since we started this SAL! The only one i didn't get finished into an ornament was the Pear Tree, i cut the fabric too close when i finished stitching and the only thing i think it will finish as is a pinkeep and as yet I'm not brave enough to try that finish. Any how here are the last two:
My favourite out of these two is definitely All is Calm, so cute!
I did one last trip into town today and there was a half price sale of Christmas decorations, amongst other things i couldn't resist this metal tree
Isn't it perfect for stitched ornies :-)
It will hold 15, so I'll have to get busy for next year, but I'm also thinking it could be used for seasonal ornies too as it's not a Christmasy looking tree, what do you think?
Last but by no means least is a lovely gift i received from Elaine, such a pleasant surprise to receive this lovely stitched and finished snowman ornament (there were also some chocolate Santa's that got eaten right away :-) and some lovely hand and body lotion which is now in my treatment basket in my bedroom:-)
Thank you so much Elaine, everything was appreciated and your snowman will always have a special place on my tree :-)
Well the presents are all wrapped and ready and i will be heading of to bed soon, tomorrow i have the day off preparing food as we are going out for Christmas lunch this year, Yipeeee no cooking, lol. My mum, sister and brother in law and my Niece and her boyfriend and their daughter are coming too so hopefully it will be a good day. After lunch we are going to my eldest daughters for more nibbles and present opening.
Boxing day will be my day to sit and stitch and play with my presents :-) and then the day after will be my birthday! 2011 will be my last year in my 40's ;-)
Have fun whatever you may be getting up too - Until next time - have a good one!

Monday 13 December 2010

Time has just run away with me again, i suppose it has something to do with the time of year but also to do with the fact that i have been a lazy blogger!
I owe a long over due thank you to Mylene, i won a give away on her blog a while ago and this is what arrived in the mail....
A Give Away Win From Mylene 2010
...My very first pyn keep! It is stitched and finished so beautifully, thank you so much Mylene, it will always have a special place on my tree xx.
My own stitches have be few and far between, i have managed to finish another LHN ornament and put it together at the weekend
LHN Under The Tree
Only one more of these ornaments to finish off now and i can proudly say that i kept up for the whole 12 months (that's a first for me!!) The little angel is almost stitched and the two little houses are stitched up but i have yet to finish them into anything (forgive me for not giving the charts their proper names, i have a mental block when it comes to remembering chart names!)
Daughter #2 had a birthday while I've been absent, she turned 23 on 2nd December
She took her driving test last Thursday but unfortunately didn't pass, she managed to get a cancellation this morning for January 8th, so lets hope she has better luck 2nd time around.
Today has been one of those horrible dark, cold and damp days, but for a couple of weeks we did have snow and ice causing havoc on our roads (if you know the UK then you will know how what little snow it can take to cause havoc, and keep us talking about it forever!! LOL) Personally i would rather have the snow and ice back, to me there is nothing better that a lovely crisp frosty morning :-) I took myself and my camera off to the park after work one afternoon last week so I'll leave you with some of the results.
The Cold Seat
The guy in the red coat and the bike just happened to walk up as i was taking the photo, how lucky was that!
Man in Red
The Kissing Tree
I didn't realise until i looked at the photos on my computer that there was a couple sharing a kiss under the sweet.
The last two photos are of a couple of friends i made that day ;-)
My blog header photo is also at the park that day.
I owe quite a few of you blog visits and comments, i will be trying to catch up this week.
Thank you for stopping by today, and have a great week whatever you may be up too xx

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Boxes, Baskets & Calendar Cats!

Millie & Molly would like to send you all a BIG thank you for your lovely comments about their photos :-)
The calendar came into the shop on Friday and i went to pick one up straight after work
Introducing the calendar girl of 2011!

Apparently there were almost 200 photos entered in the competition, didn't she do well to get chosen! I can report that the fame hasn't turned her head one bit, she is still the same self assured Molly who gets her own way with everything :-)
The local paper that featured the competition are doing a follow-up on it so my mug shot will be in there in the next couple of week (I'm preparing myself for the comments from work about that!)
Last week i was in and out the house for one thing and another and couldn't settle into stitching except for finishing another LHN ornament.
This is Peppermint Twist made up into yet another puffy pillow (are you getting fed-up seeing this type of finishing yet!)

I left off the button, i didn't think it added anything to it.
While i was out and about last week a few things made it home with me. My LNS had this limited edition DMC box in, it's on sale with 40 threads included but Sharon said if i wanted the box she would knock off the price of the threads, how could i pass a chance like that!
Isn't it great! (you will have to tilt your head to one side now because i just couldn't get blogger to co-operate!!)
It fastens with rustic string a a little heart toggle. I think i only ended up paying about £6 for it, bargain!
Continuing with the bargain hunting, i came across this little box in a local department store
It's all shabby & chic and i love it! When i get round to sorting more of my threads out this is where they are going :-)
I've saved the best bargain until last, while i was collecting "the calendar" i spied this
How gorgeous is this shopping basket!! It cost me all of a fiver! I said to daughter #2 that i felt like i should be walking in a picturesque village somewhere do my shopping, she said, i think you look like you should be skipping along in a wood wearing red cloak, lol - kids what do they know!
Until next time x

Thursday 14 October 2010

Whoooohoooo Our Very Own Super Model!

No, I'm not talking about cars, I've had it up to here with cars, lol (but thank you all for you good wishes and sympathies, i'll update on news another time)
I want to share some happy news with you this time.
A couple of days before we went on holiday i saw a competition advertised by the Cats Protection League in our local paper, they were looking for photos of cats for their 2011 calendar.
Despite much snickering from my family (they think I'm the crazy cat woman) i entered a photo I'd taken of Molly.
It had slipped my mind, what with one thing and another going on but i got an e-mail last night telling me that Molly's photo had been chosen to feature in the calendar!
I was over the moon :-)
but, it gets better
I emailed them the photo as they asked, and today i got reply to say that Molly has actually been chosen as the overall winner and her photo will appear on the cover of the calendar, and we also get to choose which month she will be! How cool is that!!!
Even better still is that she has also won a photo session with a professional photographer who will come to our house and take a set of photos which i will the be given on a disc (insert big grin here!)
Here she is the super model herself in her winning shot

And because i have 2 beautiful girls i can't leave without showing a photo of Millie too, after all a mother has no favourites ;-)

I wish now I'd got a better photo of Millie too, then i could have entered them both, although It's harder to get a good shot of Millie because she is so fast and she thinks everything is a game, and being all black makes it harder


I can't tell you how much we love these two little faces, they mean the world to us.

Until next time x

Thursday 7 October 2010

Things That Go Bump..

Into my car! While we away last week i was phoning home every day just to check up everthing was OK, as you do, on the Thursday night my daughter asked me if i wanted the bad news.. as you can imagine everything raced through my head at those words, what i wasn't expecting was "someone's run into your car mum" That would have been bad enough, but i have had this car (a super duper Mini Cooper s, bright yellow in colour and complete with racing stripes!!) for less than a month.
This is the best photo i could come up with which resembled my car. The difference being, mine has white wing mirrors and normal alloys, not silver.
(this one i've uploaded though looks more like a dinky car, don't you think?)
Luckily (if you can call it that) it was the fault of a neighbour 2 doors up and she wrote all her insurance details, date and time it happened down a gave them to Stevie.
Now, we live on a very steep hill, so i assumed she had parked behind my car and rolled when she pulled away, but no, she had parked outside her own house, gone in home and when she looked out of the window, no car, she must have forgotten to put the handbrake on and it rolled down the hill colliding with the back end of my car on the way!
The damage is not too bad, the bumper will have to be replaced and the little black grill, but apparently the damage on hers is much worse, i haven't seen.

However, as if that wasn't bad enough, i needed to go and get some food supplies in on Tuesday afternoon after getting back from the airport very early hours Tuesday morning, but my car wouldn't start, after calling the dealer we got the car from, and an AA man being sent out i was told that the starter motor would need replacing and it would have to be towed to the dealer garage the next day. Another AA man arrived the following day and tried it again before loading it on the truck, right away he said it was not the starter motor but the timer chain, much more serious and as far as i can make out is a big job, we are talking getting the engine out and stripping it down job!

I mean, this car is not old, 3 years is all! I've had a right game trying to get the dealer to give me a courtesy car (they were all out, yeah right!) when i asked about a hire care they said yes, you will have to pick it up from Stafford though, a 45 minute drive away..HELLO, I HAVE NO TRANSPORT HOW DO YOU SUGGEST I GET THERE??!!!
no answer came the reply.

Several phone calls later and after me ranting & raving like a woman possessed and telling them that if they didn't sort it out they could keep the car and give me my money back they said they would send someone out to pick me up and take me to Stafford to fetch the hire car.

Goodness knows when I'm going to get my car back, they won't commit themselves to a time yet, but at least i will have some sort of transport while it's in. The damage done to the rear end will have to wait until this episode is over.

Apart from coming back to this we had a lovely week away in the sunshine and i will post some photos next time so you can have a look see, for now though i really can't get in the mood for anything.
A happier update to follow soon i hope, until then take care and have a good weekend.

Sunday 26 September 2010

The nights are drawing in and there is a definite chill in the air here in my part of the UK, a reminder that Christmas is just around the corner :-0 and it will soon be time to decorate my tree with all those lovely LHN ornies i have been stitching, i can't wait!
So i got a move on and completed another 2.
Here's the Red House. I didn't have the required red for the house so i used my favourite red, Threadworx 1089
I do love little houses, and i think this one is my favourite ornie at the moment.
Next is another cute little snowman, i wasn't too kean on this when i first saw the chart but he has grown on me since stitching him.
Again i substituted the green because i didn't have what was called for, i used a Weeks thread instead.
Not in the Christmas theme but, i do have another finish, Souvenir de France which was a freebie doing the rounds a while ago.
Finished as a pin pillow using DMC 4140 (variegated thread). It's a little big for a pin pillow really but at least i now have somewhere to stick my needle when i finish stitching for the night :-)
I have been working on Yesteryear a little too but it got abandoned in favour of all the above, it's on my list to get finished off by the end of October though if i possibly can.
I'll be MIA for the next week, we are going on our last sunshine break of the year, we shall be in Gran Canaria by this time tomorrow night, hopefully i'll be sitting somewhere warm with a glass of Sangria in my hand, lol.
Thank you for your visits and comments, they really make my day :-)
Have a great week whatever you may be up to. xx

Thursday 2 September 2010

Catching Up & Finishing

My week off was over all too soon and 7am Tuesday morning rolled around too quickly for my liking, it's sods law that the week i had off the weather was pretty rotten the whole, and this week we have glorious sunshine! We had our day in Bath as planned non the less and apart from a couple of quite heavy (but short) downpours the day turned out not too bad. As none of us had been before we did all the touristy things, the Jane Austin Centre, the Roman Baths, Pulteny Bridge, Royal Crescent (the setting for Jane Austins Persuasion if i my mind serves me right) and Sally Lunns tea shop, where i sampled a Bath Bun (the girls opted for cake). We had gone there for their Cornish Cream Tea but there were no scones left!! can you believe that?? our faces must have been a picture because we had been anticipating this cream tea all day! Apart from that we had a fantastic time, it's a great place and we will defiantly go again perhaps to do a tour of all the wonderful shops.
All the links above should be clickable, do go and have a nosey around there are some
great web sites.
Here's a little collage of our visit.

See Joanne top right? that's her, large as life and twice as loud, lol. They both tried the hats on in the Jane Austin Centre, somehow i don't think they fit the image of Lady's who lunch, lol.
I managed to get quite a bit of stitching done while i was at home, i started and finished the design of Primitive Bettys.
Olde Pewter Letters
Primitive Bettys Olde Pewter Letters
Stitched on 28ct with DMC 169 & 535
Not to sure if i should frame it or finish it some other way, any suggestions?
I found a forgotten piece and have been working on getting this finished, this is where it was at when i abandoned it.
LHN Yesteryear - 1/9/10
Now almost another 2 blocks completed, so hopefully a finish soon, and it's a fitting piece to hang in my 100 year old house :-)
LHN Yesteryear
LHN Yesteryear 1/9/10
Finally, i collected Rubie from the framers last week, here she is all dressed up!
Plum Street Samplers Rubie Owl
She now has pride of place on my sampler wall, which is a work in progress but i am working hard to get it filled ;-)
Phew! I've waffled on again haven't i! you'll be Glad to know that all for now, thank you for visiting my little space today, i really appreciate all you visits and comments. Till next time - have a great weekend. x

Monday 23 August 2010

The Winner Is......

Elaine !!
This is what Elaine said in her e-mail.....
This really dumb Scotswoman would love to enter your give-away. I sat here for about an hour tonight driving myself nuts trying to work out where these photos were taken. Then it dawned on me maybe it was places you had visited so I started to look through your blog. I found most of them on your blog but was a bit stumped with the ones in Paris but eventually I got them.. I think.
And so you did!
Starting at the top left to bottom left they are:-
Fountain at Hampton Court Palace
Blenheim Palace
Notre Dame
Beatrix Potter's House
Leicester Square, London
The Astronomical Clock at Hampton Court Palace
Right hand side:-
Westminster Abbey
The Louvre (That DD#1 pushing it!!)
The Seine in Paris ( That's DD#1 & 2 walking along)
Charts of Rubie Owl and Stories To Live by, Eve will be on their way to you as soon as you send me your address.
Only two others had a guess, Loraine (you didn't leave me a link to your blog) you had 7 right so i will send you the other copy of STLB Eve.
Hazel i'm afraid you only got 3 right but as you were the only other person to have a go i am going to send you something anyway:-)
I've had a break from the computer this week and given myself more stitching time, Rubie is in the shop being fitted for a frame and i have a small finish and a blast from the past to show next time :-)
Hope you all have a great week, i know i will as i have the week off work, yayyyyy for lie-ins, lol, tomorrow me and the girls are off to Bath for the day, lets hope the rain stays away, then the rest of the week is just for me to chill and stitch as i wish :-)

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Almost There

A few more nights and Rubie should be finished. I really wanted her to have a face to show you tonight but as the weather was nice yesterday afternoon when i came from work i spent 3 hours in the garden, weeding, hoeing, pruning and generally giving it a tidy up, by the time I'd had something to eat and a shower i was so knacker i headed up to bed at 9.30. It's true what they say, the older you get the longer it takes, lol, I woke up this morning and had to lie there a few minutes and decide what part of me ached the least, lol.
No such silly antics going on today, I've got a stitchy / TV night planned

Wrinkly Rubie!
I really appreciate all your lovely comments and encouragements on this piece, especially when i had a mass invasion of frogs and could have cheerfully thrown it in bin, but all your kind words and lovely thoughts made me carry on, and I'm glad i did!
Because of my imminent finish there will be a give away as promised.
The give away is- Plum Street Samplers charts -
Rubie Owl & Stories To Live By Eve
(Sorry, but blogger won't let me upload a photo of th charts!!)
Now, did you notice my header photos? how is your geography? because in order to win the charts I'm going to ask you to name as many of the places/buildings (or river in one case) as you can, the person who gets the most correct wins, simple as that!
If there is no outright winner then the names will be thrown into a hat and my daughter will draw a name.
Please do not leave your answers on the comments page, e-mail me at
mention 'Rubie' in the subject line
And i will post the winner on August 23rd, so you have plenty of time!
This is open to everyone, regardless of where you live.
I'm off to put bum to sofa and get some stitching done,
hope you all have a great week :-)

Monday 26 July 2010

A Long Overdue Post (And a Future Give Away)

I didn't intend to leave it so long between posts but sometimes there are not enough hours in the day, or any progress to show ;-) But I'm back with finishes and progress and a bit of catching up.
We had a lovely time in Halkidiki, the tan has faded and it is all but a distant memory now (even the sunshine as we have none of that here at the moment!) but, it was very relaxing and i managed to do nothing much but sit by the pool and read, getting up for the occasional dip in the pool to cool off - just what holidays are made for really :-)
Everything felt a bit 'flat' when we came back, even though we were only gone for a week, getting back into some sort of routine was hard, it took a while for me to pick my stitching up again at night and at work i was finding myself resenting being there. Anyway, all that's passed, my mood has lifted and I'm stitching again and, i have proof!

LHN The Merry Skater
LHN The Merry Skater
Isn't she cute? I had done the stitching on this before we went away but finished it off into a little hanging ornie when we came home.

Next up is something that had been thrown into a corner to await reverse stitching after my inability to follow a chart.

Rubie Owl


The offending part (on the left) re-stitched, and I've finished stitching all those leaves on the tree, even though i think they have left me with a permanent twitch and the paranoia that i may have left one out or miss counted and they are all off. Please, please do me a favour and keep me in ignorant bliss if you spy a mistake, because i ain't ripping anymore out!, lol.

Here's the whole wrinkled thing so far


I'm now at the mindless filling in stage, but after all the mishaps with this chart i care not a jot and shall happily, mindlessly fill in! (note, i did not say mindlessly stitch, as that's what got me in trouble last time, that and concentrating on Without a Trace instead of what i should have been doing!)

Right, that's me just about caught up, but just before i go the last bit of my title -The Give Away will be the Rubie Owl chart when I've finished with it, so stay tuned and hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll post it up.

Thanks for visiting me and have a fantastic week whatever you are up to :-) x

Friday 25 June 2010

Catch up Friday

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Christmas Tree ornament, i really appriciate your visits. I'm really getting into these cute little finishes :-) My LNS had The Merry Skater and The Red House LHN charts in last week so i made a start on MS, i should finish it off tonight and will share photos next time. Rubie Owl is still banished to the cupboard waiting for me to rip out my mistake, still can't face it yet!
The weather here has been lovely again this week, hot enough for Molly to do her thing in the garden~~~~~~~~~~
Seriously, she can only manage a few steps out there sometimes and then she flops, legs akimbo, lol. While Molly lounges in the sunshine outside, Millie, (who is much 'posher' and more refined!!) prefers my bed, she will venture out when it's cooled down, though not at night, I'd never let them out at night.

That's it for this week then, we are going on holiday on Monday, to Halkidiki, just for a weeks R&R, can't wait for a dip in that pool and time lounging on a sunbed with my book and a glass of something cold:-)

Until next time x

Saturday 12 June 2010

I Should Pay More Attention!

Not a lot to show this time, I've hardly sat down to stitch at all this week, Marks at home and i find that by the time dinner is over and cleared away it's too late to get anything out. Having him at home these past few weeks has upset my routine, lol. Having said that i pulled out Rubie Owl last Sunday intending to devote all afternoon
to her only to find i had made a mistake, a HUGE mistake, in fact 2 Huge mistakes!! first off, as soon as i put her in the hoop i noticed this -

Rubie Owl - April 2010
See the Rubies section? can you see any Rubies? no, because i happily went on filling in that section!! i also carried on with a full border at the bottom which should not have looked like this! Mistake #2 came to light as i was looking at my thread colours, I've been using Buttercup when the chart called for Butterscotch DOH!! Where was my mind! clearly not on my stitching!! OK, so the colour doesn't matter too much and I'm not going to change it, but i will have to take out the section and stitch the 'rubies' because that will bug the hell out of me! If I'm in the mood i may start to rip it out tonight, or i may just carry on with the leaves and do it when I'm in a better frame of mind, i has put me off a tad i can tell you, not looking forward to ripping out stitches.


On a happier note, i did have a finish the week before last but neglected to show it so here you go.
Christmas Tree 'Freebie' from Gazette94 blog (Claire)
Christmas Tree 'freebie' from Claire stitched on a scrap of 28 count using Threadworx 1089
Side view - with beads
I added beads to the edging and i think it turned out pretty cute :-)
If i can motivate myself i could get loads of stitching in over the next few weeks, the World Cup has kicked off this weekend, with England's first match tonight against the US. There again i might be sitting shouting at the TV like the rest of the country, lol
Thank you for your continued visits and comments, they make my day:-) Have a great weekend whatever you may be up to!

Wednesday 2 June 2010

How Much Can You Fit Into One Weekend?

We had a lovely time in London at the weekend, although Saturday it rained for most of the day by the time we went to have afternoon tea it had cleared up. This time we sampled the delights at Fortum & Mason and came out completely stuffed, lol, because I've been trying to eat more healthily it's been ages since i have eaten cake - but it was wonderful! Not such a 'dressy' place as we went to last time but that was OK. I think it's just so decadent to dress up and have afternoon tea! not something that we do very often so it feels very special.
This was our little appetizer, bread sticks with cheese & pesto, salmon and some sort of pastry we couldn't quite work out what but decided it was a 'posh' sausage roll.

We opted for the afternoon tea which consisted of a selection of rolls and finger sandwiches and a lovely selection of cakes, together with a glass of champagne and a pot of tea each.
We had to go for a walk afterwards to work some of it off!
Sunday we caught the train to Hampton Court and spent a great day out, and the weather was kind to us. I was really looking forward to this visit being a recent convert to Tudor novels and everything Henry VIII and i wasn't disappointed, If you are English you will know that usually it cost a fortune to get into these Historic places, although lovely they may be. We spent all day at Hampton Court and the admission was only about £14 absolute bargain! there was lots going on from jousting to demonstrations in the Tudor kitchens, which i must say had THE biggest fireplace i have ever seen - and it was alight. We took advantage of the headset (no extra charge) which gave us a guided tour of everything inside.
Walking to the entrance of Hampton Court Palace
The astronomical clock which is in base court & is 400 years old. This clock has been mentioned a few times in the book I'm now reading so it was nice to place it.
The Grand Hall
Which was lined with the most amazing tapestries

The Palace from the side showing one of the beautiful gardens. Jenny liked the fact that it was symmetrical!
This is a newer part added on by William of Orange.
Apparently he wanted to knock Hampton Court down and start again!
Thank goodness he didn't!

Fancy having this view from your back door!

On Sunday evening we had a table booked at the Ivy, this is the place to celeb spot, not much to look at from the outside is it?
Very nice inside though and the food and the service was excellent, unfortunately we didn't spy any celebs :-( They have a policy of no cameras or mobile phones in the restaurant so no photos of our food!
To round off our weekend we went on a walking tour of Westminster Abbey on Monday morning - if you are ever in London and thinking of doing this tour it's well worth it, our guide was great very knowledgeable, and quite funny with it. I didn't realise so many people were buried there including Henry VII, Elizabeth I & Mary Tudor (Mary & Elizabeth are buried together, strange as they were complete opposites!)
So, how much can you fit into one weekend? well quite a lot it seems! I'm glad i booked yesterday off work to recover, i was, as they say, knackered!!
Hope everyone had a fun Bank Holiday, thank you for stopping by and all your wonderful comments, i really do appreciate them:-)