Friday 25 August 2023

Hello, is there anyone there?

I disappeared there for a while, It wasn't intentional just busy with other things.  As well as not writing a blog post I've not been reading all of your news either, I'll try and catch-up over the weekend, although not promising as I'm off on a little adventure with Joanne and the kids next week and things need to be sorted and packed for that.  But more about that when I get back.

July was a slow month for any crafty makes, I finished a pair of socks, sewed another small bag and fully finished a previously stitched ornament, not bad considering everything else going on, (another bedroom decorated and the loft re-insulated), but I always expect more of myself.

First off are the socks......These are the Rose City Rollers socks by Mara Catherine Bryner.
I lost the ball band, (again), but I'm pretty sure the yarn is another Mr & Mrs Rabbit yarn.
I like the rolled cuff and they are very comfortable, I'll definitely be making more of these in the future.

There was plenty of fabric left over when I made Bonnie's little bag and she asked if I would make one for her friend's birthday so they could have the same.  I'm pretty sure there is still enough fabric to make another one, certainly got my money's worth from that particular purchase :-)

I also finally got round to fully finishing the little PS peice I stitched back in April

There are only a couple of weeks left of the school holidays, those six weeks or so have gone really quickly! I've only had the children a few times while they have been off as mums and dads have taken holidays from work to either go away or just have days out.  Jenny James and the boys made it back home safely after their wild fire escapade in Rhodes.  Their luggage was sent on a couple of weeks later, although they are still missing their hand luggage which contained the boys Amazon tablets, headphones and Olivers Nintendo switch and games, as a ten year old boy you can imagine how he is feeling now not being able to play minecraft with his friends!  Fingers crossed these bags will turn up eventually but as there were thousands of people evacuated or moved around that they may well have to accept that they will not get them back
I had the boys for the day on the Monday after they came back from holiday, as Bonnie was out for the day with her friend, (the one I made the bag for), I offered to have Jacob too and we went to Stourport for the day.  There are loads of things to keep the kids occupied there in the Summer, the small fair is open and they had great fun on the rides, Oliver and Arty on the water dingy was hilarious to watch, Oliver was playing it safe then Arty pulled the wheel to one side and they kept spinning around, he is such a little devil, so funny though.  Managing 3 boys on my own was a challenge but I came through unscathed, albeit shattered.

Oliver and Arty won a fish on the fair, Arty wasn't too bothered but Oliver bless him, he was so excited, they haven't got any pets so this made his day.

Notoriously fairground fish don't last too long but as I write this they are still going strong :-)

There have been another few outings since which I might mention another time because I don't want this post to be too long.

This morning I've had to take Molly to the vets, I won't go into detail of the mess I got up to this morning but you can have a guess when I tell you she has a rectal prolapse. 
The vet did a procedure, (again you can guess what!) and fingers crossed it will stay put, if not she will have to have it stitched.

Poor thing, she must be so sore but is on pain killers and lactulose now for a few days so will hopefully be feeling better soon.

Right I'll leave it there for now, It will be time to show our finish for Stick6in23 when I post again :-)

Take care

P.S.  Just in case you are wondering, Molly does have her own lovely bed where she would be much more comfortable, but no, she is choosing to lie, rather awkwardly It has to be said, on the mat!