Saturday 1 October 2011

October 1st - Really???

My blog posts seem to be few and far between of late, a bit like my stitching.  I've picked up this and that but don't really have anything to show for my efforts.  I have almost finished stitching a couple of Christmas ornaments for dd's #1 & 2, maybe this week I will surprise both you and me by getting them finished finished :-).

The first stitch group meeting went well on Wednesday.  There were 20 people interested, 4 of which couldn't come this time because of other commitments, and a few changed their minds, but in the end there was 9 of us on the night, which wasn't bad because to be honest if all 20 had turned up we would have been pretty pushed for space in that room!  There was a good mix of people and I'm pretty sure all the ones that showed this time will show again - so that's good.

No stitching for me today the weather has been so glorious that it was really a crying shame to stay indoors, so took myself off for a drive to Bourton-on-the- Water, in the Cotswold's.  It's only just over an hours drive from us and such a pretty place.
I'll leave you with some photos of Bourton and people enjoying this very un-seasonal weather.
(It's been like this all week, with temps of 28 and 29 degrees!  I've never had the air-con on in the car in October before :-))


Finally, some lovely English contryside 

Thank you for visiting me today and leaving a comment, have a wonderful week. x