Monday 23 August 2010

The Winner Is......

Elaine !!
This is what Elaine said in her e-mail.....
This really dumb Scotswoman would love to enter your give-away. I sat here for about an hour tonight driving myself nuts trying to work out where these photos were taken. Then it dawned on me maybe it was places you had visited so I started to look through your blog. I found most of them on your blog but was a bit stumped with the ones in Paris but eventually I got them.. I think.
And so you did!
Starting at the top left to bottom left they are:-
Fountain at Hampton Court Palace
Blenheim Palace
Notre Dame
Beatrix Potter's House
Leicester Square, London
The Astronomical Clock at Hampton Court Palace
Right hand side:-
Westminster Abbey
The Louvre (That DD#1 pushing it!!)
The Seine in Paris ( That's DD#1 & 2 walking along)
Charts of Rubie Owl and Stories To Live by, Eve will be on their way to you as soon as you send me your address.
Only two others had a guess, Loraine (you didn't leave me a link to your blog) you had 7 right so i will send you the other copy of STLB Eve.
Hazel i'm afraid you only got 3 right but as you were the only other person to have a go i am going to send you something anyway:-)
I've had a break from the computer this week and given myself more stitching time, Rubie is in the shop being fitted for a frame and i have a small finish and a blast from the past to show next time :-)
Hope you all have a great week, i know i will as i have the week off work, yayyyyy for lie-ins, lol, tomorrow me and the girls are off to Bath for the day, lets hope the rain stays away, then the rest of the week is just for me to chill and stitch as i wish :-)

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Almost There

A few more nights and Rubie should be finished. I really wanted her to have a face to show you tonight but as the weather was nice yesterday afternoon when i came from work i spent 3 hours in the garden, weeding, hoeing, pruning and generally giving it a tidy up, by the time I'd had something to eat and a shower i was so knacker i headed up to bed at 9.30. It's true what they say, the older you get the longer it takes, lol, I woke up this morning and had to lie there a few minutes and decide what part of me ached the least, lol.
No such silly antics going on today, I've got a stitchy / TV night planned

Wrinkly Rubie!
I really appreciate all your lovely comments and encouragements on this piece, especially when i had a mass invasion of frogs and could have cheerfully thrown it in bin, but all your kind words and lovely thoughts made me carry on, and I'm glad i did!
Because of my imminent finish there will be a give away as promised.
The give away is- Plum Street Samplers charts -
Rubie Owl & Stories To Live By Eve
(Sorry, but blogger won't let me upload a photo of th charts!!)
Now, did you notice my header photos? how is your geography? because in order to win the charts I'm going to ask you to name as many of the places/buildings (or river in one case) as you can, the person who gets the most correct wins, simple as that!
If there is no outright winner then the names will be thrown into a hat and my daughter will draw a name.
Please do not leave your answers on the comments page, e-mail me at
mention 'Rubie' in the subject line
And i will post the winner on August 23rd, so you have plenty of time!
This is open to everyone, regardless of where you live.
I'm off to put bum to sofa and get some stitching done,
hope you all have a great week :-)