Saturday 27 June 2009

Simply Live - All Framed Up!

I always get in a tiz choosing a frame, but with Sharons help at my LNS i went for a simple green one in the end, i think it works well though as there's quite a lot going on in the design. I was a bit fed-up with sitting in so yesterday Mark took me a ride out to visit the Nimble Thimble Nr Oswestry, it was quite a jaunt but the journey is through beautiful countryside. Unfortunatly i didn't take my camera, i wish i had then i could have shown you how beautiful and green everything was.
The shop is not really in a town, it's in a setting with some other crafty like units, well more like log cabins really, on the edge of a village, in fact we could see no shops in the village at all, it was just outside a place called Knockin which had a little shop called The Knockin Shop!...well what else could you call it, lol.
I had a good old rumage around and came back with a couple of charts, The Weathered Garden, Bent Creek and one called Five Cats & a Canary from M Designs, which i'd never heard of but was quite cute!I also ordered Cirque des Triangles which i first came across on Sandra's blog, hers looks fantastic in red, (i may steal your colours for this one Sandra, lol.) when i get around to it.
The world and his wife seem to be starting Mary Wigham and i don't know weather to jump on the band wagon or not. What i won't be doing is stitching it on 32 count as i wouldn't be able to see the holes lol, so we'll see what else i can come up with. In the mean time i did buy the threads, i'm a couple short, but they will be following with my Cirque des Triangles next week.The sun was shining lovely here but as i type i can now hear thunder rolling in! so looks like running to get the washing in before the rain starts!
I've got a lovely quiet week ahead as Mark is off to Cyprus tomorrow morning to stay with his mum & Dad for a week, so that means i can spread out in the bed and no need to wear ear plugs at night, and whatever we fancy for tea, yayyyyy! Whatever gave you the impression i'm looking forward to next week!!
Until next time Tara-a-bit x

Wednesday 24 June 2009

A Day at The Hospital

Thank you to those who wished me well with my hospital appointment today, it was very much appreciated as i was a bit apprehensive, mainly thinking of where they were going to put the camera :-o Apparently i have a polyp, which has been causing my body to do strange things each month, (ladies you know what I'm talking about here, lol). My daughter found it very funny last night that i was shaving my legs (along with.... ahem, other bits) and slapping cream onto my feet! The reason behind which was that they would be 'on show' while i was out cold in the theatre, Joanne was quick to remind me that "they're not going to be looking at your feet and legs mother!" at least i was knocked out with the knowledge that i was smooth footed and hair free :-) Anyway, i feel fine, went to the theatre at 10am and was back on the ward by 11am, they even fed me while i was there!, shepherds pie, roast potatoes & veg with apple sponge & custard to follow!, I've been in as a day case before and only ever got a slice of toast, so i was pleasantly surprised. To pass the time i finished reading Stephanie Meyer's New Moon, I'm still not altogether sure about these books, i enjoyed it & Twilight but I'm not completely sold, yet. There is a bit too much waffling at times, that said i do intend to finish the series.

Right now I'm off to watch what is left of afternoon TV and stitch on my ABC which has been neglected in favour of Simply Live the last couple of weeks. Speaking of which, thank you Karen & Kathy for e-mailing your addresses for the Travelling Pattern, if anyone else is still interested in this you can read all about it in my last post.

I'll leave you with a photo of my ABC, hopefully i will get lots more done on this over the next couple of days as i have the rest of the week off work :-)

Friday will be a happy dance day as my Simply Live will be back from the framers :-) so till then, happy stitching & take care...Tara-a-bit x

Edited Note: should have mentioned that the polyp was removed and so everything should settle back to normal, the camera is so they can have a proper look around and take a sample to analyse. I won't have to have any further treatment.

Saturday 20 June 2009

Simply Live, Travelling Pattern Almost Ready For The Off!

Its fantastic that so many people are interested in a traveling pattern, i wasn't sure when i put it out there but it seemed a better idea than just sticking it in a drawer never to see the light of day again when I'd finished with it! I will be all stitched up by tomorrow, it's been a joy to stitch and I'm glad that i can pass it around to you guys - I'm sure you'll love stitching it as much as i have!

We have 9 girlies who wanted to play, they are:
Eliza - Take One Stitch At A Time
Sherry - Blog It
Mylene - Mylene's Blog
Karen - Karen's Craft Corner
Kathy - Kathy's stitching and Other ramblings
Loraine - Sew Be it
Cindy F - Lonestar Stitching and her Ramblings
Gillie - Random Thoughts From Abroad
Jane in WV - Who signed Anonymous, so I'm guessing no blog?
So, this is how i see it working - i will draw a list up of everyone who wants to stitch SL and put the names through the Randomizer, i will then mail it to the first person on the list who will then (when they have stitched it, obviously!) send it onto the next person on the list and so on until everyone has stitched it! As Gillie pointed out, wouldn't it be great if we could travel with the chart too! oh how i wish, LOL!
If you still want to be in the game can you either leave a comment with your e-mail address so i can get in touch with you, or you can e-mail me (address in the side bar) with your snail mail address using Simply Live in the subject line. Please can i ask that you give me a week to get back to you, i have to go into hospital on Wednesday for a small procedure (nothing to worry about) but i am having a general anesthetic so will be sort of out of it for a couple of days! But i do get the rest of the week of work, Yayyyy!!! I think i should be sufficiently rested up by next Sunday so i will post the order of the names then.
Till then - Tara-a-Bit x

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Vampires & Chart Travel

I've never been one rush to see the latest film releases, (usually I'm the last to see anything)! but one in particular kept coming up when i was blog and group surfing - Twilight. I must have been hibernating because i missed the release of the book too! Anyway, Intrigued i put the film on my Blockbuster rental list and joined the rest of the world! I was not impressed, it was OK, i thought it started slow, it did get better but i was left wondering what it was all about. I know some of you will be reading this and thinking "stupid woman, doesn't know what she's talking about" (or something to that effect!) but let me redeem myself now - i have almost finished the book and i am loving it ! it's the best thing I've read in ages! I guess I'm better at suspending my disbelief with my nose in a book.
Between vampires I've finished part 6 of AT - the section on the left of the beasties.
This has been put away now until the beginning of July when the next installment is due out, so i have been working on Live Simply the last couple of nights, this is my progress.
A few people expressed a liking for this chart, so i was thinking, (i do sometimes, honest!) would anyone out there be interested if i started a traveling pattern?? It would be fun don't you think to see how far this chart could travel! Please leave a comment if you are interested and i will sort out more details in my next post.

Until next time then...Tara-a-bit