Monday 13 June 2016

A beach bag finish plus lots of flowers

Tomorrow morning we are off to Crete for 10 days.

A while ago I made this crochet beach bag with that holiday in mind.

Crochet in Lilly Sugar and Cream yarn (held double).
It was quite hard on the hands but worked up really quickly.
I'm quite happy with how it turned out, i might change the tassles at some point, but for now they will do.  I'll let you know if it survived when i get back ;-)

As i type this it is pouring with rain, the garden could do with it though.
I am leaving Stevie-Leigh in charge of the watering while we are away, i just hope that all my hard work will not have been for nothing, you know what these youngsters are like!!

I'll leave you with some photos of what i have planted up and the garden.

Love how these geranium buds look

A lovely orange Dahlia ready to open 

So stunning when they do

Hostas coming into flower

Mark finally replace the broken decking boards in the middle of the garden

A couple of bargains from Home Bargains, 99p each for these large Begonias!

The promise of hydrangeas 

 A very blurry picture of my Bizzie Lizzie tower

A planter that Mark made me out of the left overs from the path 

Our huge broccoli shaped oak tree :-)

And Oliver's 'marto' plant.
He looks every time he comes to see if there are an on to pick :-)

We have flowers, so hopefully martoes will follow :-)

See you in about 2 weeks


Thursday 9 June 2016

Choosing my holiday reading

We are going on holiday on Tuesday so this week i have been choosing what i would like to read while we are away.

Top of my list is the new Angela Marsons book.  I bought this as an e-book as soon as it came out but I have been saving it until now.  Her books are now available in paperback and although i have them on my kindle i will buy them in paper form at some point because they are something i would like to have on my shelf, (to just you know, look at, stroke and smell, Judy, you will totally understand this, right :-)

The following 3 I also have on my Kindle

This last one was coming up quite expensive for a Kindle download, don't you find that sometimes?
I have no qualms about paying for a paperback or hardback but when it comes to paying more than a couple of pounds for an e-book I am very reluctant, probably something to with it not feeling like a real book I suppose, anyway, luckily I managed to get a copy of My Real Children from the library.

Chris at alwayssmiling recently recommended this book on her blog and I thought It sounded good so I'm looking forward to this one.

If you have read any of the above do let me know what you thought, or if you have any book recommendations, I've fallen into a bit of a reading slump, I'm finding it hard to get into anything at the moment, I'm hoping that a nice relaxing holiday will get me going again.


Thank you to Angela who accepted the Liebster award from my last post.  
I will be looking forward to reading your answers on your next blog post Angela :-)

I will blog again before we fly off on Tuesday because I almost have something to show you, and it WILL be finished because I want to take it away with me :-)

Till then